Scam letter(s) from Alena to Pieter (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello, Pietak!
All I can tell you that I have a sincere intention and this entire long distance thing is new to me. So, in the matter of heart I don't like to rationalize, I believe in chance, and I also believe that in this world there is a man that was made for me and I for him, it's only a matter of searching in the right place and to be patient.
I am romantic if I enjoy the company of the person that I am with. I just can't help it, if the person is the one and I have feeling for him, the mood will follow. I used to like a romantic movie, but not anymore because I think it's sad to watch them if you're not in a relationship, so I stick with action or comedy movies.
I guess everybody in general is looking for the same thing in their partners, so why is it hard to find. I think there are some kind of chemistry that had to exist between two people, some people are lucky and fall in love early in their lives and stays together,
and for some people it takes time to happen to them.
For me, I am looking for someone who has comment sense and a good heart, has his own mind and very honest.
Everything else is a plus. I want someone who loves me and have **** for life, funny and positive. I won't lie to you, outside appearance is important, by that I don't mean breathless beauty, but who takes care of his looks... I think these are simple and realistic qualities.
I better stop my letter now, I can keep on writing but I don't want you to be bored, feel free to reply whenever you have time. Tell me more about you and your family, about your past relations, have you ever been in love??
Hope to hear from you soon,
Yours, Alena
Letter 2

Hello, my dear Pietak!
Thanks for a big and interesting letter, It was really nice to hear from you again, I was really hoping that I should hear from you, so it made me very happy when I saw I had a letter from you on my mailbox today:-)Dear, I really liked your letter it was so open and sincere and so far I think you seem to be very intelligent, wonderful and sincere man with a great personality:)( but don't let all this go to your head now:)(just kidding with you;) I am really looking forward to getting to know you really well so I hope we can continue this and see where it would lead us and hopefully someday meet, ok:)
So maybe you want to know what am I looking in that special one? He got to be easy and fun to be with. I like to meet someone who likes to try new things, because I really enjoy trying new things. He will also be happy pursuing his interests on his own, as well as enjoying time with me. I like someone who is gentle, affectionate and have a great sense of humor:). And if there something or anything he feels wrong about, I want him to express his feelings and emotions openly and honestly and not to be afraid to share his thoughts with me. Because I shall always be there for him and support him in anything he does, I think a good relationship is all about being honest and open to each other, really listening what both have to say, I also think most be respect and faithfully to each other but most of all is love:) And hopefully I can meet that man I can fall in love with and start a family with, of course I love children and want kids, how many I don't know, it's something me and my boyfriend or husband should decide together, but yes I want children in my life:)))
And yes, dear, it's little bit different our countries tradition but I don't think that it would be a problem for us at least not for me I'm a very open person and I really respect other countries traditions so I wouldn't mind if you showed me some of yours as I will you show you and learn you some of my Ukrainian traditions. I promise I will help you and do so you really felt welcome here if you should come to my country :)
in a relation it all about helping each other, in whatever it can be,
I'll always be there for my husband and my love ...just so you know that so if there anything you just tell me and maybe we can help together to solve all problems... together we are strong:))
So what more can I say about me... I'm usually with my friends or with my family; they are very important to me, so I like to spend quality time with them.
So I'm very happy to have a big family, we are always there for support and comfort each other if someone is needed it. So I was brought up in a very warm and caring family atmosphere. Maybe that's why my friends think I am a very caring and considerate person and say that I have so much to offer and to give here in life, but what else can they say they are my friends:).
I'm quite satisfied with my life, I have my family, my friends, my studies and work...almost everything. But I haven't found that special one and only, my second half, my friend in life who I can have fun with rest of my life. Someone who I can share and fulfill our dreams together. So I'm hoping that someday I will find that special one (my prince) to share my happiness with. Sometimes I dream just to have a cosy romantic evening at home with some one I really love, cook him delicious dinner (I just love to cook :) with candles, watch a good movie, or just talk and sharing each other's day (the frustrations and accomplishments), long conversations and holding each other in the night and making hot passionate love. Dear,I don't know if that sounds silly to have that kind of thoughts but sometimes I really do have those kind of thoughts....well, now you know and hope you don't tease me for that now:))
Well, maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic dreamer (hope you don't mind I'm a romantic woman). Who think love is the most magic word in the world.
But don't we all want to fall in love. Even if it means that sometimes it deceives and hurt us and why is that? Because that experience makes us feel completely alive. Where every sense is heightened, every emotion is magnified, our everyday reality is shattered and we are flying into the heavens. It may only last a moment, an hour, an afternoon. But that doesn't diminish its value. Because we are left with memories that we treasure for the rest of our lives. So yes I think want to find that feeling:))..So that's the reason why I'm here. Trying this little bit odd thing call Internet and see what might happens...hopefully i meet that prince:))
Yours, Alena
Letter 3

Hi, My dear Pietak!
I want to find kind, honest, soft, easy-going, with sense of humor,
passionate, optimistic, very romantic, adventurous, caring and loving man. May be I want too much?
I enjoy going to movies, theatres. It is difficult to tell about all the things I enjoy to do. I love and think that life is beautiful and full of interesting things but you are to search for them always and never stop to develop yourself.
As for me I am gentle, honest, polite, caring and loving. My relatives and friends say that I am not selfish and I can give all that I have to the one who is in trouble.
One of the things that I miss is to share my life with someone. Perhaps I am happy in a way but I miss the warmth of another person. I just want to love someone and be loved back as much. May be you'll become this one for me, who knows. What do you think about it?
I wait your letter and your photos.
I hate liars and cowards - I appreciate high social standard, I like a good laugh and have a warm humor. I like to be happy, to spoil my man,
to share life's moments and wonders.
I am very romantic, and love cooking with candle light dinners - I do not like exercise, but prefer active sports like swimming,shaping,
step-aerobics, gardening (I have what people call - green fingers...)
I like nature and its wilderness (but prefer there is a hut with water and electricity close at hand :) for staying overnight.
I can loose my temper, it is very rarely - and only if I have been pushed sufficiently, otherwise I am like the Bull Ferdinand sitting under the tree smelling to the flower......
For me it is very very important that I and my partner are faithful to each other - why fooling around, when decided to live together...
So, what is negative about me.....
I don't like *** people or people who are overweight, I prefer my man to be handsome like you.
I like to sleep long in the morning:)
I am not a very good talker, and tend to keep things in my stomach....
Yours, Alena
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Pieter!
Thank you for your very insightful e-mail. You put a lot thought and passion into your e-mail and I appreciate every word. You are looking for the same wants and needs as I do in a long term relationship. You want a give and take relationship as I do, built on trust, passion, support, intimacy, and of course LOVE. I think we have a good start with having some of the same footings (ideals/values) in our search for that someone special that will make us whole. I do hope that you can be that someone special in my life.
I want a relationship that will last until we are old and grey. Maybe it is a romantic thought, but I would like to see myself with someone walking hand and hand throughout my life......... as the connection grows and grows over a lifetime.
I dream of having a husband and one or two children.
I dream of waking each morning with my beautiful husband beside me. I would start with a good morning kiss and think about wanting to stay in bed with him.
I know I would rather do that than go to work.
But of course I would go to work. I would hurry home each day just to be with him again.
To hold him and kiss him. I would hurry home to be with my children too.
To play with them and to have family dinners together each night. I see us spending time on the weekends doing family activities. But I also see us having romantic dinners for the two of us.
I want the romance to always be there in our lives.
I dream of having a nice home that is full of love and laughter.
I hope you liked my dream, Pieter?
Yours, Alena
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