Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Ilina to Barry (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my new friend Barry !
I am very glad that you have answered my message!
I did not hope that you will write to me.
My name Tatyana :) To me 31 years.
Several years ago I had correspondence with girl Stefany in your country!
We had correspondence one year and became the best friends.
Unfortunately our communication has stopped for the unknown reason. I always interested men in your country and now I have decided to find the friend on correspondence.
While I do not know to what it can result but at me the big plans for the future and I want to create serious relations.
You will be surprised because I live "a little" far from you in the big country Russia in city Omsk.
I hope that it will not change your interest to me :) My grammar English not so well but I speak almost freely.
Well, I was never married and now single.
I very much love children, and pets, and most of all I like to visit
Cinema with my girlfriends. I hope you will like my photo. Certainly I shall be glad to see your new pictures too.
In the following message I shall try to write more about myself.
Take care.
Yours new friend Tatyana!!!
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Barry !
Your new message makes my day!
It is very pleasant for me to continue our correspondence!
I am very glad the nobility that your family on half of Russian origin!! I am glad that you very much treat kindly our country! In this message I shall try to tell more about myself.
I was born in the city Kazan on July, 15, 1977. It will be fast to me 31:)
My parents live in Kazan and I frequently visit them. My parents are engaged a farm.
I single child of my parents.
I am very grateful to my parents because they have presented me a lot of care of tenderness and love.
I moved Omsk to study as the children's doctor when I left school. I adore children therefore has chosen this profession. Now I live in Omsk and I work as the children's doctor in individual clinic.
My work occupies a lot of time because the clinic works round the clock.
To me to have to work in day time and in a night shift in a week but I has already got used also it not difficultly for me.
I very much appreciate personal time and my day very much sated!
I visit fitness hall and a swimming pool three times a week to be in the good physical form:) I always try to not forget about attention to myself. At leisure I like to walk with girlfriends. We go to cinema or good cafe. Now in Russia it is very fashionable to skate and I frequently go to Ice palaces to slide on ice. This great pleasure. I very much love cinema and I try to see all prime of films. I like to listen to music and always with my iPod. I like both modern executors and old music of all directions. I would like to learn more about you? You like your work? What do you make at leisure?
If you have questions please ask I shall be glad answer!
I have new pictures for you! Write what you think of these pictures? Look at my pictures and answer a question:
How you imagine me in a life? It seems to me that it is an interesting question :)
I shall wait very much your new message!
With best regards your friend Tatyana !
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Barry!
How are you?
I am glad that you liked my pictures!
My friends speak that in a life I look better :)
You speak concerning family. I understand, that want to tell to me.
I understand all!!! I want to tell, that loss of the close person is sick impact for heart.
It is difficult very much when the close persondies.
It is very unpleasant to me to hear about it.
You know, that I had the same problem with family. It was very difficult for me to lose close people. I want to tell to you, that is not necessary to think of the past. My Barry, it is necessary to live hereby and the future.
Therefore it is necessary to think about good. We shall help to forget each other all poorly!!! You understand me??? In last message I spoke you about my work.
I adore my work because I very much love children.
Children very much love me because I very kind woman.
I have chosen this trade is realized and have ended medical institute.
Certainly it was not easy for me but I very much tried:)
It was my dream and the purpose and I can tell with pride to you that I have reached it.
I seem to me that very purposeful and the persevering woman.
I constantly have dreams and plans and I try to carry out them.
As I already wrote to you now I work as the children's doctor in individual clinic.
We help children from the smallest up to the biggest :) You likely have question why I still single?
My girlfriends very much surprised and ask this question to me too.
Certainly in my life there were relations and feelings but they were not mutual.
There were disappointments but now it in the past and I any more do not recollect about them.
I have got used to enjoy a life today and to plan on the future. In fact yesterday never will return :( Now in Omsk very fashionably when rich man presumes to itself any beautiful woman. The man needs a beautiful body of the woman for sex and beauty of the woman to show other men :)
Many women aspire to this. In a result they have money but have no happiness.
I always dreamed of the true feelings. I always would like that me surrounded respect, care, tenderness and love.
I want be with the man in which hands I shall feel like protected.
I think that my dream will be carried out!
I always very positively think :)
Tell to me what you search in relations?
It will be very interesting to me to hear your answer.
With impatience I wait your new message and your new pictures!
Yours friend Tatyana!!!
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