Scam letter(s) from Diana Korostyleva to Jean-Pierre (France)

Letter 1
Hi, Tristan and how are you?! I'm pleased to meet you, and hope that in the future will find out that blessed too :) I am sociable and easy-going woman, young and attractive. I applied to the dating site to meet friends and to find my beloved one. I can say that I am new here, but even during this short time I was on the site I met many strange people with strange suggestions. So, at once want to clarify that I am serious girl with serious intentions. I want to meet a man who is ready for relations and perhaps family in the future. I am here for not games, virtual ***, exchanging of **** photos with strangers, or anything like this. I want to talk to normal and serious man. I a sorry for being so open at the beginning, but I just want you to know that I am serious lady and that I ma here for one purpose - to meet a good man whom with I will spend the rest of my life.
My name is Diana, as you know (or don't know :-) I am nice, charismatic, open woman with kind heart, good sense of humor, nice soul and in addition to all this pretty appearance :-) I have good character. I am not the type of woman who likes to shout or quarrel. I am not hysterical and am not a shopaholic :-)
Just want to let you know this :-) I am calm and domestic woman who likes home cosines, who likes when the atmosphere at home is nice and pleasant. I am not princess and not perfect of course, but I have all the necessary qualities to be a good wife.
I want you to know that I have little daughter. She is four and will soon turn five. I wasn't married officially before. My story was probably very typical and many girls appeared in such situation. After school I fell in love with a boy and considered him to be my one and only. He told me that he loved me and would marry me. I don't know what was inside his heart and whether he really loved me.
We were dating for a couple of years, then we decided that we wanted to have a baby.
I got pregnant. He said that as soon, as I give birth to our kid we would have big wedding. And when the day came... when my little Stacy was born, he said that he wasn't ready for such responsibility and left. No, he didn't leave the country and didn't even leave the town. He just left my life, left me with a little baby on my hands. In such case I became a single mother. You know, I don't suffer, and I am even grateful to him. Because now I have my wonderful Stacy. This little girl became sense of my life.
I am 27 , turned on January, 14 this year. I work as a secretary in a building construction firm. Nothing special, just a usual work, the same from day to day. But I don't complain. I live alone, i.e. just me and my Stacy. The town is called Chop. It's little city in the west of Ukraine. I'll tell you more in my next mails, 'cause now I need to get back to work. I am sorry that can't talk longer. I hope that you'll tell me more about you too. And if you want to know something particular, feel free to ask me questions. I don't mind to answer them. I don't have anything to hide.
Take care. Diana
Letter 2
Again Hi Tristan! ))) How are you today? You're very handsome man! Thanks a lot for your photo, I was pleased to see you!
Glad to hear from you! Your letter is like a sun beam that brightened my day )) i am glad that we can continue our conversation and would like to know you better and closer. When the right day comes, we will meet. I am very serious and I am here for building relations with decent man and not for any other purposes.
I am seeking for kind and tender man. I want him to have good attitude to Stacy.
I don't expect you to become father for my daughter, but I hope that you will have good relations with her. She's very nice child, and I will always teach her to respect you.
By my character I am nice person. I am supportive and will always extend a hand of help when someone needs this. Maybe even too often because sometimes people used me. But nevertheless I try not to loose my trust in people, to stay optimistic and hope only for the better. I know that I will meet a man who will become my best friend and loving partner of life. I will always long to make him happy!!!
I don't have much time to spend just on my own because when you have kid i's not easy always. But in spite of this I try to find time for reading, meeting my friends and spending sometime with them. I try not to loose connection with the world ))) My parents help me a lot and sometimes take Stacy to them. She adore her grandparents and gladly stay at their place. And in such case I can devote the time for myself.
I like horses and sometimes go riding. It helps me to relax. I adore watching movies and know almost all the news ))) At the same time I like watching old gilms and listen o the music of the past, of 80 and 90.
I am intelligent, stylish woman with good sense of humor. I attend a gym twice a week and look after myself. I like to look and feel myself feminine.
Besides, I understand very well that a man wants to have right such woman by his side.
I am great cook, and the main is that I like cooking. I dream to realize myself as wife and mother. I am mother already, so now I would like to become wife )))
My dear, I hope that I let you know a bit more about myself. Hope that we'll be getting more and more close. One more thing I'd like to add is that I have some problems with English, but I am going to study it as soon, as I have possibility, so it will not be a problem or an obstacle in the future. Meanwhile I need the help of the translation in the company. But I promise that I will surely study the language.
I need to go now, but I'll be waiting for your mail and hop to hear from you soon.
Letter 3
Hi Tristan! It's my Diana write you again! I am glad to hear from you! How are you?
I hope that everything's going good for you and the day is bright! I woke up in the morning with a smile on my face ))) It's pleasant to talk to you, and I am glad that we met each other. I have nice character, and I am always happy to meet new people, to become closer with them. In spire of that I was hurt in my life I still try not to loose hope for the better and to trust people. I know that one day I will start my life with a man whom with I'll be the happiest woman in the whole world!
In the morning I brought Stacy to hospital because she was coughing. then I brought her to the kinder-garden. Tomorrow my parents will take her because she is not healthy, and she can't be in the kinder-garden. I just had to bring her there today because I am not able to get a day-off. In the afternoon we had important customers, and as I a secretary, I had to be at work to prepare all the papers. The customer didn't sign the contract, and my boss was pretty angry because of this. And, as always, I was a "whipping boy" ((( He was shouting, throwing the papers at the wall. The company has not best times now because no one buys these construction supplies. And there's no wonder. My boss wants to economize on everything, and first of all he economizes on the quality of the goods he offers. Once someone burns, he won't buy our goods again. So, we never have standing customers. He will tell others that here it is of not good quality, etc.. And my boss probably doesn't understand this. But he wants to have a lot of customers and gets angry when after tasting our goods people refuse to buy it. Well, enough about work ((
Yesterday I watched the movie "Changeling" with Angelina Jolie. She is one of my favorite actresses. I also like Drew Barrimore. I like Ben Stiller, he is nice actor. Actually, there are many films, actors and actresses I like. I adore music, movies, cartoons )) Yeah, I like cartoons. Some time ago we watched Shrek, and laughed not less than Stacy. Though I should say that it is not a cartoon for children, actually.
The weather is pretty warm here. I will go to my parents tonight. Hope you don't mind that I'll tell them about you? I am sure my mom and dad will be happy to hear that I've met a nice man whom with we have nice communication and maybe will have future. Who knows what plan life has for us..? Maybe some day we'll look back and these days when we have write letters will seem funny, as we will be already together and will be very happy!
I believe in miracles!!! I know that in dreams and in love there's nothing impossibilities. The main is to wish and to long with all our hearts!!!
I will be waiting for your letter, dear. Have nice and very pleasant day!
Letter 4

OUR ADDRESS: 89500, Ukraine, Chop, Palatnaya St., 11
TELEPHONE NUMBER: +380939822521 Dear Sir, Thank you for contacting our company. We will pass everything to Diana as soon, as she comes to our office next time. The administration of the translation company "Patison"
Letter 5
OUR ADDRESS: 89500, Ukraine, Chop, Palatnaya St., 11
TELEPHONE NUMBER: +380939822521 Dear Sir, Diana has been to our office today in the morning and asked about the news from you. She will come again in the evening. Please, let us know, what should we pass to Diana, whether you are going to continue correspondence with her or not. Thank you in advance for your answer. We are always glad to help you. If you have any questions, suggestions or propositions, you are welcome to write us. The administration of the translation company "Patison"
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