Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Novoselova to Gene (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello, there!

Thank you very much for your interest in me, I do hope that you will still be interested having finished reading this letter.
I hope you don't mind if I start with general stuff.
My name is Evgeniya, but I do prefer to be called "Zhenya". This is short for Evgeniya. I was born December 1st, 1983 in one of Lugansk suburbs - that is a Ukrainian city closest to Russian border.
I have graduated with a degree in English and foreign literature, too bad I am no longer reading as much as I used to. I have always been most fond of books, and the fact that I have no TV at home doesn't bother me one bit. :) Most of my friends think I am a freak for feeling comfortable without watching commercials for hours. Though I certainly don't mind music channels, a good movie (I have that taste for the old movies) or an interesting show. I am afraid I have not the slightest idea about the politics, I don't watch news. At first I felt kind of uneasy about shutting away the bad news, but I am way too sensitive I must confess and hearing about earthquakes, bombs, hunger, and this favorite topic of the last year - the financial crisis - makes me absolutely sick nearly physically.
Anyway, nowdays I work as a Secretary/Personal Assistant at the company that sells used cars. You are wrong if you are imagining some tiny dirty workshop. People may not have money, but they still want to drive. My working schedule is extremely busy and I hardly ever have a few free minutes during the day, as my boss always makes lots of appointments and needs my help with nearly everything. :) I am not exaggerating, sometimes I catch myself thinking that it is not THAT flattering to come in so handy. I answer calls, I conduct his entire correspondence, I receive customers, I make reservations of all kinds, I even translate various stuff. The point is - I know better than simply operating the coffee machine.
I often have to work extra hours, so I am afraid I am not very physically active. I guess you would have a hard time with me if you can't imagining starting your day other than jogging. Well, I am sorry, I hope my other merits make up for it. I am not much of a social type, I mean, I easily get along with people, I've had my close friends for ages and like getting together, but having to deal with people so much at work, I would rather keep a bit quiter afterwards.
Oh, a dark secret about me - I am a celebrity gossip lover. :) Nah, it's not that bad, it is just the kind of reading that doesn't get your brain involved at all, so it surely helps me relax a big time.
Other than that, I either read or do the crosswords or something of the kind.
Having written all this I would like to sum it up a bit - if you are looking for the kind of girl that would take your friends' breath away with admiration, I am not the kind. I don't do outrageous stuff, you can't talk me into something too fun for me, etc. But if you are seeking affection, comfort, love - then I could be the right person for you.
Please, feel free to ask me anything that might be of an interest to you. On my own behalf, I would like to ask you a few questions again - what do you consider the most important thing in a relationship? Were you ever able to build the relationship that you truly hoped to develop? Are you the emotional or rather rational type?
I hope to hear from you soon!

Hugs, Zhenya.

Letter 2

Dear Gene!

Thank you very much for your thourough letter, it surely gave me a lot of details on what you are like and your life style and expectations as well. The only funny thing is that I had to read the Russian version, which was really crooked and besides you probably didn't notice that your sentences had all the words written one after another without a single space, just like one endless word. I am fluent in English, so it was really a relief to find an English version at the end of the Russian.
I understand what you are looking for and sure enough we will ask questions, as it is simply not possible hot to get them as the relationship develops.
Oh, I think I could live with the thought that you are not a millionaire, as actually I am not looking for one. Money can't keep you warm at night or dry your tears and fortunately or not, the most important things in life can't be bought with money, though money sure does provide you with comfort.
Well, you haven't anyhow described your potential match, so hopefully when you are done reading this letter, you still have the wish to write me. :)
I consider myself to be a good person. I am compassionate, I always help people out when I can do that even knowing that they wouldn't do the same for me. I am tolerant and strongly dislike any discrimination, I think I said that, I am not happy to be present at any public arguments and certainly never ever does it cross my mind to bring my personal problems up and try to solve them in public, I find it to be a very bad taste! Sometimes I need time alone for no particular reason, it really straightens my thoughts when I am alone though that might be unfair for those who love me and who I love. I am afraid I am a dreamer, but the kind that can't sit still and pray for something to happen. Remember the joke about a guy who prayed all of his life to win the lottery and finally he died and asked God: "Why didn't ever let me win the lottery?!" and God answered "I was waiting for you to finally buy the ticket!". That is me. Sometimes I act on impulse and do the things that I probably shouldn't have done but still, I am terribly afraid of regretting missed chances, as I would eat my own brain out thinking that it would all work out for me if I didn't hesitate back then, etc. I am sociable and get along well with people. However, I am not really the kind that enters the room and immediately has all the attention drawn to them, and honestly, I wouldn't feel comfortable that way. On the other hand, I have no problem starting a conversation or feeling at ease in the company I haven't been in before, but again, all within the boundaries. I don't go nuts staying at home, I am never bored myself. I have a friend who starts to panic when she is alone or when her phone doesn't ring for half an hour. I might feel insecure, but definitely not in that kind of a situation. I can be lazy. I get things done when needed, but I am not the restless kind who constantly works on improving herself, is crazy about home improvement, and is terrified of wasting time. We only live once and I sure hope to get my part of leisure and pleasure.
Working with no days off does excuse me laying on the sofa with a book for half a day. AT least in my opinion. My Mom would never approve of that. :) Well, I think I have written a real novel now, so I better close it up!
Please, write me soon and hope to talk to you soon!

Regards, Zhenya.

P.S. The black and white picture as you could guess, is little Zhenya with her parents before they got divorced.

Letter 3

Dear Gene!

Thank you so much for your letter, it was really nice to hear from you, though you have chosen to write in a kind of confusing format - like a dialogue, which was basically you commenting my own words. :) I have heard about the four personality types, just like everybody who has ever taken a psychology class. :) I seem your contrary on that one - I am sanguine/choleric :))))))))). At least I was last time I took that test.
Gene, I hope I don't offend you by being upfront, but I really have little interest in your correspondence with other women. Just like you wouldn't appreciate if I told you about the letters that I managed to receive so far, not to mention the pictures that were attached to some of them, but I do want to keep it private, that is not the kind of story for the second letter.
Thank you so much for attaching a picture, it is so nice to know who I am talking to! I imagined you totally differently, so that's a very clumsy compliment, but in reality I was very glad to discover what you are really like. :) Please, send more if you have any. :) Yes, I can be just as picky as you are. :) I am very flattered by your compliments, I do know that I am attractive, but it is still very pleasant to be reminded on that once in a while. :)
I am single, haven't always been, but sure as single as can be right now. What is the reason to it? I don't know. Maybe I just haven't met the right person yet? I have never dreamed of anyone perfect. I must confess I was always afraid of perfection. Perfection in the most broad sense is a barrier to progress, since people have achieved all they could and have no more goals to set and to try to achieve, which actually makes them degradate eventually. The same refers to relationship. I really don't believe in perfect relationship meaning the quiet and peaceful ones. When I hear someone saying that he or she never argues with their sweetheart only one thing comes up to my mind "Oh, god, you don't care about each other at all!" Here I don't mean to say that arguments is a sign of deep love and affection, but we are all people with our good and bad qualities, with our own preferences and visions of life, jealous and more jealous, selfish and so on. We are all so different! I believe that it is only when two people don't care about each other that they have nothing to argue about. I know that I am not expressing myself very well here, but hope that you were still able to catch my idea. There are no perfect people, but there are people PERFECT for each other. And that is what I am looking for. Someone who I could respect for his intelligence and outlook, for his morals and principles. Someone who could make me laugh and who could comfort me when I cry. Someone who could make me feel like the most precious thing in the world. Someone who would praise me when I do something outstanding and scold me when I do something outrageous. Someone who could add to me and who I could add to. Someone that I would miss the minute he steps over the doorstep.
Decisive, ambitious to some extent, witty and humorous one, the one who would never hurt any one deliberately, who would never humiliate me or anyone else just because he felt like it, the one who wouldn't be arrogant, who would treat people the same regardless of their social, financial and ethnic background. A generous person - saying so, I surely don't mean that I would expensive gifts pouring over my head like a waterfall, but in a broad sense. Faithfulness is obligatory of course, so I am not emphasyzing on this. I have listed my expectations, but actually these are the things that I am willing to do as well. I want a person who expresses himself well, who would trust me and confide in me, who I could read like an open book and yet could discover something new about him every day. I could go on for hours writing about this, and I believe so could you. I want a relationship where there would be no pretending - except for a playful situations where I could always remain my real self, and not try to be someone who I am not. When I have this special connection with another person is what makes me the happiest. I am not the type who would give hints that it is time to move on or to get married, but I do prefer to know where we are going. I will never tolerate unfaithfulness or any kind of abuse, emotional or moreover physical. I don't believe that a person who truly loves you can hurt you time after time and I believe that no matter how much you may love someone you still have to preserve your self-respect. I am a one-man woman. I never start a realtionship before ending the previous one. I hope this gives you a better idea of who I am! Have you ever visualized your perfect relationship? :) What kind of things can you see the two of you doing, what would you want it to be like? Please, be as specific as you can.
:) You can't get away with general stuff! :)
Have to get back to work and hope to hear from you soon!
Kiss, Zhenya.

Letter 4

Hello Gene!
Thank you very much for your letter! It was so nice to hear from you!
But I am so sorry that I didn't answer you at ones. How are you?
Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to write you a letter, because of our weather. Maybe you watched the news what happened in our country, there was a strong snow-storm, and our transport didn't go (work), and on Thursday I was trying to go home by bus but every transport didn't go, and Gene, imagine I went home by foot for 4 hours, many people went home by foot, and I've got frost-bite of fingers hands and feet, because my shoes very cold and I hardly could go, I was as a snow baba of a dark blue colour, I have a temperature, but now I am at work, because our boss not a good man, he told if we doesn't at work today he will discharge everybody, I was crying all these days.
I am so upset, because I am feeling not very good, I need work.
Please, write me soon, hope that your weather is better than ours!
Wish you a nice day! I miss you too. Hug you and kiss you!

Letter 5

Hello Gene!
Thank you very much for your letter! I was so happy to get it from you!
I feeling much better and thanks a lot to your my mom, by the way, I also told my mother about you, and she also sends you "Hello".
Now the weather still bad here it is freezing hard day and the temperature -18 very cold and there is a lot of snow.
My dear, if you only know how much I want to come to you and see you in real life and talk to you face to face!
Gene, I wish you marry Christmas and happy New Year.
You can call me if you want, my number is +3809972 98 913
Wish you a nice day and wait for your letter and pictures if you have some!
Kiss you,
Yours, Zhenya

Letter 6

Hello Gene!
Thank you very much for your letter and nice photo! I was so glad to hear from you and I am so sorry that I didn't write you at ones!
So, tomorrow we'll have New Years Eve. How are you? How was your Christmas? How did you celebrated it?
As, for me I feeling well and my mother also! I will be on New Year with my mother and my relatives. So, darling, I'll write you more next year! Wish you a nice day and wait news from you!
kiss you

Letter 7

Hello Gene!
Thank you very much for your letter and nice photo, I like it so much!
How are you? As for me, I am fine and I had a good time on the New Year, I was with my mother and relatives, and tomorrow we'll have Christmas, we celebrate it January 7, but not December 25 as you.
In Ukraine it is an old and popular holiday, it is connected with the wonderful birth of Jesus Christ. In the morning boys go from house to house, from flat to flat, sing traditional holiday songs and wish everything good to the people they visit. The people give them sweets, cakes and money.:) It is really a good holiday. I like it so much!
So, Gene, I want to wish you a nice day and wait for your letter!

Letter 8

Hello Gene!
Thank you very much for your letter! It was so nice to hear form you!
Unfortunately I have never been abroad, and it seems to me that it is only my dream, I only was at the seaside. I do not have traveled to another country.
You are so lucky, you have a nice weather and as for our we have a bad weather, it is raining and the temperature today +2 not very cold but very damp and I don't like such kind of weather.
By the way, how was your weekend? What have you done? As for me I had a good one, I went to my native town to my mother and we were and spend all weekend together.
So, dear, unfortunately I must just stop here and I wish you a nice day and wait for your letter and news from you!

Letter 9

Hello Gene!
How are you? Thank you very much for your letter!It was so nice to hear from you! Thanks a lot for your nice photo, I like it so much!
You are a very very attractive man!
By the way, guess what happened yesterday? I returned home from work, loaded the washing machine, had my dinner and then about an hour later I headed to the balcony to hang the laundry for drying! The windows were open, I heard the signals and saw the firefighter's car approaching to our apartment building and passing it. But the windows overlook the street, not the front door and there are quite a few apartment buildings besides ours so I didn't really make a notice. I hung the laundry, went to the kitchen to wash the dishes and then all of a sudden I felt a funny smell. My first thought was that I forgot to turn off the washing machine or there is a problem with the plug, but it was all right! So I opened my apartment's door and felt smoke!!!! There is another door facing the stairs and when I opened it I saw that there were lots of smoke and firefighters running around with their stuff!!!!! They told me to close the door and stay inside, but can you imagine just sitting alone and having no idea of what is actually going on?! Finally it all went quiet and someone rang at my door. I looked out and there was one of the firefighters asking if I was the one who called them and I said "No, I don't even have a phone!
What happened?" and he told me that it is allright now - they really did everything very fast, in maybe 10 minutes or so - but someone set the elevator on fire and we no longer have it. I was shocked! How can anyone be this irresponsible?! There are so many families living in this apartment building and the least thing that could happen is that all of them could stay without electricity for days and days, without phones, not to mention the even scarier things that could happen! I just can't help wondering - what kind of a brain does it take to do such a thing?! Anyway, I did calm down quite fast, but I felt such a discomfort being alone! If it wasn't dark outside, I would simply get out and visit a friend to come back to senses. I have always been very afraid of fire starting. Especially in the apartment building, when you can't just jump out of the window. Well, just a story of how my evening went. I hope yours was less eventful. In a good way, of course! Please, write me soon! Wish you a nice day.

Letter 10

Hello Gene!
Thank you very much for your nice and warm letter!
My dear, how are you? As for me, I am not feeling well, I caught a cold and I have a temperature, but I am still working. We have a very cold weather, the temperature here is -22, and they say that it will be a cold weather nearly for two weeks, and I am so upset, because I even do not have a warm winter shoes, my shoes so poor and cold, that's why I am sick, and I couldn't buy the new one, because our boss didn't pay our salary more than one month. Oh, I am crying.
Darling, I am so sorry that I tell you about my problems, but I know that only you can understand me, and I hope that you are much better than me.
So, I wish you a nice day and wait for your letter as soon as possible! I miss you so much and I am very happy that I have you in my life!
Kiss you
Yours, Zhneya

Letter 11

Hello my dear Gene!
Thank you very much for your warm letter! I was really so happy to get it from you.
My darling, certainly I will allow you to help me and I will be the happiest woman of the world if you help to buy the new winter shoes.
My honey, how are you? Are you working today? As for me I am still ill, but I do not have the temperature today and it is nice for me, because I am feeling better, but I have a cough a little.
My darling, send me your pictures, if you have some, because I missed them so much. By the way, my mother says a big "Hello" to you, I am going to come her on these weekend.
My dear Gene, I think you need my full name and address when you want to send me money,
My full name:
Yevgeniya Gruglova
91000, Ukraine
Yakira Block 7/39

Gene, actually I don't know in what way you want to send me money, but as I know it will be faster to send them by Western Union, hope you know that.
But I can give you and address of Western Union office:
91016, Ukraine, Lugansk
Sovetskaya street, 61

So, my love, I will be waiting for your answer as soon as possible!
Wish you a nice day. Miss you and need you so much!
Kiss you,
Yours, Zhenya

Letter 12

Where are you, my dear Gene?
I miss you so much! Write me, please.

Letter 13

Darling, what happened? Everything is okay with you?
i miss you so much, please write me.
Kiss you



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