Scam Letter(s) from Anna Dobrinina to Paul (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello, sweetie!
thank you for your letter. It is only thing that brings bright to my soul.
I would like to see you sooner I think that March it is ok. as for the flat, I can give you information of that land lady and you will have relations about prepayment with her. Honey, I can't do it myself, you know that I am just a student.
Honey, I trust you, I don't give you my home telephone number because i have no it.
Honey I want to share with you one story which happened with me recently.
You know that I am a student. Now I have exams. recently I have being passed one subject, i can't say that it is very difficult, as for me I know it perfect. But that's not the point.
I will describe you whole situation. This teacher who do this subject he doesn't interested if person knows this subject or not. His father works as a director of our university, and because of it he has no prohibits. All students are afraid of him, because of his subject a lot of students were expelled from the university. Every time were that everybody paid before exam and than pass it without problems. And now time has come when my group must pass this exam.
Almost all group paid for it in advance. Do you want to know how much is it cost? It is cost 100$, and he give this bribe just in dollars, because Grivna (Ukrainian national currency) not stable now. But I decided to do it by my self. I was confident in my forces, because i know it.
I was sure that I pass this exam. How I was amazed and disappointed when I found out that I failed this exam! I came to him and asked, where i was wrong? I answered right on all questions!
Do you know what he answered? He said: "You was wrong at the beginning, when you came with out nothing!"
Now I don't know what to do, I don't know how to pass this exam. I have no such amount and for sure my parents don't have so much just for my exam too.
I don't want to be expelled from my university. Honey I am really so disappointed.
i don't know what to say to my parents. They are so proud of me that i study at this university. It was really hard for my parents to give me this education as they had to pay for it. I am so grateful to them and i can't let them down. It is very offensively, when you really know everything, but you can't prove it because you have no money :(
Honey, what can i do? I can not find way out from this situation. :(
My dear, sorry for sharing this everything with you, but i feel a great trust in you and i know that you are the one who can always support and understand.
I can't go to my parents for help,so you are the only person whom I trust and rely upon you.
write me soon!
Forever yours Anna



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