Letter(s) from Natalia Dychko to Jean-Pierre (France)
Letter 1
Hi. thanks. My name is Natasha. me 22 years. My growth 176, my weight 54. I live in Ukraine, Poltava. I live with my mother along. My father died 2 years ago. I love to dance, cinema, the train travels. I hate lies and treason. I have never been abroad, but I dream, I want to. I'm looking for love, I want happiness. I offended a guy, now I am free. And you? with whom do you live?
Letter 2
hello dear. thanks. with whom do you live? you're very sweet, kind. To tell lies and deceive and betray are very evil and diabolical deeds. It all comes from the Devil, as the Devil is the father of lies, deceit and betrayal. I can also not stand it when people close to me lie and cheat, and I lose confidence and trust in such a person forever. I'm quite trusting and I belive that confidence and trust is the most precious thing in the love relationship, marriage and family. I can also tell you honestly that I do not know how this is possible to deceive and betray a loved one. Me, personally, I firmly believe in integrity and I don't tell lies and I don't deceive and betray. I believe, honesty, is the best policy!!!
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