Scam Letter(s) from Alina Malininka to S. H. (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend Bemywife!!! How your mood??? What weather??? I wish to tell to you, that I am very happy to receive your letter! And I am grateful to you for that that you have answered me! I hope, that ours, with you correspondence will be sincere and interesting!!! I wish to tell to you, that I never got acquainted by means of the Internet and for me this new!!! I think, that it is very interesting to you to learn me better! My name is Alina, I the sympathetic and interesting girl, me of 27 years I was born on January, 17th, 1983! My growth of 173 sm, and my weight makes 56 kg. I live in the Kirov area in interesting city, under the name Kirov about which I shall write to you, in following letters!!! Bemywife!!! I wish to tell to you, that to me very much to like to conduct a healthy way of life... I do not have bad habits but unless I presume to myself a glass of red wine, on greater holidays, but I in alcohol good do not see anything!!! And you have bad habits??? Only write to me fairly!!! I wish to tell to you, that I visit fitness club, in the free time, from work!!! I wish to tell to you, that to me very much to not like when me deceive and conceal, from me the truth!!! In fact to you too it will be very insulting, if you will deceive!!! I hope, what you understand me? On it I finish the letter and I hope, that to you will like my photo, I too very much would like to receive yours about the letter, with the story about myself and answers to my questions and I hope, that you will please me, the photo!!! Bemywife!!! On it my time comes to an end also to me it is time to go!!! At once I wish to tell to you, that I write to you from the Internet of cafe!!! I wish to tell to you, that in the Internet of cafe have told that it is impossible to use unfortunately MSN and Skupe, but I very much hope, that to us there will be enough we each other letters and our acquaintance will be interesting and sincere!!! I wish you to spend time pleasantly!!! Your new friend Alina...

Letter 2

Hello! How's your health?

I am very glad to receive your letter! I look forward to your letters! Each your letter for me as a holiday, because I really like to receive your new letter! And photos! In my letter I want to tell you about my family! We have a very friendly, not a big family! I am an only child, but I really wanted to, I had an older brother or sister! My mom name is Olga Petrovna her 51 years. She works as a history teacher. She loves her job. Its there very valued and respected. With my mother I can talk about any situation and she sympathized with me, but still thinks I'm a little girl! My dad name is Nikolai Arkadevich him 53 years. He works as a driver of public transport. He was very kind and caring otets.S him I go into the woods for mushrooms and berries. We love to gather berries and mushrooms. But this happens very rarely, only when we come to the village. When we want a break from the city. I also wish that you'd told me about his family? I sent photos of their relatives. I want to ask you whether you have pets? The way that I love them, but I can not start it, because who does not take care of them. Because I work. And I'd like to get their photos. This concludes my letter! And with no patience waiting for an answer! Alina ...

Letter 3

Hello! I was very pleased to receive your new message, when I went to Internet cafes. It gives me great joy that you agree with me to the correspondence. How are you? How was your day yesterday? I'm good. I think that you will be interested to learn about how I spend free time! As you already know, I have been doing fitness! I also do tennis! Playing tennis is a very exciting and zonyatno! Ever since childhood, I love traveling, I hedgehog in the cities of their region and are always on the go for a something new and interesting! I love listening to music of our pop singers! I also like club music. And what do you like listening to music! I love to watch movies on a big, pure love. And comedies. And what you love to watch movies? I also like reading books, mostly I prefer to spend their free time for an interesting romantic book! And what do you like most of the literature?? I also like other genres of literature! I also love to read books on a film! It seems to me interesting and exciting, because in more detail in the books written about the ongoing situation, which is not shown in the movies! I also like to spend time with friends outdoors, but since we have now is very cold, we spend our free time, at a cafe for a cup of good coffee! I'm just interested to know how you spend your free time? This concludes my letter! With impatience I shall wait for your letters! Thanks in advance for your answers! I wish you a pleasant time spending! Alina ...



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