Letter(s) from Snezhana Lobova to Richard (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Dear Richard!

I should confess that I was really glad to get your letter, our lettering bring me many positive emotions! I have heard stories when people get married and live happily after they met in the Internet.
May be the same story would happen with us, who knows? :)) Richard, I imagine the evening together like this... I would prepare the best romantic dinner in the world for us, I would decorate table with candles and flowers, we would listen to some romantic music and after dinner we would be dancing holding tight each other!

I belive I should continue telling you more about me, I think I am easy-going person, because of my job I communicate with many people and among them are kids! As I told you I work as a fitness instructor and twice a week I train group ok kids, working with kids is very funny but at the same time it is great responsibly. My free time I spend with my friends - in summer time we drive to the sea side, I love picnics, watching sunsets and gazing at stars at night...

I am very close with my family, all holidays we spend together, my mom and dad raised and gave me only the best, I am very thankful to them.
When I watch how mom and dad treat each other, how they are holding hands, make jokes and my hearts simply melts...:)))) My previous relations ended because my ex-boyfriend was not serious and he did not want to create family. My position now is to settle down and have a understanding husband and nice kids, I belive that dreams come true, and you ?

Richard, I want to stay open with you in everything and I want you to know that my English is very bad, I did not have opportunity to learn English when I was studying at school and when I decided to use the Internet I found the translation office, where interpreter helps me to write my letters to you. I know that it is possible to learn even basic English in short time and I do not lose hope that I will learn this language as I want us to communicate freely. This is all for today, please write me your opinion and more about yourself, it would be nice to meet with you one day! I wish you good day and many smiles!

Truly Yours Natasha