Scam letter(s) from Alena Bogdanova to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1
I am glad to receive from you this letter, I very much waited for your letter.
I hope, that our acquaintance good also it will be pleasant to both of us.
I think that you too will be glad to receive my letter!
My name is Alena. To me of 28 years. I work as the seller of clothes in
Shop of our city. I live with mum in apartment.
I long searched for the man and have learnt what to have a way
The Internet will get acquainted with the help. Also has decided to try.
And, here, has received your letter.
Tell to me that you interests? I will answer with pleasure
On your questions. What do you wish to learn about me?
I will wait for your questions in your following letter.
I send you photo.
I hope, that it is pleasant to you.
Tell to me why you have decided to search for the destiny in the Internet?
Than you like to be engaged? As you imagine
The ideal girl.
With impatience I wait for your letter.
Your new girlfriend Alena!
Letter 2
Hello, Jonathan!
I was glad to receive your answer.
Jonathan, I have decided to get acquainted in the Internet, because
Could not find the man. Earlier I got acquainted
With men who did not appreciate me or wanted only
Sex. All can at us with you will on another? And you
You will be the man which I will be happy with me, and
The woman for which happiness to be with such man
As you.
Jonathan, I do not have brothers. Only mum and
friend Natalya. I live with mum. We live in Russia,
in small city Yadrin. I work in shop and after work
Earlier went home. Now I go to the Internet of cafe and
I wait for your letter. Also I hope that I will receive them
Every day because it is pleasant to me.
Jonathan, I hope, that I will soon see your new photo
Also I send the.
In this photo I am at home. Jonathan, it is pleasant to you?
Tell to me about the family? What relations at you with
Your family?
You had a present love? It is possible still? How you think?
I will look forward your letter tomorrow and I hope
That it again will bring to me a smile.
Yours Alena!
Letter 3
Hello my new friend Jonathan, I to see very glad again your letter.
I like to write to you Jonathan. You very pleasant person in dialogue.
And what you will tell about me?
I very much like rest on the nature,
Picnics and backpackings.
At leisure I read books, I like novels.
I very much love cooking together with my mum and
I, with pleasure, cooking something for you.
I like different music and I listen to everything, except heavy kinds of music.
I love cinema, especially romantic comedies and films about love.
Sometimes, we with Natalya and my mum go to theatre.
I am glad that I can to communicate with you, it is pleasant to me very much
I send you a new photo of the this photo has been made in park of our city!
And what you like to do at leisure?
What hobbies at you? A hobby?
Probably, something unusual?
How you think, whether there is a love at first sight?
You sometime felt it?
I very much will wait for your letter tomorrow,
They always bring to me a lot of pleasure.
Bye, bye Jonathan!
Your friend Alena!
Letter 4

Hi my friend Jonathan,
Reading your letters, I again smile.
Jonathan, I Hope, you understand my letters without problems.
I studied English language at school, and then at institute.
But if you cannot understand something - ask me, ok?
When I have finished training I at once was arranged to work in shop.
I very much like my work.
My mum is very glad to see, that it has brought up me the worthy person,
Which benefits people.
What formation at you? As whom do you work now?
You like your work, Jonathan?
I spoke to my mum about you. It was glad, that I had a new friend.
She asks about you much, and I have told all that I know.
She asked to transfer to you "HI".
And you spoke about me to the relatives or friends?
What do they speak about me?
I hope tomorrow I can to see again your letter and a happy smile. Your friend Alena!
Letter 5
Hi Jonathan.
For me it is very pleasant to come here and to see your letter,
Which I always wait.
Today in the street fine weather and at me excellent mood.
And how your affairs today, Jonathan? How your mood?
I hope, it too to improve, when you will see this letter.
My family it only mum.
I do not have native brothers and sisters,
But is cousin which live far from us with mum,
In other cities.
Natalya too it is very glad, that I have got acquainted with you.
They together with mum speak to you hi, Jonathan.
With Natalya we often walk on a city together or we go on walk to wood.
Always we help each other.
And you trust in a true friendship? Whether the real friend betrayed you?
What did you feel thus?
I send you the photo on it Natalya and I!
I hope, this letter will bring to you a smile.
With hope, I will wait for your answer tomorrow.
Your friend Alena!
Letter 6
Hello Jonathan,
It is again very pleasant to me to see your letter. How are you today?
I have already started to get used to you Jonathan and every day I wait,
When my work will end and I can rejoice having seen your new letter.
I could not even present to myself, that to a smog to find in the Internet of the friend.
I can talk to you about much, feeling freely.
You think also?
Here there are not enough people whom I can name the friends, Jonathan.
My acquaintances much simply.
They have proved to be about absolutely another,
not the best party and I have ceased to trust them.
Unique people to whom I trust - my mum and Natalya.
But now all has changed also I is very glad to it.
Whether you are a lot of people to whom can trust?
You can entrust them all without an exception?
You smile, having seen it?
I hope to see your letter tomorrow, Jonathan,
Bye, your Alena.
Letter 7
Hi Jonathan,
And again I come here and I rejoice, as the child to your letter.
Jonathan, today on work, I have helped the person who hurried up,
and could not choose suitable clothes.
When he has thanked me, I have understood -
It is the best award for work by which I do. Jonathan,
I think at us the best work and I am glad, that I work here.
I to like, when people smile and are happy.
Jonathan, probably and you it happened to help people?
They were sincerely grateful to you?
Whether many good people you met in your life?
I think, that you the kind person and have made much for others.
I send you photo on it I at home. Jonathan, you like my hairdress?
Every day, when I wake up, I go for work with warm thought,
That I will see your letter after work.
I wish you good day and I hope to see your letter tomorrow.
Bye, bye Jonathan.
Yours Alena.
Letter 8
Jon, I come here already again with such feeling,
That me as if attracts here, here to me it is good here again me always are glad to see.
I test huge pride that was born here and I can walk on these streets
And to admire this fine city.
We often go on walk with Natalya and other acquaintances on our small town
Also we like to visit cafe which is called "(Woff-Cafe)" - is a pizza or ice-cream.
Some take to themselves beer or wine, but I do not drink alcohol
And only to keep their the good company.
Though our city very small, but we are simply happy, that we live here.
And how that place where do you live looks? Should be, there too it is very beautiful.
What do you like to visit there?
Today I had a dream. I stand on the bank of the river, the summer and shines the bright sun.
And suddenly someone approaches to me and closes to me the person hands,
I try to understand who it and I feel this person to me is very close.
And when I speak is you Jon..... Suddenly I have woken up.
But I nevertheless have been assured it you Jon.
From it today at me the mood even is better, than usually.
But tomorrow, I am assured, that I will simply shine for pleasure,
When I will see your letter and I learn more about that place, where do you live.
I hope, Jon your day will be same bright and
I could share with you the good mood.
Yours Alena.
Letter 9
Hi Jonathan,
As it is pleasant to come here and to see your letter.
How are things going with you? as your mood? What did you do today?
I hope, at you all is good.
Today I went to the grandmother. She lives in village,
Which is remotely from our city.
I simply enjoyed a kind of the fine nature when went to the house of the grandmother.
And even has stopped for some minutes, and has simply stood, admiring it.
I remember, when I was still small asked mum,
That it has more likely taken away me to the grandmother - very much it was pleasant to me there.
The grandmother has learnt me cooking different dishes,
Especially I loved grandmother's pies which we prepared together.
I and now with pleasure go there.
The grandmother was very glad me to see and at once has embraced me, has asked as me business.
At me never was from it any secrets and I have told to it about all.
I have told about you, about that as we have got acquainted and we tell each other about all.
The grandmother has smiled and was very glad to it,
Has told that you have liked it, warm words have wished all the best and many.
Whether and there are at you near relations with whom you can to share much?
How they concern me?
I suspect this photo it has turned out not bad. How you think?
You know, I feel, that between us there was that that especial
And every day I aspire after work in the Internet of cafe and I hope to see your letter here.
Whether you test something similar? How you concern me?
I will wait very much for your answer, to learn about that as there will be your affairs tomorrow.
Your Alena.
Letter 10
Hi my dear Jonathan,
I am always very glad, coming here to see your answer and the nobility,
That I to someone am not indifferent also I concern it also.
I wish to thank you, Jonathan - you have returned me hope and belief,
That else there are real men, true gentlemen,
For whom honour and conscience not mere words, and he can be trusted in all.
Earlier I got acquainted with men, but they did not see,
And can be did not wish to see in me the woman.
Them their own desires and dreams interested only.
They saw in me only a subject, for satisfaction of the sexual requirements.
Many even, did not consider me as the person.
But I soon understood all and stopped with them any relations.
Certainly, to me there were men whom at me there were good relations and love.
But it is fast their love has come to an end also they lost to me any interest.
Last time I have got acquainted with Sasha.
We had romantic meetings - we walked under the full moon and looked at a dawn...
He spoke - I will always love you, Alena.
And I believed everything, that he spoke to me, its each word.
Also thought, that we will be happy together eternity.
But once I went from work and in the street have seen as it embraced and kissed other woman,
Their face were such happy.
Then it seemed to me, that I have died also all world round me have died.
I have followed them and till last moment did not wish to trust that that saw.
But having seen as they have come in Sasha's the house,
I could calm myself thought that to me is all it not seemed any more.
I more told to nobody about it, even to Natalya.
She knows that I have simply left with Sasha.
But you Jonathan I can tell about all and I do not have from you any secrets.
You very much like me also I want that we continued on-prezhnumu to write each other.
And you had to test on yourself treachery or incorrectness?
How it is strong you has touched soul?
I hope, to learn about you even more and to become even closer.
With heat in a shower I wait for your answer tomorrow.
Your Alena.
Letter 11
Hi my Jonathan,
How your affairs today? How your mood, well?
My mood simply excellent and your letters do it even better.
Today at me very unusual condition and I cannot tell what at all.
When I wake up in a shower as if spring, flowers blossom and sing birds.
Inside as if invisible force which forces heart to fight more strongly.
Today mum has told to me - Alena, with you something not so,
I cannot understand in what business? You strange look.
Whether has asked all me as it should be, asked about you.
Natalya too has noticed that I have changed.
On road for work surrounding people, passing by, looked at me with a smile.
I even have thought with my clothes something not so.
But on work all speak to me that I became better to look and pay to this attention.
I notice, that strange myself I feel.
Today at me was a lot of work,
But I now at all do not feel got tired, and even on the contrary, I feel huge inflow of forces.
On road to the Internet of cafe it seemed to me as if I simply soar over the earth.
And all became such simple and easy for me, and I can will consult with all without special efforts.
You do not have such feeling? What do you feel? Tell to me about it.
I send you a photo!
I hope, here I look also attractively. How you think?
With heat in heart I wait from you for messages tomorrow.
Good to you of mood and successful day.
Your Alena.
Letter 12
Hi my Jonathan,
Your letters always warm me sincere heat.
I at all do not know from what to begin Jonathan.
My thoughts are confused also I cannot be silent about this storm of feelings any more.
Today I long could not fall asleep and still for a long time thought of you.
You never leave my thoughts where I would not be.
In the morning when I wake up my first thoughts on you,
What do you do during this moment, whether recollect me?
You have helped me not only to forget all last errors and failures in a life,
To believe in itself, but also has learnt me to love, believe again that it still probably.
I could not to myself and present,
That it to happen and I can test this fine feeling again.
Jonathan, you the unusual person.
Jonathan, you could make my life light and bright,
Even the most grey and lifeless colours became bright and full of a life.
You have melted ice, which has held down my heart after many failures.
The unique person whom I searched so long and at last has found.
Jonathan, you that who is necessary to me in this life.
I cannot hide more than it and I am ready to rush to this whirlpool with a head.
And even if you will answer are not present,
I will know that that I at least have tried and did not begin to be silent.
Tell to me fairly Jonathan, what you test to me?
Whether there are at you same feelings to me?
I will wait for your answer Jonathan, as never in my life.
Your Alena.
Letter 13
Hi my love Jonathan,
Now I can tell - I love you, Jonathan.
I am ready to cry with happiness now,
but I think me people in the Internet of cafe will not understand.
I did not know, what will be farther with us? Whether there will be we together?
These questions simply tormented to me soul and did not allow rest.
When I have come to the Internet of cafe that simply was afraid to look,
that you have answered me. Now I feel the happiest in this world.
To me never occured anything similar.
I am ready to repeat indefinitely - I love you, Jonathan.
All my last feelings grow gim in comparison with our infinite love to each other Jonathan.
Anybody, whom I met earlier the love could not present me so much
and make me such happy as it you have made.
Probably, someone will think, that I a lunatic and from the party so can seem.
But I only am mad from love which we have presented each other
and this feeling have for ever lodged at me in heart.
Today dream has dreamed me.
I look at the star sky, the sky such clear
and it is possible to consider even the smallest stars,
and I see as two stars fall.
But suddenly stars collide also all night sky lights up with bright flash,
and on this place there is a new bright star. And light of it is so beautiful,
that from it it is impossible to remove an eye.
Now I know, that falling stars were you and I.
And the bright star is our love, same huge and fine.
Tell to me that you feel now? What ideas at you now?
Tell to me about everything, I want to know absolutely all.
I shall madly miss, expecting your letter tomorrow Jonathan.
I send you all love and tenderness together with this letter.
Your love Alena!
Letter 14
Hi my one man Jonathan,
How has passed your day? You thought of me Jonathan?
You have lodged in my heart already for ever and ideas about you do not leave me never.
When I today have woken up, dreamed - as I wake up in the morning in your embraces,
you tender kiss me and iron slowly my hair.
So it is good us together and we do not want to rise from a bed - only we together.
I simply enjoyed this dream.... But mum has suddenly approached to me - Wake up, Alena.
You will be late for work - she has told.
But I would not like to open eyes at all,
it would be desirable still though second to stay in this beautiful dream...
I have opened eyes and have looked at hours, I needed to hurry to not be late for work.
But I still was under impression from my dream.
On road to work I have seen two in love.
They were so are happy, having rushed each other in embraces and kissing each other,
their persons the light from love is simple. I have stopped and simply looked at them.
I as if have been bewitched by this picture.
I has unexpectedly approached to me the colleague with whom together I work
and has told that to us is necessary to hurry up to not be late for work.
As we did not hasten, but were late also my heads
a little has warned me that such did not repeat any more.
With me it happened for the first time, earlier I never was late for work.
I all the day long waited only for one moment -
to stay with you even this short time while I read your letter.
Ah, as it is a pity, I cannot be now in your embraces, feel heat of your hands.
It is not a pity, I can touch lips your lips and feel their tenderness.
Whether there are at you similar feelings to me? Whether you want to be near to me?
Tell to me about it Jonathan.
It I. It would like me more if you here have been represented too.
Very much I want to be now near to you and I wait with love of your answer.
Your one love Alena.
Letter 15
Hi my love Jonathan,
At us today fine weather.
I have woken up in good mood and first my thoughts were about you.
What do you do now? How your mood? Whether all at you is good?
What weather at you today?
I again dreamt of us. As we will spend time together
And to enjoy each moment spent together.
It were simply unusual dreams.
My mum has noticed, that I last days became distracted from all,
Constantly "I fly in clouds".
She has guessed, that I think of you and about that moment,
When it to appear to a smog near to you.
Mum has answered me - It is necessary to do something, that the dream to make a reality.
You should address in agency of travel and learn as you can go to Jonathan.
Mum was absolutely right also I has decided to learn about agency here.
Natalya has told that heard about such services in our city.
But she did not know where it is.
I have asked about it the colleagues on work and Anna to me have prompted, that knows the agency address.
This agency the only thing in our small town.
But she has warned me at once that it will cost much very much, its relative works there and told to it about it.
I wished to learn how many it costs, but she has told to me, that with my salary it will be impossible.
From these words it became unpleasant to me on a shower and as if at me have slung mud.
Probably, Anna also did not wish to offend me, but I have apprehended it very seriously.
I have started to realise, that I cannot such simple thing at all how to be with the person whom I love.
As for me was bitter to realise it - any thing about which I thought by all means led me to this thought.
It seemed to me, that I go mad. It would be desirable to finish faster work and to appear at last alone with you.
At least these short minutes while I read your letter.
I regret that I can not rise in the sky on wings,
Which you have presented to me.
Easier to fly up and direct to you.
You think to us never really to meet? And we cannot be together?
I hope, that it will be not last photo which I send you.
Still with love I wait for your answer.
Allways forever your Alena.
Letter 16
Hi my sole Jonathan,
What this unusual happiness to know that in this world there is a
person who thinks of you always and will support any minute.
1) My address - The city of Yadrin, street of 50 years of October, house 54.
2) I don not have telephone now. He is broken.
3) My full name - Alena Bogdanova.
How has passed your day, Jonathan? What did you do today? You recollected me?
In fact, I to not cease to think of you for a second.
At me simply unusual mood - your words have again returned me by a life.
I have already decided to reconcile to an idea, that we never can meet.
But you as if the hero of the fantastic novel
could get out me of darkness of those sad ideas.
Certainly, I necessarily learn about all that is required to me for arrival to you
and I shall make it as soon as possible.
As it pleasantly to close eyes and represent you beside,
to dream of it and to hope - this dream will soon come true.
When I close my eyes that I feel your presence by a number
and this feeling always with me.
I know it will warm to me soul and heart till that moment
while I shall not find myself in your sweet embraces.
As my mum will be glad and Natalya to learn, that you, Jonathan have not left me.
And has tried to help all than only could - you could present me hope.
Jonathan, you the true man and without any exaggeration the gentleman.
Such as you are very difficult to meet men now and I think to me have simply carried.
And you my unique the man and my destiny Jonathan.
On a photo I my favourite toy!
I wish you fine day and I send you with my letter this gentle kiss.
You have felt it, I hope?
With hope and love I wait for your answer and our fast meeting.
Your sweet Alena.
Letter 17
My love Jonathan,
Today I have woken up in good mood and certainly, ideas about you were to that the reason.
The sun affably shined to me in a window, there should be you have asked him about it, Jonathan?
I quickly have gathered for work
And mum only has had time to tell to me that I have transferred you hi from her
and have wished good luck.
Together with Natalya we have gone to agency,
Fortunately, it was nearby on a way for my work and I was not late at all for work.
In agency of us has met the girl - adviser and has in detail told about their services.
For the beginning official registration of papers by him it is necessary to know the country,
Where I shall travel, a date started of my visiting
and for what term I shall remain in the country.
Also to me I shall be necessary to define whom to travel.
For example, the tourist, the worker, etc.
Having consulted to the adviser,
I have decided that the best for me will be visiting as the tourist.
And the most important, that I can remain without problems with you if we shall get married.
I have left the application in agency, but I need to be approached tomorrow
and whether to specify all was is made out correctly, any changes will not be, etc.
Whether I also learn I can receive holiday on my work to an available time of all documents.
I I think shall receive it without problems, I long time did not take holiday.
Probably, you also will be happy to see me so soon, as well as I shall be happy to see you.
For now I send you a photo. In this photo I!
I hope, that you will see this letter also soon as soon as can think of me, my lovely Jonathan.
Yours one Alena.
Letter 18
My love Jonathan,
Today I woke up in a good mood, and of course,
thought about you were to cause.
The sun shining pleasantly me at the window, you should ask him about it, Jonathan?
I quickly meet to work and my mom just had to tell me that I referred you "hi" and wished you "good luck".
My working day has passed quite unnoticed.
I learned about my vacation Jonathan and I can get it without any problems as soon as possible.
I went to the agency again, Natalya went with me.
Consult a counselor, I entered into an agreement to receive documents.
I was advised to travel tourist.
Also, I explained that I can stay with you in your country Jonathan,
if I go for your husband for Jonathan.
My application was accepted and within 5-9 business days
I will be able to obtain all the necessary documents.
The total cost of processing documents 648 dollars.
Insurance (204 dollars), a medical examination (196 dollars),
registration of passport (68 dollars), Visa (105 dollars),
and agency services (75 dollars).
This amount must be made in cash to the cashier in the agency for 4 days
and after that paperwork will be initiated.
Plane tickets, I will find later in the agency,
by the time when the documents are ready.
But I do not know how you can pass this money.
You know how this can be done Jonathan?
I learned about it here as well and inform you.
Probably, you will also be happy to see me so soon,
As well as I shall be happy to see you.
For now I send you a photo.
I hope this letter you will see as soon as you can think about me, my dear Jonathan.
Your one Alena.
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