Scam letter(s) from Ksenia to Jean-Pierre (France)

Letter 1
Hello Dear Tristan!
Thanks a lot for your letter and attention. Nice to hear from you.
How are you doing? Well I hope! The person who should write a “presentation” - first letter to somebody to make a good impression of deep, intelligent, that very person you are looking for should be creative and really deep and interesting.
I'm not that one who likes to write long letters, I prefer live communication – as one says “coffee and conversation”.
That's much easier to get to know someone meeting him and looking into his eyes.
Eyes are a mirror of the soul as everybody knows and I think it's impossible to find if 2 people match each other without meeting.
Don't you agree with me? Make up your mind, follow your soul and listen to your heart. Do you want to spend Valentine's day alone every year?
Don't you want to share good and bad times with your partner in life?
Confess to yourself what do you want in life?
If you want the same and feel the same what I'm talking about here, then you're welcome to write me or to meet me! Don't hesitate, don't think too much or you could be late.... to live!
Try the taste of life here and now.
As for me,I am a kind person,but at the same time I am not just an ordinary woman.I have a lot of interests in different spheres,for example I am interested in psychology and read a lot of literature connected with it.Besides,I like sports and go to the gym twice a week.Also,I like cooking and I try to prepare delicious food for my friends and relatives.In addition I graduated from Medical University and now I am working as nurse in hospital.
I live with my parents. My family consists of my mom,dad and my brother.My mom is a nurse and my father is an engineer.My brother is a 15 year old boy,he studies at school.He is crazy about computer games and rock music.In the whole our family is very friendly.We respect and support each other in all difficult life situations.My family is a perfect example of an ideal family and I am proud of it.
I would like to know more about you and your interests.Besides,I'd like to know about your goals and achievements in life.So,I am looking forward to hearing from you next time. Best regards, Yulia.
Letter 2
Hello my dear unknown friend!!! I'd like to thank you for your interest in me!!
It is a first time when I decided to try to write letters to somebody in the Internet. Frankly speaking I am a little bit worried...
My name is Yulia and I am 26 years old. I have just graduated from the medical University and work as a nurse in our hospital. I am working in the orphanage and I look after children. You know I feel a big warmth inside when I help little children who are not lucky to have their own family.
You know I don't have much time on hobbies but when I have a free minute I like to read books, or to watch some interesting film!
I am alone and I have never been married before but I dream to have a loving husband and small children. I want to build a loving and very strong family!
I am not smoking. I prefer to live a long and happy life! As for alcohol I can drink a glass of wine on holidays. I prefer to get joy not from alcohol but from sport, good company of friends, communicating with people.
I really belive in love and hope to find my beloved.
Maybe it is a little bit romantic but I really belive that we can find our beloved in any parts of the world. It was one of the reasons I decided to try to use Internet to write letters.
I have a brother,his name is Ivan, he is 15 years old and he is really crazy with group Linkin Park! His room is covered with posters! He has plenty of tapes, discs and hundreds of articles from different magazines and newspapers! My Mom is also a nurse, her name is Elena, and we work at one hospital! And my Dad is an engineer, his name is Victor. He works on a plant, his work is very hard but nevertheless he is satisfied with it. He loves his work. He has been working there for 30 years!!
Such a great anniversary!
Ok, I have to close for now..
Wish you a nice day, my Dear friend!
Wait for your reply. Sincerely,
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