Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Eryshova to Derek (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
HI my love Derek! I am glad to read Your letter! How Your health? I hope that that all at you perfectly! At me all is remarkable, on the sly I prepare for departure to You! I cannot believe again to that that I go to loved in other country!
I am very glad, thanks for that that you are my angel! I thank every day the God for that that we have got acquainted with You! And now after we have decided to meet You my life has turned over to the best and I now as is never happy, and my father as is very glad for me, but it is natural it very much worries for me as I its one "jewelry" and he very much is afraid for me, but I explain it that much that with me all will be as it should be that I already adult girl and near to me will be is simply remarkable. The kind person who loves me! It as is very glad for that that You are ready to care of me and he hopes for that that you will always love me and never will leave in a trouble! I wish to thank You for Your information my angel, now I am really quiet and I know where I will precisely fly. I have met today my agent and we have discussed conditions of payment for my trip, all it with the insurance and for that that my documents were ready so has quickly made 647 euros, I consider that that this sum quite normal and I am very glad that that I could pay all trip itself! I still had 134 euros, I hope that that this money will suffice me on road to the city of Moscow and that I could have a bite in Moscow, it should suffice! My love Derek, I can already send to you data of my start already tomorrow, I hope for that that I can already take off to You in 4-5 days! I so am happy you simply do not represent! At all it is a lot of and we will be with You together, our meeting will be such pleasant for me as I very long could not find the loved person and here now the moment has come also we with You we will already meet! I am assured that that we with You will have a fine love, we can with you is achieved much! Well my angel Derek I finish the letter and I go to have a rest, I am very tired today on work. I hope to see your answer tomorrow my love Derek!!! I love You!!!! Yours Nadezhda.
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