Letter(s) from Elena Mitrahimova to Stefano (Italy)
Letter 1
Hello my lovely! Thanks for your letter! Thanks for your remarkable words!
Your letters always touch my heart. Now my life has changed in the best party after I began to communicate with you, at me now always good mood! As I am glad, that with you have got acquainted!
I already in an anticipation of that when that we with you shall meet! As passes your day.
Every day all becomes colder to Kazan. And me one to sleep in a bed too it is very cold :))!
I any more do not represent the day without your letters! I really have already become attached to you, and already I decide that when I shall receive holiday I shall already do documents to flight to you.
You only are serious in this letter concern to all! As I want that you knew, I little bit jealous woman!
I want, that you concerned to me yours faithfully, and with understanding. I trust you, that you never will hurt me, and very much for it I hope. In fact under your letters I have understood, that you the good person, and you want that I was happy, and I shall be happy only with you. Within several days I shall already have holiday and as I spoke you earlier, I shall do documents to arrive to you.
You are ready to meet me? For a meeting I do not know simply following moment when it will be.
As at me holiday yearly. You will concern to me yours faithfully, and to love me? You never will hurt me?
I shall order hotel, or to be at you at home? How you represent our first day together? Excuse please, I should go for work. I today work in the second change, after a dinner. I love you. You are very necessary for me.
100000000000 kiss you!
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