Scam letter(s) from Anna Lavreinteva to Don (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear, this is Tatyana again! I was looking forward to your message, but never received it, and I decided to write you own again. I woke up in excellent mood. Today from the morning sun was shining so bright. So I wrote you in my previous letter that I was going to attend driving school. I wanna drive a car. Despite of I don't have a car now, i wanna just get my driver's license. I've heard that in some foreign countries students who reach 16 years old have to get their driver license. So it's kind of our country it's just used by those people who're ready to pay and spend at least 3 months at this school. Classes take place in special buildings, and last 2-2,5 hours everyday,besides Saturday and Sunday. It takes too much time. There exist also international driver's license. Do they exist in your country? It's interesting for me ... So I'm gonna attend this school for a while.
Things go all right at my work. Yesterday I've trained an extra class of really small kids. They are like 7-8- years old. It was so cute to watch them...I do love kids! I believe that kids are the most fantastic creatures in the world. It's a miracle that God created them.
I already wrote to you that I an emotional person and it is really difficult for me to hide my emotions. I am happy that we write to each other and I speak you about it. Though on the other hand if I am upset or I have any troubles I hide it in myself. My friends say, that it is a bad character trait. They say, that it is necessary to tell to someone about problems. What do you think of it?? My sister always says to me, that I should speak about the troubles with other people.
She got acquainted through the Internet with the man, they met and she left to live with him. I talked to her recently and told her about you. She is happy too that we have got acquainted. Would you like to meet me inthe reality? Though we are familiar not long, but I often think about you. About meeting the person with whom I have got acquainted in the Internet. It seems to me so romantically!
We could walk together, you would show me your favorite places, we would walk, would fun... I could cook for you any dish. I was doing some shopping today. I was rambling in the food store, buying some food. I love to cook. It's one more hobby of mine. I do not want to brag, but I know many dishes of national kitchen and kitchen of other countries. I adore to experiment with products. I love salads, chicken dishes, cocktails. Every Sunday I bake something-pies, cakes, cookies and biscuits. I love apple pies with ice-cream. When I was a little girl, my mom always told me that it's important not just to cook breakfast, dinner, lunch- it's more important to make something more.
That's why she taught me how to do"EXTRA". she bought a plenty of books and shared with me all her receipts. So menu on our celebrations is extremely cool. I'd love you to try them. Probably you've heard something about Russian cuisine. Our national are soups-borsch, schi, pelmeni. The last one is something really close to ravioli. But it doesn't consist of cheese. Our food is not so fatty. That's why it's delicious and healthful. Some our national holidays have also national dishes. For ex. our national holiday Maslennitsa -it's celebrated in February, so we eat pan-cakes stuffed with many different things this day-strawberries, blueberries, honey, cheese, pork, and many others.
What about your country? Does it have any traditions- it's all the time really interesting to find out about the other countries. I hope that you will have a chance to estimate my culinary abilities :-)))
Does the way to your heart lay through your stomach??? :-) If yes I have quite good chances to win your heart :-)
Well ... I already spoke that I went to cinema with my mum. Do you like to go to cinema or do you prefer to look movies at home? I like to go to cinema. Though I think, that if there is a BIG TV in my apartment and the good equipment I would invite friends to me. We went to the movie "Star dust". Dear when I was sitting in the cinema I was thinking of you. I imagined that we together we watch the film, and we are happy. What have you done with me???:-) I'm constantly thinking of you and I really want to meet you.
I will finish my letter and I wait for your letter with impatience Yours, Tatyana
Letter 2
Hello dear Don! Thank you for your letter. Today I'm in a wonderful mood. I walked with mum in the park much. You know, I adore spending time on the nature. I like the nature very much. I always spend a lot of time on the nature though I have such an opportunity seldom. I like to read books, or simply to enjoy music and make various homework. I like to walk in the park or to be in my bed all day long :-)
I like camping, sunsets and sunrises, life in a tent, the smell of the river and bulrushes, a rustle of a small waterfall; night starry sky and amazing brilliance of a fish dissecting a water surface of a small lake under captivating moon light. It is very beautiful and romantic.
Do you like to be romantic? I hope, yes. I like fire and I am sure that there is nothing more tasty than meal cooked on a fire or firebrands. And when air is filled with aroma of the forest and timber raspberry, river freshness and a smoke of the campfire, all this brings into my soul the feeling of freedom, and untamable desire to live.
I'm considered to be an optimist, and I strongly believe that my dream, my man will be found soon. I'm not dreaming of a Prince Charming with millions of fans, with money, which I don't even know where to spend. I need just LOVE, nothing more, but i know that I ask for much. Cause love is makes born all the other things in the world-such like happiness, care, tenderness. I'd love to be sweet for my lovely person! i'd love to give happiness, to get it and to make our own world! I hope that it's available to happen. At least I hope so. And strongly believe that there's still a place for love in this cruel world. Ok,here I stop being sentimental and sad. There's a thousand of things to talk about, so let's talk.
Ohhh, actually when i was going to write this letter to you, I was thinking about one woman, my teacher. One year ago she moved out and made up her mind living abroad. She lives in South Caroline in the USA and she's happy. So she (her name is Svetlana) was divorced for many years and had the only son, who is 17 now. Once upon a time, girls from our faculty were practicing in the office of international marriages and decided to fill out an application form . That time Svetlana knew nothing about their idea, they brought a couple pics and then when letters attacked them in some days, and they told her about that. Svetlana never got upset or angry, she just smiled ...but never believed in something real . She didn't believe in her happiness anymore. But at least 20 letters arrived every week,there were long and short, comic and serious cut a long story short, she chose consisted two lines. Eric is her husband now, they overcame all the difficulties with papers. Now they're living in his house, her son studies here, but probably in a couple years will move to the USA. Eric takes care of horses. When Svetlana told me some things, that are really cute, my eyes were filled with tears. She compares her marriage with space flight. She has beautiful rose garden 3 cats, and 1 dog. She can do now plenty of things which she couldn't do here. I think it's nothing more than happiness,but what else people need? Nothing. Ok honey sorry for my long story...
Dear again I want to tell you that I wait for your letters with impatience. Your letters became a part of my life. I see, that our relations develop. And maybe our friendship will develop in something stronger than simply a friendship. I have caught me on ideas, that I think of you constantly. I wake up and I think, what my friend is doing now. I have dinner and again my thoughts are about you. I want to admit you, that these thoughts frighten me a little. In fact we've never met in a reality. It is so strange. But I feel that the distance between us with each letter becomes less and less. I want to meet you very much, and I think that we can make it real...
Unfortunately I should finish the letter. I promised to visit my parents now ... I'll wait for your letter and think of you ... Kiss you Yours forever ... Tatyana
Letter 3
Hello my love Don! You know, you became very dear for me. I appreciate relations with you very much, and I am afraid to lose them. It’s the first time in my life when I try to begin relations with a person who is so far from me. I do not know what is waiting for me in the future. But I already thank the destiny, that I have met such a wonderful person. But I would be happy to have relations with you in the future. And I would be happy if you want it too. And even that we try to make our relations on the distance I'm grateful to the destiny for what I have now. It is very valuable for me. And I believe that everything that was in my life, - all ups and downs, all tests and losses have taught me to appreciate life and to be wise, to make decisions and to make a correct choice when the time of a choice comes. Well... I'm really tired today. Yesterday evening my friends and I went to the disco and that's why I didn't sleep enough time. I was very sleepy all day long, so my eyes were about to close every second. I hate such feeling when you can't control your body. But yesterday's night was really wonderful and I don't regret it. I danced a lot and met many friends there. But sometimes such evenings don't make me happy. I want to spend my time with a man in some romantic place or just at home enjoying each other. And I think you're the right person and we would feel wonderful together in such evenings...
I think that I had to pass through this way - to be ready to meet a man who will become my soul and heart, with whom I will build the small world of love and tenderness, to whom I would give all my care, fidelity and infinite respect, with whom I would be up to death because he would give me the most important things in a life - the sincere love and care. These are the only things most important for me. And I am sure that these are the things that you appreciate as well. I hope I have not bothered you with my ideas about you and our relations. I think, that if I shall not stop, you will escape from a computer :-) I do not want to hide my intentions and I want to talk to you fairly. I do not try to find just pan pal friends. I want to find something serious and long-time. And now it is important for me to know that you want from our relations and as you see continuation of our acquaintance. I love your letters, I love the way you are. But we can write each other millions letters, but and we can not find out our true feelings. If we spend together even 10 minutes are will help us to be more close to each other. I understand that very not enough time has passed from the date of our first acquaintance, but now you become a part of my life. It is interesting to me to find out as passes your day. I want to know that you wait from our relations? Actually I forget to tell you about one thing. I used to study in the school where students learn two or sometimes even more foreign languages. So, I had an opportunity to learn for 11 years and then I entered The State University of Foreign Languages. There I've been studied for 5 years. But it was supposed to cost me like so much money, so I decided not to take it. By the way I'm entirely happy, that I've got the Higher Education. Probably it's not that easy to get into all over the world, but in our country it's really hard. If someday I'll move out from this country and try to live abroad I'll keep going further in my education. Just to get a nice job. Well ...Now I want to tell you a little about the plans for the future.. I want to start to attend rates of sewing. It is my old dream too. You know I like to experiment. I already wrote to you that I like to experiment in the kitchen and now I want to start to try to sew clothes. May be I will become the world famous fashion designer:-) These rates will last about 2 times a week. What do you think of it? I think that when I end these rates the first thing which I'll try to make is a jacket for you. I have already thought up the design of this jacket. I hope that is pleasant to you:-) Today was a usual day at work. My pupils wrote the composition. You know, when I read these compositions I understand each pupil. All of them are so different. Everyone has the different points of view, different interests. This world has not had time to spoil their outlook and when I see a reasoning of a pupil about our life I understand, that our children are so kind, judicious, and some even wise! It is amusing. My family had a lovely dinner together, we cooked turkey. I'd love you to try russian cuisine-we have so many pies, cakes , delicious salads and thousand plates with potatoes. I promise I'll cook for you one day. I'm sure you'll like it. So, my mom said that I look differently now. My eyes are shining, I'm smiling.
I've never felt such a feeling. Probably the reason is you- i do love your letters and the way you are. I'd love to hold you by hand, walk along the streets, have barbecue at weekends, just to sit with you and touch you...When I think it over, millions of needled walk around my body. Every day I think for our meeting. God will help us by all means- even 1 minute with you can never place thousand of letters. One physical touch can never place talking on phone. I'd love to cook breakfasts for you, to kiss you at night and wish good night! I'd love to have kids, dogs, cats, to hear the kids' laugh and noise , just not hear silence like I do it very often now. I'd love to share my life with you! Think it over, I hope there's at least one reason to meet in reality-we feel something, and this feeling is affinity. Can we feel for the rest of our life? We can make sure only when we can meet personally. I want to have stability. If you are ready to give to me we can make a new step in our relations. Think it over , honey! i suppose people don't have the other way-out besides risking. So let's risk!
I have a holiday soon. I'm waiting for it, as I'm already tired. I like my work, but sometimes I long for new emotions, new events... My life seems to be lovely as I do my best to make it so. But sometimes I feel very lonely. I want to share my life, I want to bring happiness.
I hope that my thoughts are like yours. I hope that it's mutual...
Dear I want to ask you some question. What clothes do you like to wear?
My dear in his last message you asked "Your teacher that live in South Carolina .. do you know what city?" but you do not correctly understood me, because I'm in Russia, I live in the city of St.
I'll wait for your letter...
You are always in my dreams
Have a good day Yours forever... Tatyana
Letter 4

Hello my dear Don! At me all well home and at work! I very much waited for your letter! I do not understand that with me, I the whole days think of you! You pleasant, good, kind, I can tell to you all! And you understand me! It is very pleasant for me that far from Russia lives the person , to which I is necessary! I very much like your letters, I with the great pleasure read letters! Both it is more and more and I understand you more! I think that all will be good and we shall meet! Our meeting will solve much! We should understand each other and have real dialogue! To have walks, travels, entertainment, I shall be going with the great pleasure for you and we shall have good supper at candles!
That may be better than evening walks! In the summer when I was warm liked to take a walk on quay after a difficult working day with the girlfriend! But I did not have not enough such person as you! What you think of our meeting? The meeting is real? And if yes, when? I shall take part any your offers! I may has written superfluous!
Yes, I about much dream but my dreams give you my image, what I of the person that I want! To me you will dream and think pleasantly that you which that person I wanted to see near to yourself! What you think of that that I have written? My mum does not understand as it is possible to find the loved person in the Internet, I explained much to her, that it is real! My mum after my explanations has understood me! Mum has told that will be not against, but mum worries for me! I think that I shall show your letters to mum and mum to be convinced what you the good person! Daddy speaks that I not the small girl and that I shall understand itself that to me to do!
I have very good work, I like my work! At first sight my work seems not interesting and boring! It not so!Unique problem that to me badly pay for this work. It is not enough. We have a lot of interesting! If I was interesting to you shall write in detail! What you like in the work? What entertainments you have? What you prefer in rest? I was not outside Russia and very much want to visit other countries! We have the good program on TV about resorts of all world, I practically always look this program!
I shall finish to write, time in the Internet was terminated! In the following letter answer all questions, and set to me all that interests you! It is very pleasant for me to learn you and to write about itself! You very interesting person! I think that we shall have the joint future! Yours Tatyana!
Letter 5
Hello lovely Don! I was waiting for your letter with impatience and when I received it there was no limit to my happiness and I even began to sang a song :-)
I hope now you have wonderful mood and enjoy life. And I hope that my letter will make your day brighter. With each letter I feel that there are serious attitudes between us. Do you feel it too? I don't want to deceive my heart. I do not want to repeat a mistake of the past. I want to have the happy and light future. I know that I know you not enough time, but I feel very warm feelings to you. I never saw you in a real, but I feel your kind heat. And what about our correspondence.
I think that People always send the best looking pictures, they tell the funny stories, the good things that happen in their lives, but never the other stuff, so in the end when you live or share life with them your illusions dies, because the image you had of who they were was all a very pretty lie... I didn't want that for us it will be like I told now, and I think that you are not like all other, I feel that you are better then other.
Dear I want to ask you. Does the nice appearance mean much for you? I know, that for many people the beauty plays the important role. But in life I understood that the beauty does not matter. The main thing - internal beauty, the beauty of the soul and heart. I see beauty both external and internal in you. I think that it is seldom possible to meet the person who combines all these qualities, but I'm so lucky! I have found such a person. I think, that you have guessed who it is.
It’s you. Not many people possess such beauty, but such people make a fairy tale real and force to trust in miracles. I searched for such a person! For me you, are the beautiful person, first of all you are a beautiful and noble man. Unfortunately now many men forgotten about such words as LOVE and FIDELITY. But my female intuition prompts me, I was so lucky that I have met you. I hope you understand that I want to tell. I hope that you feel the same. I do not want to stop on a way "Friendship". I want to go further. I want to advance our relations further and I see, that you, want it too. I always was sincere with you and always wrote that I thought and I felt. I want to meet you in the reality and I'll make much for this purpose.
I would like to see you in a reality. But it is very difficult for making. It is fine dream. How you think, she may be carried out in a reality?
My dear, do you trust in love at first sight? If you never saw me in a real, can you feel something to me? I think of you. How you think, may something happen with us? You know I want to see you in a really. I understand that it is very difficult for making. How you think, is our meeting possible in a reality? My dear, I'll not speak on this theme, because I don't want to build illusions. I know that we learn about each other not a lot, but how you think may be we will meet? we any way must meet at the someday, cause if we will not meet, we will write to each other all life?
I want to tell you so much , but I can not find suitable words to transfer everything, that I feel to you. I very much want to meet you to tell you all i feel. I want to see you, to speak with you, to feel you, to smile you. I want to walk with you, joining our hands, to laugh with you, to kiss you. May be my ideas will seem to you too impudent, but it is so. I would like? to meet you. It makes me sad, when I think, that you are so far from me. But in fact distance is nothing? isn't it? Perhaps you are more serious, than I, but I you have simply fascinated me from the very beginning. I can do nothing with me. Write me please, what you think of it, what you think about our meetings. I think of it more and more frequency. I would like to see you. Let me see you!
Remember, that the love connects people all over the world. I believe that are you my second half, and very much I want that you thing the same way. Please, do not break my heart.
I already wrote to you about my sister, that she lives now in UK. When she registered the structure in the Internet nobody trusted, that she can find a good man. Everybody said, that in the Internet there are maniacs or fools. But she at once got acquainted with the man from England and serious relations began between them. In some weeks my sister told that she wanted to leave. She began to legalize papers.
Again all people said that she shouldn't go in the unknown country, but she went and married. She is happy and she loves her husband. It is not a fairy tale. It is real. People meet in the Internet and people have serious relations.
Dear I think of our meeting much. I want to see you in a reality very much. I think, that our meeting cannot spoil our relations. On the contrary we learn each other in a reality ... I want to meet you very much. Dear at the end of the letter I want to tell you that you are the person to whom I have opened the soul.
I think, on it I shall finish the letter. Write me, what you think in this case. Take care, my dear, I send my kisses to you! I wait for your letter Hugs and kiss Only yours Tatyana
Letter 6
Hi my Sweetheart Don! I so am happy to receive message from you because for me too is for the first time to communicate through the Internet with the man from other country and now when I saw your message, I felt that I can trust you, at you very charming smile, kind eyes, beautiful features, looking on you and reading your letters, I know, that I can feel near to you confidently and easy! Thanks for fine message, that for me ever spoke this best the man!
I too consider, that the person is allocated by intuition that in turning points of the life to accept critical decisions, such as now.
Our attitudes should pass to a new level because I understand that we should learn, whether we can trust each other and build new light attitudes! Now my 6-th sens prompts me, what you the fair and sincere person and I can try to trust in you, I hope, what you think of me too most? I feel, that you do not play with me and our dialogue for you as is serious, as for me!
I am very glad that you divide my feelings in occasion of our meeting, it means that we can start to move in a direction of the organization of a meeting! I understand that you not the rich person, but in it there is nothing terrible because in our life not all is measured in the money, the most important it to feel happy near to the person whom you love! You so do not consider? I many years search happiness in the country, but I never had anything similar, I have decided to search for the man from other country and now I think that I am happy that has met you and I think, that when our meeting takes place, we shall learn each other more close and we can become the happiest people in the world!
I think that we need to start to plan our meeting! I wish to stay to you for some weeks or for a month! Whether it is possible? You will not be complicated by your work? You can spend time with me? I hope that you can! I never travelled to lives abroad, therefore I do not know that is required for my travel and how many it could cost, but I shall find out it from my aunt Olga! My aunt works in agency of travel which is in our city and it can tell to me all details of travel and what I should legalize papers! I ask you to not worry about cost of my trip, I have some accumulation which I could spend for travel to you country! At me long time was not holidays from my work, now I think that I am ready to receive it and I very much wish to have a meeting with you!
I accept this step, only because I feel that you very reliable person and you will not hurt me! I too have been injured many times, but now I am confident that you very kind the man both will care of me and do not do much harm to me! I shall meet tomorrow my aunt Olga and I find out the information as soon as I shall know more I I shall write to you about all in the letter! I hope that you too have very well thought and really wish our meeting!
I with impatience shall wait for your following letter! With great kiss! Your Tatyana!
Letter 7
Hi, my sweetheart Don! My lovely soft teddy-bear! When I receive your letters I begin to smile from an ear up to an ear:-) It is a pity, that you do not see me in such moments. I don't want to start this letter with plenty of things i usually start. I'm ready to tell you one thing. Don't just suppose that the are just words and nothing more. I couldn't sleep last night, I was thinking.
And made up my mind tat I'm ready to tell you this. I'm extremely shy now, even on-line. it seems that now you look into my eyes, believe me,honey, I never told to anybody first...but i decided, I feel I need it, so. it seems that it's love. I love your warm words, I love your letters, I love my days, fulfilled with your name!
I wake up in the morning and think about you all day long. I daydream about you a lot at work when I am doing my job. This makes me smile and I have a wonderful day. I daydream about our lives together. I daydream about when we first meet. I daydream about you. I day dream about our meeting and what all we will talk about. This brings a smile to my face. These are happy thoughts for me. These are the things that help me make it through the day until we are together. I cannot wait for our meeting. I will finally be able to touch-hold-caress-hug you!
I dream that we are walking together down a road holding hands. We laugh and play too. We are so happy. I know I dream this. All I know is I want so badly for you to be with me right now! I want so many things but most of all, I want to be with you! I am happy you like my letters. I understand your feelings and my feelings are the same about our feels! I cannot imagine life without you now. I hope you feel the same way about me. I never felt this way about anyone before. It is odd and so unexpected. I will know it is true when I see you at the airport. I feel like this is a dream and I am going to wake up and be alone again.
Every day I understand more and more, that I cannot leave without you.
I need you very much. I don't want to rush into things, I'm ready to wait, but I'd be so happy if you let me see you. I know that you want the same. This world suffers from loneliness. We're so tired to spend our nights alone, to wake up in the morning alone. Do you feel the same? And if this is a dream, I want to be put into a coma, so I can never wake up! I want this never to end!!
My dear, I visited the website, which you sent ( and I saw it a great place and I would very much like to visit this place that we could be together there.
I have good news to you, I today talked to my aunt Olga who works in agency of travel and have asked for it to learn for me all details of my travel to you country, it has told that tomorrow will give for me the information because it for memory did not remember all of a detail! But it has told precisely, that I should begin as soon as possible process of official registration of papers for a trip: the Passport for travel abroad, medical examination and to issue the visa!
Process of registration can borrow about 3 weeks if I shall begin now!
It as has told that the trip to your country costs greater money, it has told that tomorrow for me will inform how many it will be costs and that I need to do to begin registration! For me it will be necessary to conclude the contract with agency that they helped me with preparation for a trip! I shall hope for that which those savings I have sufficed me have because I very much wish to be near to you so soon how much it probably! I hope that you as strongly wish to meet me and will help me with preparation for arrival in your country! That I shall legalize my papers to require some data about you: - Your full address:
- City:
- Staff, area:
- The country:
- A phone number together with a code of the country: I hope that tomorrow I shall know the information concerning my travel and I shall inform all of you in the following letter! I with impatience wait for your letter and our meeting! Your princess Tatyana!
Letter 8
Hello my sweetheart and the most desireble man Don! I would like to tell you so much in this letter. I would like to discuss with you many things. I would like to tell you about my feelings though you already know them. The time is so short and we will be together and my heart is absolutely brimming with both happiness and the anticipation. We will be apart for only such a short time and will be together soon. That is such a wonderful thing to realize, for I know that in listening to your words those years will be filled with both love and so much happiness. You are a very unique person and I am so proud that you would find love with me. I am so very lucky and will guard my blessings and not let you down in any way. We will find the first times a little uncomfortable for we will both be cautious to do the right thing in the eyes of the other. I give you my word that you need not worry and not to be cautious for I have already accepted you as who you are.
There is nothing that will change my feelings toward you. Loving is twice more in acceptance with the one you love for not only whom they are but anything they may do. I just am so glad that I have finally found you. You have no idea how long I have been waiting just for you.
I am so glad that I have not dated much or I would not have been in the right place to find you. It seems as though our destinies were meant to collide at just this particular time.
Usually I am hesitant to let my feelings go but with you I have had no problem in doing so for all seems so right and at the perfect moment.
You make me so very happy. I am simply walking on a cloud every moment. I know the time will simply drag until we are together, that is how much I want you with me. I cannot wait for our meeting. I have good news about the trip. And I would like to tell them to you. Now we speak with you only through e-mail, but we'll soon communicate in the reality.
I for you have news concerning the information for my travel to you! I today at last have met my aunt Olga and it has devoted me in all to a detail of my preparation for travel to you country to you in embraces!
For the beginning I should make the contract with agency of travel that they helped to legalize my papers! It will be necessary for me to make all over again medical examination that to me have given the hospital information on that that I am absolutely healthy to travel it will cost 120 Euro. Then I should make out the passport for travel abroad for travel to you in the country it will cost 160 Euro, then I should move to Moscow to pass interview in embassy of you country for reception of the visa of the tourist - 220 Euro. When I shall finish official registration of papers, to me the agency of travel will order tickets of the plane, it will be costs 900 Euro. The total sum turns out 1400 Euro, plus it will be necessary to pay services of agency of travel! Now I have in the accumulation 720 Euro, but it will not be enough for my travel.
I did not think, that travel will cost so dearly, therefore I now am upset .It is very complex to me to speak about it, but I think that I cannot receive by own strength missing 680 Euro for travel, therefore I wish to ask from you the help for this purpose! If you can help, it will be simply remarkable, because I wish to meet you so strongly as the person can dream of a drink of air! I ask you to think of it well!
Today I already gave my passport to agency of travel that they began registration of the passport for travel abroad, and tomorrow I shall go to do photos for it. As soon as I shall finish it, it will be necessary for me to pay to agency of travel all sum that they began preparation of documents and booking for my travel!
I can't write this stuff anymore, every second I close my eyes and imagine our first meeting. My knees will tremble in the airport, and I'll feel million of butterflies in my stomach. I want this happen.
I'm waiting for it. It's the only thing that doesn't let me sleep well enough. I see a moon through the window ,stars-and I know this you see them too. It's so touchable. Thanks to you, honey, I open really warm feelings in my heart, I thought I could never tell to somebody, but yes I do. It's so great, that love rushed into my life, that I an love, and even through Internet give you my warmth and happiness. We should share this love together. For the rest of our lives, until death can separate us! Thousand kisses for you!
Yours Tatyana!
Letter 9
Hello my sweetheart Don! Our love will enable us to overcome any obstacle we may encounter, and as long as we have each other, anything is possible. We will always feel safe and warm , which will be our sanctuary. There is nothing we can't discuss, nor any problem we can't solve. Although we were raised in different cultures, we think alike, and have similar goals. If anyone in our family is sad, I will be too, so it is our job to cheer them up, so they will feel better, and be happy again. We will get along just fine, and I will always love you, no matter what. If you ever need me, I will be here, for comfort and support. What about you, my love? How do you feel?
Dear I cannot wait when I'll see you, but we should be patient. Now all we must do is wait! And to think that you will be in my arms, and our life together can begin. It seems we have been waiting for so long, and very soon our time will come. I think of all the nights that you have visited me in my dreams, and all the days that I have sat and thought of you, it is so incredible that the dreams are rapidly becoming reality. So many thoughts, and things I want to share with you. And I want you to know with every breathe in my body,with all the strength I have I will do everything to make you feel happy and loved every second of the day! You have been so so important for me, and you have helped me to deal with so much, that I cannot imagine having to live without you my love. My thoughts are of you, and I send to you all my love affection and DEVOTION! I laid down to sleep tonight like I do every night, always with the prayer that you will come to me in my dreams. And there are so many nights where I am sure you came to me, but I cannot remember the dream, I cannot remember but I can feel you came to me. But tonight as I closed my eyes I saw your smiling face, I looked into your eyes, and we kissed softly at first then stronger wish a passion I have never felt. You looked into my eyes and held my face in your hands and you whispered to me, Soon my love!
I pulled you close to me, tight against me, and arms wrapped around you we held each other, both of us wanting nothing more than to stay locked in that embrace, knowing that every moment we spend together is a moment no one can ever take away from us. I have thought about you so long, I have dreamed about you and everyday as I receive your letter I know you better, I adore you more, and all my plans all my thoughts focus on my life once you are beside me. You have become and have been the only man to me for so long. And in truth I have put you on a pedestal, for you are the one that was always there for me when I needed you most I am grateful to you for all that you have made for me...
I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you tomorrow! I hope that soon our meeting takes place also we shall be the happiest people in the world together! With Great LOVE! Yours Tatyana!
Letter 10
Hello sweetheart Don! How are you? I am waiting and I am dreaming for a moment of our meeting in your airport. I will cry in this moment, because it will from our happiness my dear. When we meet each other, it will be one of the happiest and most eventful days of my life. I want for us to be truthful and honest with each other and leave all inhibitions behind us. I have been hurt due to previous relationships and sometimes I feel as though I have become very bitter and cynical. But after our meeting I understood that I have much love in my heart, which I can give to you. You are my inspiration and my heart's desire. I dream as we will live together my darling, to go for a walk, keeping for our hands. I want that you will show me your native land, a places where you like to go for a walk and you like to spend a more your time. I want very to be with you, I want it very much , I miss you. I want to shower you with hugs and kisses, bring you nice gifts, and spend romantic evenings with you, every day. All I've ever wanted, was to fall in love, and be loved, as you have made this possible, for me. Fate has brought us together, and our love will enable us to overcome any obstacle. I welcome any display of affection, which I will always return. When I am with you, I will express my true feelings for you, openly and honestly, as I do in my letters. You are very special to me, and I am grateful we have found each other. I want to make you as happy as you've made me, to see your beautiful smile, and to hear your lovely voice. I want to say to you that I have spoke with my mom about us again. I want to say to you that she has so many happy smiles for us too, she is so happy because we love each other very much, simple she said me that we will happy with you and mom wish us a large happiness together! She see my feelings and my happiness from our love with you, and mom understand me that we with you can't without each other and wish us a great love in this time and our future life too! A hot hello from my mom to you, please, accept the love from my nearest people, mom love you as a relative son!
Now I'll be happy to answer your questions:
When is your birthday? Oct 16, 1981
What is your favorite color? White
What is your favorite food to eat? I love European and Oriental cuisine.
What is our favorite food to cook? Dinner.
How many sisters and/or brothers do you have? No, I'm an only child.
Have you ever rode a motorcycle? Yes, but it was a very long time, but I remember that I liked.
Do you have a favorite hobby? Yes, I'm studying foreign languages.
How many languages do you speak? Russian, English, French, German.
What is your favorite season? Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter I love the warm weather.
Do you like the beach? I love to walk on the beach and carry out his or her free time.
Do you like to swim? I do not swim very well, but sometimes I love to spend time in the water.
Do you like sports and if so what is favorite? I love different kinds of sports. And I have no favorite. I very often go to the gym.
How tall are you?
I do not know how much is in your units. But we are about 169 centimeters. Ok, let me to finish my letter I hope to see your letter as soon, as possible.
Many kisses, your Tatyana
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