Scam letter(s) from Natalia Novoselova to Jean-Pierre (France)

Letter 1
Hello, there! I am very flattered by your interest and excited to be writing this introductory letter to you. Feels kind of like a lottery, and who knows???? Maybe I will be lucky today? My name is Yevgeniya - I like to be called "Zhenya", I was born December 1st, 1983, which makes me a 25-year-old.
However, you will not find me talking about make-up and clothes shopping unless you ask me to. Life challenges sometimes make us grow up faster and from time to time I feel older than I really am. :)
Hopefully you don't find me old, though! I live alone in Lugansk, Ukraine, my mother lives in a small village Milove in Lugansk Region.
I rent an appartment. I have graduated from the University 5 years ago and obtained a diploma of a teacher of English and foreign literature.
I love kids and being around them, however due to certain circumstances I had to change my occupation and nowdays I occupy a position of Secretary/Personal Assistant of a car dealership owner. As simple as it might sound, it is quite challenging in terms of working hours and the intensity of work load.
It is hard for me to describe myself, because on the one hand I wouldnt want to underestimate my good sides, and on the other hand I dont want to seem too fond of myself. The truth is somewhere in the middle, and I will do my best to help you find it. I am a very humorous person, I love to joke and it is easy to make me laugh.
However, I dont like black humor and I believe that there are things that you cant make fun of, as well as people. My jokes are light-heared and never mean any harm, but I really get irritated when I discover that a person doesnt have any sense of humor, I can laugh at myself as well. I used to read a lot, books of various styles, but now I am lacking time badly, 24 hours a day is far from enough for me, so I mostly read the obligatory books for studies.
I am very romantic, but also realistic, I must confess. I don't expect a knight in shining armour running into me as I walk to work, but I also put feelings before being rational and tend to think with my heart. I am also impulsive and often act before I think. I would have lied if I said like some people do, that physical appearance is nothing to me. Unfortunately it is important to everybody and that is why as lot of talented, sweet and very intelligent people remain unnoticed due to their modest physical appearance, while handsome people are forgiven lack of intellect or wit. But as I start socializing and get to know a person better, I am honest when I say that looks are not that important anymore. A ****** fellow with Brad Pitts smile has no chance. I love dancing, I love socializing, at the same time there were only few people in my life that got my truly interested and attracted to them. I feel that I have a lot to give to a person, and I am really not an airhead as it may have seemed to you, just an easy-going blond that tries to enjoy every day in her life.
Please, reply if you are interested! I will be very glad if you do!
Sincerely, Zhenya
Letter 2
Hello, there!

Thank you very much for sending me a message, I was very glad to hear from you and surely hope that it is only a first one in a long chain of exciting correspondence. Please, let me tell you a bit about myself. As you know my name is Zhenya - short for Yevgeniya and I was born December 1st, 1983 in Eastern Ukraine, in the town of Milove. I am the only child in my family and used to live with my Mom, who is 23 years older than me. My Mom works as a school teacher and she teaches Math. Needless to mention, math has always been my least favorite subject because everything that goes beyond multiplication is very confusing. However, I have always excelled in languages. :))) I have graduated from the University in 2004 and obtained a diploma of English teacher. However, my working experience at school was a short enough as it occupied my entire time and still didn't give a chance to earn a living. So after trying this and that, I got the position of a Secretary/Personal Assistant of the car dealership owner. I no longer live with my Mom, because it was more convenient for me to move to Lugansk because of my work and studies, but I visit my Mom once in a while. I rent an appartment. Now that you have got a basic idea of my life, I would like to add a few words about my personality. I am sociable, but not to the point where I always need to have company to feel comfortable. I like to go out with my friends, but sometimes I like to spend time at home watching a nice movie or listening to music, which becomes one of the great passtimes if I am not alone. I can't say that I am hot-tempered, but on the other hand I don't have the calmness of a python either. :))) I guess you could also call me passionate, not only in the physical sense, but about everything that I do. If I start reading a book and I find it fascinating, I won't put it aside until I am done reading it. This is just an example. I won't be able to impress you freely discussing nearly every subject, because I prefer to debate only over the things that I am well aware of. I must say at once that I can be quite stubborn. I will not die having to admit that I am wrong but only if you persuade me using a really good argumentation. I am sensitive, but not vulnerable. I can take criticism - if it is constructive - and am able to laugh at myself.
What I really can't stand is to be around people who are never pleased or generously give me tons of advice. Three things you should never do if you want to have a good relationship with me is to not call me early in the morning, watch me as I am busy doing something and comment on it and tell me "I warned you!" in corresponding situations.
I am probably one of the most tolerant people that you have ever met, but one of the three just inflames my temper. :) I have understood that I will never be happy alone and a few relationships that I have had gave me an idea to search worldwide for my sweetheart. I don't really care about the background, I am looking for someone intelligent, witty and responsible, which to my mind are the most important qualities. I have of love to give, and I hope to be loved in return. That together with basic comfort would make me totally happy. Please, write soon if you are interested. Sincerely yours, Zhenya.
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