Scam Letter(s) from Ludmila Zalevska to Craig (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi Craig!
Its not easy for me do not see You so often like before. We know each ather for long time now and i was weiting all the time when will my life change for me since I met the write man - You.I see evry day familys who live and dont have nothing common with my life.You sey that I have samething deferent than wemen here,like Victoria secrets bra,but I dont have whot is most important for life...I dont have security. I didnt feel it with You since You change Your mine so often.We have tolk only about dreams ,I feel tired of it. I want to live real life.
I know You was take care of gifts and I feel nice when I got so nice cute things ..thanks for that a lot Craig.
But for this 2,5 years You still own evrything to Kristy,thants write ,she take care of Your kids.
But I undestand that its will never more that gifts in our relainshep.
I need feel that I have responsible man who able take good care of family.
Till I dont feel that I have the roff over my head I will not sure how siries You are about us.
Write now prices came down a lot and will be good to bue samething on summer.
I cant weit and belive in dreams Craig,not enymore..sorry I know whot You think about ,so its look like we met a problem that cant be solvd.
Wish You good day Craig!



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