Scam letter(s) from Juliet to Tony (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Tony, I am a reading fashion,designing and a teacher. My name is Juliet and i am 35 of age, I am about 5.6 feet tall and well built structure.I have black hair with blue eyes and i am fair in complexion... I have no deformities on my body.... Sweet heart my hobbies are cooking,cleaning house, caring, swimming, traveling, exchanging of letters and photographs,also sharing of fun and other excitement . I am very active and energetic and will really love to hear from you very soon if only you want me as your lovely and dear friend forever.... I am prepared to carry out anything that you wish to make our relationship an everlasting and lovely one.... Actually i want someone to be my friend,lover and someone to protect me....I will be pleased if you tell me more about yourself in your letter Hoping to hear from you very soon...... Yours Lovely, Juliet
Letter 2
Hello Tony, Thanks so much for your mail.... Am more than happy reading from you and hoping we can get along better and well, Have read all about you and to me am looking for my other half, My best friend, lover and husband as well, Am very serious and don't want any one to play games with my heart and feelings.... To me all i need in my life is someone nice to love me for,I don't have a problem with the age,colour or the distance cos all this is not a regard in the eye of true love.... I am from Ethiopia but due to the war there i moved to Ghana to have a peaceful loving life... Ghana is situated in the western part of Africa and you? I am a part-time volunteer teacher for those kid that lost their parents and my own job is fashion designing..... I have no parents here but only guardians... I am a great fun of the beach as i like walking in the sand or playing in the sand,I like camping and also traveling to places to meet new people and learn different culture......

I need a man who is willing to start a future with me,need true endless love which am hoping you will give me, What your number,am going to get a calling card and call you so we have much talk on the phone....

Its really hard to have much trust for someone you have not seen in your life but I think God knows why we have meet here on the internet and to that we two have to work hard to have a happy life....

We can have a wonderful family together, work together to support each other at all times to, Guess we have a chance to have a happy life now and its up to us to make the move to make things work....I know with God by our side every move we take will be successful my love....

Tell me about your dreams with the right woman by our side and , what do you think in mind having a nice woman and sincere understanding woman standing by your side in point of good times and hard times, I need true love and hope I can find one from you.....

Love is when you can feel your hole world falling apart and then you look into his eyes and the world dissapear... Love is when he brushes your hair out of your face and holds your hand when he knows your scared.... Love is trust... Love is thinking of his smile and it getting you through the toughest day.....

Love is when the thought of loosing you shakes my entire world. Love is when throughout the day you are all I think about..... Love is stronger than any force in the world, and it if you get caught up in it, you are in for an adventure.....

Am willing to do anything that will make my life a happy one, I need to move on with my life, had someone I did loved so much and was going to get married but he pass away as we plan on getting married, have been single and lonely since then, a lot men have been trying to date me but never gave in to nay of them because I thinking there are not serious and all there want is sex and nothing else...... Am going to leave for now and will hope to read a reply from you soonest......

Much endless love and care.

Lot love Juliet
Letter 3
Hello Tony, I am very happy to read your mail and i don't know what to say... Because of you i took my profile from only to hear this from you.... Maybe God want us to meet a few wrong people and when finally meet the right person,we will be grateful.... I don't think you really know what love is..... I am sorry if i sounded disrespect to your mail but just shock that i heard things like that from a noble man like you I am sorry to come your life somehow and i wish you all the best Thank you Juliet
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