Scam letter(s) from Zlata Petrova to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Bob!
I had today good day on work. I could be released earlier from my work now. And to walk on foot from my work to the cafe Internet. Weather fine. There is a small snow and air temperature nearby-2 degrees on Celsius. I am going to celebrate New year together with friends.
I can write only the short letter because I have the limited quantity of time to be in the cafe Internet.
I wish warn you that I cannot to write you some time because the Internet - cafe will not work tomorrow. In my country New year - the big holiday. I think I can write you the letter only on Monday on January, 4th. I very much will miss on you these some days. I hope that you will celebrate well and cheerfully New year. I will think of desire at night before New year be with you next year. I trust that my desire will necessarily be carried out.
Have good day. I will think of you.
hugs and kisses........ Anna
Letter 2
Hello my dear Bob!!!
I was very happy to read your letter. I thank you for your letter to me. Bob, you my gentle man and me are very pleasant from your letters. Your words as if in a reality ********* my heart always.
Without your letters to me it would be now very sad and lonely. Only thanks to your letters I feel well. I am always glad to your letters.
You my happiness and my clear sun. Your words in your letters as if in a reality are audible in my ears. I each time in the beginning will read your letters and then already I close eyes and I represent you as you speak me these words in a reality. In a reality your words would be much more pleasant.
I can write you today the letter because the cafe Internet works today. I very strongly missed on you these some days. How you celebrated New Year? I hope that you have well spent time on your holidays. I had no big desire to celebrate but I could spend time with my friends cheerfully. We could go on a celebratory big fur-tree which is in the centre of our city. I saw many the big figures of fantastic beings which have been made of snow. I went for a drive from the big wooden hill together with other children. I could feel the child for an instant.
I am very glad that we can to continue our dialogue.
Bob, we together make one uniform and if we are together we will be strongest on light. For us with you will prevent to find nothing our happiness in a reality. We could get acquainted with you with each other and now there is an acquaintance closer, namely our meeting and I is happy, that soon there will come this day. After our meeting we with you can understand very many between us. Our feelings are the strongest on light and nothing should stop us. We with you should aspire to achieve our meeting and we with you can make it. Today I think, that you are far, but you in my thoughts always. I am lonely here, and in my thoughts I exist near to you.
I think that the destiny has helped to get acquainted with each other.
We have got acquainted with you and now we should not bring our destiny never. We should use any positive moment to be together. Only our aspiration to our meeting will help us at achievement and at realisation of our desires and our dream. The reality depends now only on us with you. We with you can make all and overcome all difficulties, eventually to be together. I will finish my letter. And I with impatience will wait for your answer.
Your love Anna
Letter 3
Hello Bob, I am glad, that you have written to me.
My name is Ann. What is your full name?
I live in a small city Surok, in Russia.
You know where I live in a reality. You will not write now to me?
I think so because you likely are afraid and do not wish to communicate with the girl from Russia?
I can tell to you a little about myself.
I work as the manager. I love the work.
Tell, where do you live and what you do for residing?
To me 32 years. I was born on June, 10th, 1977.
My growth of 166 sm and my weight of 52 kg.
Tell, what you think of my photos? You can send me your photo?
I hope that you will answer my questions. You can set to me your questions.
I with pleasure will answer all your questions.
I wish to have interesting correspondence with you.
I hope that the big distance will not hinder to our dialogue.
I have no own computer. I write you the letter to the cafe Internet.
It will be very pleasant to me to get acquainted with you and to learn you better.
I wish to tell to you, that I search for the soul mate for serious relations and family creation.
I wish to find real love. And you?
Well, I hope, that you will answer me tomorrow.
Because I was very happy when you have written me the letter.
I hope, that we will have very interesting relations with good continuation.
I with impatience will wait for the following letter. Ann
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