Scam Letter(s) from Anna Mavrycheva to Sixten (Sweden)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend. Jag maste arligt erkanna att jag ar vansinnigtglad att du skrev till mig. Jag var pa min profil har skrivit en heldel man, men manga av dem berattade for mig obscena saker och bad omuppriktig bilder. Jag var tvungen att sluta skriva till dessa man. Ochda jag bestamde mig for att skriva nagon. Jag ar en lang tid att tittagenom olika profiler for olika man men beslot att stanna just pa dinprofil. Det forefoll mig att min kvinnliga intuition hon ber dig attskriva till dig. Jag tror att nar det galler karlek och upptacker attbara behover glomma sinnet och bara lyssna pa ditt hjarta. Och detfick mig att skriva for dig. Jag hoppas att det inte kommer att luramig, och vid denna tidpunkt. Nu vill jag beratta lite om dig sjalv.Jag kommer inte att beskriva mitt utseende. Luch Jag kommer att skickanagra av mina bilder sa ser du allt sjalv. Jag tror jag ska forsokaberatta mer om min inre varld. Det ar mycket mer intressant. Jag arvanlig och mycket glad tjej. Jag tycker mycket om barn. Men jag harinte sina barn. Jag ar fodd juli 25, 1979. Under sina 30 ar, har jagtraffade inte en man som jag vill tillbringa mitt liv och kanske viljaha ett barn. Sa jag var tvungen att leva mitt liv ensam. Ingen karlek.Ni vet den dar kanslan? Men jag ar inte ledsen for att jag arovertygad om att alla framover. Just behover inte ge upp och ga medlivet. Alla kan vara lycklig. Man behover bara ga sakert till sitt maloavsett vad. Jag hoppas att jag kunde rentav nagot intresse for dig.Du kan skriva mig pa engelska? Om du kan engelska sa jag ber er attskriva pa engelska eftersom jag talar perfekt engelska.Jag vantar pa ditt svar. Yours Anna.

Letter 2

Hello my loved. I am glad to write to you the letter again.Today I have left work and all the day long went on travel agencies. Ilearned about that that to me is required to come to you. The managerof travel agency in detail told to me about that that to me isrequired to come to you. To buy tickets to Sweden and back, tolegalize papers for trip to Sweden (the visa, the passport for travelabroad, the obligatory insurance and) the travel agency needs to payothers 720Euro. The manager has told that registration of alldocuments will borrow about 10 days and with it there will be noproblems. I certainly thought that trip to Sweden will cost money. ButI did not think that it will be so dearly. It is simply huge sum forme. I do not have such money. I have bypassed all travel agencies inmy city and have chosen the most reliable and cheap travel agency.This travel agency was recommended me by my chief. It is notconvenient for me to ask you the help. But I simply do not have otheroutput.
I cannot solve this problem. You can help to pay to me travelagency? While I today went in travel agency I dreamed of our meeting.I all time think only of you. I lie down to sleep with ideas on youand when I wake up the first idea which comes in my head necessarilyabout you my lovely. I so want to appear as soon as possiblenear to you. I would like to rise and run to you to Sweden. Somehow,but if only to be near to you. With me still never such was. All thatto me is necessary to be only it near to you. An opportunity to takeyou for a hand to look in your fine eyes. This only thing of what Idream. I nevertheless hope that absolutely soon my dreams I shall cometrue. Today I am very tired therefore as circulations on travel agencywere taken away from me with many forces. But it is pleasant it wasgot tired as I know that I tried that we with you could be together.For the sake of it I am ready to make any efforts. I with impatienceshall wait for your answer. With love yours Anna.

Letter 3

Hello my loved. I am glad to receive your letter again. I as amvery glad that you can to help to arrive to me to you. It means whatbe already fast I can near to you. It very much pleases me. All thatto me is necessary to be only it near to you. The data of my bankaccount:The bank name: OAO " ALPHA BANK "BIK bank: 044525593swift: ALFARUMMFull name of the client: Mavrycheva Anna VladimirovnaAccount number eur: 40817978208850000444As my address. Probably it to be necessary for you for remittance onmy bank account.City: ZelenodolskStreet: KirovaThe house: 45Apartment: 11.Post code: 422540I hope the days off will pass quickly. On Saturday and Sunday wealways have many clients and I should not miss. I am going to carryout all days off on work. And what you will do in these days off? Thatyou would not do always remember that where that in far Russia at youis the girl which loves you and always with impatience waits for yourletters. You always are near to me because you are in my heart.
Nowfor me on the ground there is no person closely and more natively thanyou my loved. I am happy that have got acquainted with you.Always when I think of you of me covers what that pleasant and notclear to me feeling. I never tested anything similar earlier. Now Iprecisely know that this feeling refers to love. I love you. Onlythree usual words: I love you. But as I was a lot of sense invest inthem when I write to you this letter. I invest all my soul in thesethree words. All the most gentle and fine that only is at me. In thesethree remarkable words which do me happy. I am happy from that that Ilove you. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. With loveyours Anna.

Letter 4

Hello my loved. I am glad to write to you the letter again.Today I in a lunch break came into travel agency to learn as passesregistration of my documents for trip to you. Registration of mydocuments comes to an end. But I have learned about a problem aboutwhich I at all did not suspect. In travel agency have told that thereis to go to Sweden I should have at myself the large sum of money. Itis done on Schengen to the agreement. Under this agreement I shouldhave at myself on 50 Euro per every day of stay in Sweden. My visa ismade out for 31 day and it means that I should have at myself when Ishall go to you 1550 Euro. It is the huge sum for me. I do not havesuch money. In travel agency to me have told that this money arenecessary for acknowledgement of my material solvency. Without thismoney of me will not pass through border. I did not know about thatthat there is such law. In travel agency to me have already told exactdate of my arrival. I shall arrive to ????:26 December at 1 7:45,Arlanda Arpt. You should meet me at the airport. But there are alsogood news. These 1550Euro anywhere will not be spent. I only shouldshow them at the airport when I shall fly to you. I of them shall notgive anybody also them I shall not spend. As soon as I shall arrive toyou I shall give at once to you 1550Euro. I shall not spend any eurofrom this money. That I could go to you till December, 26 at me onhands should be 1550Euro. Only then I can go to you. I hope that weshall have time to solve this problem and I shall come to you. Trip toSweden appears so is complex. I also did not think that there can besuch problems. I so want to see you more likely. I think minutes up toour meeting. Only near to you I can be happy. I cannot be any more sofar from you. We like each other and we should be together. I shallwait for your answer as soon as possible. With love yours Anna.



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