Scam letter(s) from Oksana Kuznetsova to Martin (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello! My name is Oksana. and i am from Russia. I found your email and i want to write you.
Iam searching my real love and looking for a dating in Internet. Probably you are surprised to receive this letter but if you are interesting then you can answer me only to my personal e-mail: I will wait...
Letter 2
Hello Martin.
In this letter i'd like to give you more information about me. i'm 29 y.o. my weight is 54-56 kg and i'm about 171 cm high. i'm trying to keep fit so i'm in good shape. I live in city Kazan it is in European part of Russia. i share the flat with my daddy and brother. i work as a teacher of art learning children how to draw. i love my job. it gives me a good chance to communicate with children as i don't have any myself. that's why i want to meet a person to create a family. I dated a person from Russia but he deceived me. i found out that he had serious relations with another girl. that was rather hard to me..
. i don't want to deal with Russian men anymore as they do respect women and very many of them are alcoholic or drug abused you might happen to know... i tell it to you because i want to be honest with you. i don't want any misunderstanding and mistrusting. i don't trust people since that but i'd love to try with you. i try to follow a proverb "don't wish a person smith you don't wish to yourself". it would be perfect if all the people followed it. i hope you understand my letters because i'm not perfect at English. i understand pretty well, either i can talk. i like this language i studied it at school and later at university. i try my best to have a good command of English. i think it's enough for the first letter.
tell me what you think about all this. if you want to learn more you can write on my mail. i'd be very glad if you did so.
look forward to hearing from you soon!
Letter 3
Hello my Martin!
I think of you all the time missing you. You're so neccessary for me that it's difficult for me staying here alone without you. If only you happen to know how badly I wait for the time I'll be able to read a new letter from you!
Now I know I'm madly in love. I want to come to you, to hug you to feel you're real and it wasn't just a dream. I wanna be yours. My dear Martin I can't wait to be together with you. If we menaged to creat serious and trustful relationships, I would be the happiest woman in the world. I like everything in your character. have very serious intentions to you. After a long time I feel I've found someone who'll care of me and support. I'm absolutely honest with you now and I really want to spend the rest of my life with you. My feelings to you are so strong that I'm scared to death to lose you. I appreciate you so much! I need real love, trust and honesty . I begging God to give me a chance to meet you. I want to know you better and experience happiness. Maybe then we will want to creat a family and to be together forever... I talked to the menager. He was very polite and helping. I decided to sign the contract with this agency. I've already paid them the first part of money for their service. That's for visa and all other neccessary documents for my trip. It was more then I expected. I thought it would cost about $150 but unfortunately it occered to be $250 because of some difficulties I wasn't aware about.
That's not a very good news. It means that maybe my funds won't be enough for the trip. I feel shy telling you it but maybe I'll need your help with paying for the other part of the price. I still have some money left: my own and my relatives'. I'll have to pay for the insurence of the flight and for the tickets. The price of the tickets is unknown now because travel agents have to make up my route. The price depands on the distance for expence. It's difficult for me to ask you for help but I want to be honest - I don't earn much. I hope you'll understand me. I've never asked anyone for anything like this so I feel ill at ease. The only thing that makes me do it is my great desire to be with you. I hope it won't be an unsolvable problem for you. Our lifes depend for happiness on money. It's so unfair!
So that's the progress of our meeting at the . The menager says they need further information about you: your full name, home address, calling number and the nearest airport to your city. I'd be very thankful to you if you could send me this information as soon as you can. The sooner, the better.
The menager says they are responsible for all the people going abroad using their agency. After I give him all information about you he will tell me the total price of the trip. I'm sending you my address as an example of what you should send me. Russia.
republic Tatarstan.
city: Kazan
Moiseeva, st.67, apt.32
Postal code: 420011
First name: Oksana
Second name: Kuznetsova Kiss you my love! Wait for your letter!
Letter 4

Hello my dear Martin.
My love, I very strongly wish to arrive to you, really you cannot send to me 500$ through Western Union that I have paid travel the contract and to arrive to you...
I am very strong you is interested, I have understood, that I you have fallen in love, as the little girl...
I pray to the God that at all of us it was good that you could help me money and when I to you will arrive, I will get a job also to you all I will give...
Please, give me the full information...
I very much love and I miss...
Yours Oksana.
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