Scam letter(s) from Anna Razumova to Jean-Pierre (France)

Letter 1
Good Day! Thank you much for writing to me today and particularly for giving your e-mail address. As you see, I decided not to lose time in vain and to write you directly at your address and i really hope this message will come in the right place;-) I don't know if you read my profile, as there you can find some facts about me. I'm 28 years old and I have decided to join this way of dating people from all over the world, as I really feel so lonely and want to meet my the only and even distance between us doesn't scare me, as i know when two people want to be together, they will overcome all barriers and obstacles on the direction to their happiness. Ooops, today I'm in some lyrical mood, I think you feel that through my message;-) I should already to return to my work and I hope very soon to get your letter and I promise in the next time to tell you much more about myself. Wish you great day,
Letter 2
Good day my dear Tristan! How is everything there? I wish it is nice day for you like it is for me:-) I think you have noticed even from some my words that I'm in a playful mood today and you are right, I feel myself so well just sitting and reading your message now. I'm glad that we have met and have an opportunity to know each other in more private way. I don't want to bore you with my life biography much and just tell you that I'm Irina, young Ukrainian lady of 28 years old from big and beautiful city Denpropetrovsk. According to the date of my Birthday and it is 02/07, I'm a Cancer by zodiac. I live with my parents and have neither sisters nor brothers, just some relatives from my mother's side. Like all kids, at first I have come to the kindergarten where by the way I was a leader for playing games and you know, till now I have some friends from the kindergarten's time;-) Then it was school and after school I have come to the University and have finished a faculty of Economic. In one year after graduation of the University, I started to work. Unfortunately I was not lucky from the begging and I have changed some places until I have found this shop of technics where I work till now. I have a good boss, wonderful and friendly staff and average salary. I like to make job that brings me pleasure. I should tell that I'm very many-sided person according to my interests. Like my mother tells:"You want to know all and about everything;-)" I don't think it is bad to try to perceive all plans and sides of the life. I like to read different literature - from romantic books to popular scientific literature. I like arts and always try to find time to go to the new exposition in my city. I also consider myself as a sportive person. In the childhood I practiced many types of sport and have visited many craft groups, it was swimming, then fencing, also dancing and craft group of needlework. In the youth I have studied riding horses. May be you will not believe, but I liked all these things:-) One more my great hobby is cooking, I have many books about different cuisines of the world and from time to time I spoil my family with some special and delicious dishes. May be one day I will prepare something for you... So, from now you have already an invitation for a dinner:-)! Oops, looking at my letters, i feel myself now quite talkative lady, so I finish here and now want to wish you too spend great day about which you will tell me in your next letter, ok;-)
Letter 3
Hi my dear Tristan! I'm very glad to have an opportunity to talk to you today, as telling the truth you have been in my thoughts all the time from our last communication. And don't worry, it was just good thoughts, as my "six feeling" tells me that you are very good person:-) You know, I'd like so much to know how you spend your daily life and weekends, as I think that we can of course tell each other about our likes, dreams, hobbies and many other things, but there is nothing that can tell better about a person than his/her daily habits, daily way of living and may be it will show also how much we suits each other in this plan - you see, I'm sure that we will suit each other, believe me I'm not too self-confident, I'm just sure in your inner beauty:-)! Telling about myself, my working mornings starts at 6 AM, I always wake up in a great mood, I like this part of the day and I'm always full of energy. I take a shower, as I like in the morning this great feeling of cleanliness and freshness:-) Then I take a breakfast, usually it is some toasts with jam(I adore sweets) or a yoghurt and some fruits. I drink a cup of tea with milk and I'm ready to go at work. It takes about 30-40 minutes to get to my working place, by the way the shop opens at 8.30 and my working day lasts till 7 PM. Of course I have a break for one hour and it is my favorite part of the day! May be you think now it is because I can rest - but for me it is the time when I go to the company to meet with you in our letters. Oh, I have forgotten at all that i didn't tell you yet that for our communication I use the service of the company which specialized in the help to people who don't know English language, but want to connect with other people from abroad. I hope I didn't make you upset with the news that i don't know English, but for me it is just a question of the time, as I'm going to find some courses and start to learn it, as I know how it is important for our future communication. Besides, this company also provide me an access to the computer and Internet, the things that I can't permit to myself to have them at home. So, right now it is a time of break and I'm very glad to read your letter and right you mine;-) After my working day finishes, I usually make some shopping or sometimes I can meet with some of my friends to take a cup of coffee or tea in some place. If we can meet during working week, we meet in the weekend and go to the cinema or on the skating rink or in the "house of coffee", to enjoy our communication and the aroma of different kins of tea or coffee. So, my working day is finished and I go home to rest and think about you. I should tell that thanks to you my evenings are not lonely any more, they are full of thoughts, dreams and hope to hear from you soon. I really hope you will not make me to wait long and I will get your letters very soon;-) Thank you for your interest in me,
thank you for your letters,
longing for your reply already,
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