Romance scam letter(s) from Rose Bellick to Jean-Pierre (France)
Letter 1
Hello dear
how u doing?hope u ok.i got ur email.its real flattering of u to write me bck.sorry for nt writing u bck earlier.i dnt really know a whole lot abt this internet dating thing cos i'm new to friends were the ones who actually introduced it to me.i guess i hv to tell u abt me.dnt think there is a whole lot to me.i'm ur regular person.i'm 27 going on 28 in a few days.i'm partly from the dominican republic and partly from south-africa.i lived in the dominican rep until i was 5 and then i and my family moved to south-africa.i live in aberdeen,cape-town wit my parents and my brother.i hv an apartment of my own though, where i go to wen i feel like being alone.i hv an elder sista and a younger elder sister's married right now.i schooled in cyprus up till my university degree.i hv a bachelors degree in business administration bt i hvnt even worked wit my degree for a minute.right now i model for a living.i started modelling from university and i hv bin into it since then. i get to travel around a lot so much so its become kind of like a hobby.anyway,thats the nature of the job.i hv to travel from to place wen working.i hv a real tight working schedule.i work all year round and only get a vacation once a vacations are usually one-month long though atimes i hv extended it.its fun modelling bt its real stressful especially as i hvnt yet acheived Naomi Campbell status(smile).i'm not complaining though cos it affords me the opportunity to see the world and meet lots of pple.away from my job to my personality.i'm a kind,adventurous,spontaneous and honest person.when i set my mind on something i really go for it.i love the out-doors.i dont smoke or do drugs.i only get to drink on few occasions and then it has to be in a social gathering.i like to dress smartly or shud i say sexy(smile).i like to be comfortable in wat i wear perfumes too.i think they make a statement that compliment ur personality.i like playing tennis and i really am good at it.i've bin involved in relationships in the past b4 bt it really didnt end well.thats the reason i got on the dating site in the first place.i'm looking to get involved wit someone again.its somehow a scary notion after wat i've bin tru bt i know i am strong and i know wat i really want so here i am.i'm an emotional person and i'm scared of getting hurt again bt that wudnt stop me from trying to live again.u might be wondering why i had to come on a dating site to find someone.well first my friends pressured me into it and also i'm of the school of thot that says for every lady there's a man out there.......someone who was made for u and who u were made for.if i'm unlucky to meet someone else,i might be happy bt wit the right person its i decided to come on the dating site hoping to find my soulmate.i get to meet lots of guys in my line of work bt i already hv made up my mind a long time ago abt getting in a relationship wit anyone who's kinda involved in my line of work or someone who's kinda like a public figure.most cases only end up in heartbreak.even wen these pple eventually get married,they usually end up divorcing.its sad and wats worse atimes is wen they hv kids.maybe i'm from the old school or maybe its cos i'm from africa bt i wanna get married and stay married.
i really wud like to get to know u beta.luckily for me,i hv time off now cos i am on vacation.i'm actually writing u from my hotel room here in nigeria.nigeria is somewhere in africa.i got here on sunday.i hv a month off b4 i go to work.i'm here in nigeria wit my friend,Hillary and her boyfriend.she talked me into coming here wit her.Hillary's my child-hood friend.we r like sistas.she models too like i do.her boyfriend has a job he's doing for the nigerian government and she wanted to spend time here wit him so i came along.there's lots for me to do here too.seeing i like animals,there's safaris i like to go on.also lots of places i like to see.i've heard lots of stories abt this place that are nt real nice bt its nt half as bad now i am here.its kinda backward here,most things are done wit cash here unlike europe or the US or even other parts of africa.i was real surprised to find i cudnt use my credit card here.luckily for me i came in here wit some cash on me an extent though its nice.i wud hv bin real upset if i had to pay for things though bt i'm on an all-expense-paid-vac.the pple seem nice and friendly though i heard there are some places that are nt real safe.well that cud go for almost everywhere in the world.the weather too is lovely so i can go relax at the beach weneva i want to.i dnt know anyone here aside from Hillary and her boyfriend cos this is my first time here bt i was fortunate to meet a friend of mine at the airport wen i came in.he plays soccer.hv known him for a while.we are good friends.he goes bck though to his club nxt wik though.i hope i hvnt bored u wit my stories abt i'm looking to know u beta too so u cud write me bck and tell me abt urself..i am not much of an internet person though.we cud also talk on the fone which is more convinient for me so i dont hv to strain my eyes sitting in front of my i guess it wud be fun chatting wit u and getting to know u beta.i got a cell phone wen i came in number is +2348069280617.u can call me on it anytime.we might hv time difference though bt feel free to call me.wud be nice hearing ur u hv a number i cud reach u on too?i cud give u a call sometime i said i dnt know much abt this internet thing so i dont know where we go from here.till i hear from u, have a nice day.
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