Scam letter(s) from Victoria Ugwonoh to Andrew (New Zealand)

Letter 1

Thanks so much for ur mail, i am victoria very loving girl that knows how to treat her man like a king, i am currently in africa i left nz when my dad died, i went back with my mom so both of us lives there now, i am into modeling hope to take my modeling career to a grater higth, i will like to come back to nz again if i see a man that realy loves me and is willing to be with me than i have no other choice then to relocate cos of love, i am such a wonderful person that when u get to know me better u will never regret knowing me or ever loving me, i have a soft heart that why i fall in love easily, i have experinced a lot of heart breaks that i pray that it never happen to me again, well hope u like these my pic cos just felt like showing you, pls can i have some of urs, bye dear all my kiss and hugs for you.
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Age: 28
Name: Olga Romanova
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Age: 34
Name: Linda Carlos
Age: 24
Name: Sonya Weaver
Age: 31
Name: Kemeh Chritian
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