Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Shvetsova to Jean-Pierre (France)

Letter 1
Happiness …. Everyone wishes to be happy …. In love ….
Everyone searches for it …. The happiness …
It is good, if the person, having met it, will manage to keep …
But! …. Such units ….
The big part of people, having wounded once, "put" hands …
Also continue to dream silently of it, so anything and not having made for its achievement ….
Other part searches for it, rushes, like mad, and looking in persons of people meeting on a way ….
And there can be it in it … in this person …. And can be in it!
And …. To grow exited this race, simply do not notice it ….
Where you hasten!!?
Stop! Think!
Look back!
Perhaps your happiness costs for a long time at you behind the back and silently waits, when you will see it!
My God! What happiness to understand and tell once only three words:
And …. About My God to hear in the answer:
Love each other, and remember,
That the happy love needs to be protected!!!
Letter 2
Hi, my necessary man Tristan! How your mood? I am assured, that with you everything is all right, and your mood too the excellent. As at me now simply excellent mood! Yes, you correctly think. Yes! You influence my good mood! And now I want, what you would smile right now together with me … ;) Ok?
You know, you Elena has very much become bored of you and on your attention!? ;) Hey! You know, even my mum has noticed changes in me! How? You do not know, what to me there have arrived my parents?
Yes, today to me there have arrived my favourite daddy and mum! Oh …!
This very pleasant event for me!
I would want that you have felt my relation to my parents. When I with them, I feel still the little girl. But, my parents already perfectly understand, that I already adult girl.
I did not wish to speak about you to mum. But, my mum has read it in mine Eyes. In the childhood mum saw all changes in my life, simply having looked me in eyes.
I even spoke nothing, mum has simply understood, that I have a man …
When we have been occupied by household cares, mum has unexpectedly asked: «the Daughter, you is enamoured?»
You do not represent, as I have been amazed by a mum's insight. I have become puzzled …
I did not know what to answer …. As I could not be defined in the feelings …
Mum, the real friend as thanking its understanding I have understood, that you and only you fill my eyes and heart with the feelings, which people name love …
Now you know about all my feelings, tell, that I spoke all …: «it is mutual?»
My daddy, not in a course of our female secrets … ;)
My mum knows all … P.s Your man's attention is necessary for me more and more! Be a number …
Letter 3
«… the Daughter, you the mistress of the destiny, you choose the destiny. I want, that you would be happy» … (these are words of my mum) Hello my man Tristan.
I am am overflowed with pleasant, sincere emotions! I feel happy!
You know, today the bright, fine dream full sweet emotions has dreamt me!
Yes! In this dream we were together. You have come to me in a dream.
My, my man Tristan!
I could not understand, sense of this dream. But … in the morning, already on work, I have understood … it is LOVE!
I wanted and it would be desirable to visit this dream till now! As I felt you, felt full reciprocity, care, understanding …
I do not like to trust in such signs …. But I think, that it is a prophetic dream. No, I am not afraid of it as in a dream there was you, and I am quiet. As it is valid, I think of you constantly!
Tristan you know, never I accepted before those feelings which you bring to me constantly! This just fine!
Yes! You that person near to whom I will be happy! You feel it?
Communicating with you, I feel to you trust, respect and understanding! I very much did not have it is man's understanding and attention!
You please me every day more and more and more brightly …. I cannot tell precisely, that it, but it is exact not a dream.
This fine dream, has presented to me good mood for all day! I want, that would wash a dream, has stopped in a reality! You can make it? ;) I can many and long speak about pleasant feelings of sweet love …
But, it would be remarkable, if you have now presented to me the reciprocity and have proved it in pleasant acts … Your enamoured in you Elena.
Letter 4

Hi my Tristan! Today simply finest day! Remarkable weather, excellent mood ….
I …. Yes, I have dared … today, I wish to tell very important feeling to you …. No, I wish to admit to you....
Usually about it the first speak men. Therefore it is difficult to me to take the first step a little what to open in feelings …. I very much hope, that you, my man Tristan, will understand me!
Today I much, more truly constantly think only of you. Having recollected all events from the very first our letter. I have analysed all changes in my.
I have understood ….
I am not simply enamoured in you. Your fine man's attention has brightly worked on me.
And …. I have dared …!
I am ready to tell confidently to you …! I LOVE YOU Tristan!
I am a little lost, as I admit for the first time love of the first.
But …. Now I feel ease, pleasant feeling of freedom …. I hope, my feelings are mutual …?
You feel, Tristan, I LOVE YOU?
It is very important to me to receive from you your fast letter. As the further development of relations depends only on your understanding answer …
You accept my fragile heart, my love in your hands?
Ok, only do not drop and do not lose … ;) Do not take offence at me. I cannot sometimes write to you.
Understand I have a lot of work. I hope you understand me? Yes, this letter very difficult, … but is very pleasant! At heart, I madly hope and I wait for your mutual feeling and I feel it ….
With the hugest impatience I wait for your positive letter!
Only yours Elena … P.s I love you!
Letter 5
YOU are frank. At you the big heart.
I am ready to make all. To learn a sign language this small.
I cannot tell to you that as will be, if to me is it is not pleasant. I do not know... I do not wish to think of it.
I have asked you particularly. You want my arrival to you?
At present I wish to try to be favourite and to love!
Letter 6
Hi, My important man.
I hope that at you all well. How you today?
Today I wish to write to you about that that I heard by radio.
It is a parable about stones.
I hope to you it will be interesting? The professor of philosophy, speaks to the audience, took a five-litre glass jar and has filled with its stones, everyone not less than three centimetres in diameter. Stones In the end has asked students, whether it is full of bank? Have answered: yes, it is full. Then it has opened jar peas and poured out its contained in big to the bank, has a little shaken it. The peas have occupied an empty seat between stones. Once again the professor has asked students, whether is full of bank? Have answered: yes, it is full. Then it took a box filled with sand, and filled it in bank.
Naturally, sand has occupied completely existing empty seat and all has closed. Once again the professor has asked students, whether is full of bank?
Have answered: yes, and this time it is unequivocal, it is full. Then from under a table it has got a mug with water and has poured out it in bank to last drop, soaking sand. Students laughed. - And now I want, that you have understood, that a flask is your life. Stones are the major things of your life: the family, health, friends, children - all that is necessary that your life all the same remained full even in case all the rest will be lost. Peas are things which personally for you became important: work, the house, the car.
Sand is all the rest, trifles. If at first to fill to a flask with sand, there will be no place where peas and stones could take places. And also in your life if to spend all time and all energy for trifles, does not remain places for the major things. Be engaged in that to you brings happiness: play with your children, find time for spouses, meet friends. Always there will be still time to work, be engaged in house cleaning, to repair and wash the car. Be engaged, first of all, in stones, that is he most important things in a life; define your priorities: the rest is only sand. Then the student has lifted a hand and has asked the professor, what value water has? The professor has smiled. - I am glad, that you have asked me about it. I have made it simply to prove to you, that how your life has been occupied, always there are the free time, is possible for the big love? Or for idle idleness?. Fairly speaking when I have heard this parable, by radio. I have thought of the life..... I very much would wish to fill the life......
To tell the truth, at present my life is filled by sand not the important trifles.
But I am ready to release a place, for really important stones.))))
And you?
I hope you had pleasant time. Reading my letter.
I will wait for your letters. Write to me.
Yours Elena
Letter 7
Hi, my gentle angel Tristan! You simply do not represent …! At me today very good mood! It is difficult to me to constrain emotions!
The love to you overflows me! I have feelings as if at me wings have grown! Hey! They really grow ;)
I wish to please you! Today I was in travel agency «tour sof planet».
You know, this really good and reliable agency. As service in agency deserves due respect. I trust this agency.
In agency at once have begun registration of my documents. I have collected all necessary documents, for arrival to you, washing the necessary man Tristan!
When I left travel agency, I have understood, that I really will near to you! It is fine! I feel already near to you! Love wings grow! And soon they will bring me to you! You are ready to meet me???
You know, to me have told, that official registration of papers will be not long, therefore to me have told, that it is necessary for me as it is possible to go soon to Moscow, in embassy of your country.
Therefore your full data are necessary for me, that in embassy would understand, that I will arrive really to you. It will help us will meet. I very much, that you will support me …. I love you! Tristan. You know, I was not on a vacation three years.
Therefore I did not begin to wait long. I have come for work, and the beginnings prepares for a vacation. Under the law it is authorised to me to go on leave at own expense for three months. I think, to begin with to us will be enough it Time .
Therefore now at me just fine mood. As I already feel near to you!
Despite all pleasant moments and a positive course of events for arrival to you, I want, that you would remember, that I love you! And I very much hope, that it is mutual …
With love your, loving only you Elena …
Letter 8
Hello my favourite, and the most necessary Tristan.
You know, today at me were a few free time. As the travel agency is near an ice palace. I have not restrained. Yes, you correctly have understood me, today I in a life stood for the first time on the skates.
WOW!! It was cool! My instructor (it my girlfriend), has persuaded me to go on a skating rink. The most interesting that my girlfriend many times has fallen, and I only two times. We had a huge entertainment.
Now I am ready to be with you even on ice! And you? You are able to go by the skates? ;) My angel, today pleasant day. Many events please me. I am glad …
Today I will go to Moscow what to visit embassy, to pass interview, and to prepare necessary documents for arrival for you my love man Tristan.
Oh …. The darling Tristan, you know, now I worry a little. As I am not assured that will be with us a little. As you will concern me, as you will be concerns me.
Whether you will meet me at the airport. Many vague doubts …
But I have dared! Yes, for me it not simply to gather and go abroad …. Understand me correctly, after all I at all did not see you in a reality. Therefore I am not assured a little...
But, strong, I love you! And our love helps me to do steps on a meeting to you. Therefore I ask you, go to me on a meeting, do not leave me!
I love you! I hope, you understand me, my beloved …
With tenderness yours Elena. p.s.
Today I had a dream, this dream has been filled only by your tenderness …! This dream does not give me rest, I wish to be more likely with you, that this magic dream would be embodied in a reality!
Letter 9
Hello, my darling Tristan! I have very much become bored of you!
Yes has passed a few time, but I all the same miss on you. It is pleasant …! Tristan, I already in Moscow … you know, the road was tiresome. I travelled by the bus, and we were welcomed by road jams of Moscow. We were of more than three hours in a jam of machines.
I was very much surprised with this city. Mad city movement, simply dements … …
But all the same, at me good mood, I feel you as we become is more close to each other for one day even more.
Today I was in embassy of your country. Today there will be an interview, therefore you should be ready to that will call to you from embassy for your confirmation on my arrival to you. Probably, it will not be, but all the same, I very much hope, that you will be ready to accept a call.
At me still is affairs much for today, still it is necessary for me to find a lodging for the night in this hugest city. But you do not think at all to forget about me ;)!
After all I love you! I hope, you worry about me?
You in my heart, me so are easier! Your girl Elena.
Letter 10
Hi, my sweet man! Tristan
At you good mood? You missed on me? You know, I the truth am very tired from vanity of all happening affairs, but …. But, I for a second do not forget that you are, that you my man. I love you! And my love to you does not cease to help to solve to me any difficulties. Me it is valid very pleasantly thinking about you, to feel the loving girl!
It is very pleasant for me! You know, today at me many positive emotions.
But before I should tell, that I have met some difficulties. I did not know, that interview will demand payment. But cost has appeared small, therefore I have paid at once the necessary sum and already today have passed successfully interview.
On interview set different questions. For example, me asked about my relatives, whether was, who be in prison or in psychiatric clinic. If it is fair, I was not ready to similar questions. But I have consulted and there is already begun registration of my documents.
To me have told, that the visa and other documents will be already made out in the nearest terms.
My angel Tristan, now it is necessary for me to go again to the native city. I will write you the hot kiss in sweet the letter to you at once as I will arrive to the native city. P.s
My love Tristan, I understand, that my letter not so brightly expresses my love …. Simply I want, that you would understand, that at me now affairs much and cares, for arrival to you. But I want, that you would feel, that I all belong to you, that I LOVE ONLY YOU!
You remember, I spoke to you about the bright dream? Yes, you correctly have understood me, I again had this fine dream in which we were only together! The fine moments sweet touches, hot kisses, gentle caresses were so real, that I had to wake up …. Having woken up, I have understood, that you are not present nearby, yes, I was upset a little, but I as was very glad, as now I for one day became closer to you …
What was in my dream? Well, it will be correct, if you dream about it, and we will tell to me in the following letter.
I love you! Yours Elena

Letter 11
Hi! Tristan, I have very much become bored of you! Oh, I am very tired …. I wish to sleep. But, thoughts on you, allow to me additional energy to do all for ours meetings. Therefore now I write to you the lines …
Probably, you wait my letter? Yes, it is very pleasant to me to write again to you the letter from a native city. I only have arrived from Moscow, but I already have had time to contact agency.
In agency, me have told, that there is a possibility of acceleration of official registration of papers, for arrival to you my love. For this purpose, it is necessary, that you would contact travel agency «World tours», and have left all details of data. It will help us to accelerate official registration of papers, and our dream - our meeting. Probably, they will call, therefore you should be ready to it. Now it is necessary for you to write the letter to travel agency, here the electronic address urgently:
I will be very grateful to you if you make it right now!
Concerning your question on the invitation letter.
Understand that I had to change a visa category. Thus your invitation is not required to me. I visit your country, ostensibly with business visit. You understand me? Tristan, I feel, that each new day approaches us to each other. This pleasant excitement, movement to our meeting, love, does me mad …. But I trust the heart.
I feel yet not born, but our meeting is a birth «us together». Now we half each other, and soon we will a single whole! And it will be "our" birth. I love you! I wait for your fast letter, with good news ;).
Ok, Tristan, bye bye …
Letter 12
Hello my angel! How your mood? I am assured, that you waited for my letter. Actually it is already difficult to me to express, the feelings which overflow me. Simply I love you!
Today I had a difficult day ….
The understanding … is necessary for me.
…. I know, that in a life of each person there are difficulties which are necessary for overcoming, but now I feel, that the barrier is not surmountable for me one ….
Today's events of my day, were as a bomb ….
I have come for work, for reception of a vacation. I had a presentiment of disturbing events. My chief, has not allowed me to leave the country. He has shown documents on the fictitious transaction. In which ostensibly I am the organizer. I have recollected at once this transaction …. Yes, it is valid this transaction it has been made by me, but I did not know, that it is the transaction was fictitious and is arranged against me. In the occurred situation I am weak for decision-making.
Therefore what to avoid criminal charge. I had to accept conditions, the chief. I have paid the certain sum of money.
I had some savings which I saved for arrival to you, I have occupied from the relatives and friends. Now I have faced a new barrier ….
Oh ….
It is necessary for me to carry out payment in travel agency, for arrival to you. My darling, JP. I hope, that you understand me. Now I very much wished to cry in your embraces... I think, that your mood too has died away …. Forgive, but I should tell it to you. Probably, it will spoil our plans about a meeting. But I hope for our love and desire of a meeting...
With love, your half of heart.
Letter 13
You can present yourself all words told about love? You can count all the days long which she has lived? You know, what she has created this world? You feel, how it has lighted fire in your heart?
Those people who do not trust in it are ridiculous and silly. But they are not guilty, after all she operates them, she creates opinion on. It exists, as well as all of us. It has character, the whims. She laughs at us, connecting contrasts, it punishes us - taking away the most expensive people, but more often Fine it is generous and noble.
It was scattered on billions slices to present everyone, having lodged in his soul a part of. We can consider its unfair, severe, false, it can try our patience, and we, powerless, will wait all the same for it. It can go near to us all life, but and not concern us. It can be meek, but even then, you will feel it warmly. She plays with us, every minute, putting on our way of test. But it it does all because searches for the one who the patience and sincerity has deserved ideal Lovestory, without bitterness and grief, without quarrels and insults … burning sights and lovely smiles, with tenderness and cleanliness, with teddy bears and appointments under falling stars. Love - a huge lottery in which play all: abrupt guys and modest girls, old men and children, successful and unfortunate. Sometimes, not guessing it, they win … and sometimes, removing a fine screen of a life, we find out there empty hearts.
The love visits us secretly when we at all do not wait for it. It comes silently-silently, creeps absolutely silently, its easy breath only is audible. It brings only small spark which can be extinguished or kindled easily to a huge flame in the palms.
The love changes all our life, puts on us pink glasses and deceives, saying, that the world is ideal. We are ready on madnesses, we lose a head because we do not wish to lose each other.
There is nothing more terribly, than to be one. There is nothing more awfully, than to present for a second, that you are not present … I hope, that you never find out on what the loneliness is capable. I hope, that you never will feel this burning cold which so often visits people and extinguishes fire in their hearts.
I want, that you were together that supported and helped in everything that advised and listened, that I never was afraid to tell to you the most secret, the most important …
When you are not present nearby - When I will see you, I will wish to be together with you. When I will be with you - I will want will be dissolved in you!
Write to me. It is very important to me to know your opinion.
Your soul... Here that it is really interesting to me!
Letter 14
The life connects different people, it pushes people to each other.
The people absolutely different who never met and never heard about each other, suddenly face in turn, in a corridor or somewhere at a stop. People to whom it was fated will meet, meet. Probably, because they were born under one star, at them the general destiny, the general road, at least for some time. Then the destiny plants them sometime again to push off. It is strange to go with someone, simply walking, to inhale aroma of a fresh wind and to think, that all it already was. Probably, neither with this person, nor in this place, but was … It "was" forces people to recollect the past, to entangle it in the present and with hope to look ahead, thinking, that in the future there will be a place for two half of heart: the past and the present. New people - new feelings. Feelings accumulate, get confused and form a ball, but in it three ends: one end-present, always in hands, another - the past, spins somewhere nearby, it always can be seized if strongly to want, the third end-future, the imperceptible end, we can hold it in hands only when it becomes the present. And again all is weaved into one hard and confused ball which all of us we name: "Life".
Letter 15
My love Tristan. I wish to be yours. But before me the big barrier of distance.
I did not think, that I will have such problem. But the life learns us. The life learns us to that that there is nothing what we can be confident on 100 %. I would like a life with you. When I got acquainted with you. I hoped to find love. Yes I have found love. But the destiny has put a distance barrier between us. To tell the truth, me to take hard it. To tell the truth, sometimes I cry.... But my tears cannot help us.
I hope, you understand me?
....... Anyhow. I do not want that you were sad. Yes the life learns us not to be assured on 100 %. And during some moments to tell 99 % more correctly. But I do not wish to be obedient to it. Anyhow. I love you On 120 %
I hope, we can solve a distance problem. And much depends on you too. I still hope. I hope for your love and understanding.
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