Scam letter(s) from Olga Strokina to Matthew (England)

Letter 1
Hi Matt!!! ^_^ How are you? As for me I`m fine :)
My name is Olga and I was writing you on the dating site isinlgle.
I decided to get acquainted with. I really like your profile a lot.
I hope our communication would continue and would lead us to more serious relations.
Hope you like my pictures. I was in France on my business trip.
I have never been married and I have no children. But I would enjoy to get longterm relations, to create strong family and pretty children ^_^
It is very important for me to see your pictures as well. Take care.
Hope to hear from you soon. Your Olga.
Letter 2
Hello Matthew! With me everything is all right. How are you doing?
Thanks for your photo, you are attractive man on a photo, I hope that in soul you are the good and pleasant man. I want to know you better!
I hope during our dialogue we can learn and understand, what is in our minds.
On a site of acquaintances I have appeared casually.
I have entered on the Internet - I single. And I have seen a site of acquaintances, this became very interesting to me and I also decided to get acquainted with the English man.
I was in France at a seminar on an experience exchange in the sphere of perfumery production.
I also has got acquainted in France with the English man, he behaved as the true gentleman and I liked him very much. Unfortunately he turned out to be married. I am looking for someone who could understand me and whom I could! The man who always considers the woman well, with love and respect, who supports her during good and bad times. And I would give him all my love that felt like the happiest person. What relations are you looking for?!
By the way I work in marketing researches of cosmetics "Alpika". It is interesting work enough.
Really I live in Russia, I have not found the love, many men are very rough here and treat badly to women. And now I have got acquainted with you Matthew!
I hope our dialogue will proceed and will help us to understand your thoughts, feelings, ideals in life.
I hoped to see your phone number in the letter. Probably you have forgotten or it is early for you to dialogue by phone yet?! You can send me the phone number at any time, I would be glad to talk with you.
In this letter I have told to you only a small part of my life. In following letters I will tell to you more about me and my life. I hope too to hear something
Letter 3
Hi Honey Matthew!!! I with the big pleasure write you the letter.
I hope that you have not lost me! To me to like with you to correspond. And to you to like with me to communicate?
I think that very much it is pleasant to you! Because I see that you attentively read my letters and answer all my questions.
And it to say me that you are really interested in our correspondence.
And it is very pleasant!
It will be pleasant to me to tell about itself further!
In this week-end was birthday at mine girlfriends. We have gathered at she. It she a has house in 70 km from a city.
And we celebrated its birthday there. Therefore I could not write to you some days. Have arrived only yesterday.
Birthday have noted well and now again it is necessary to start to work.
And the most important thing I wish to support further with you constant dialogue.
In the free time to me to like to gather with girlfriends. We walk on park. We go shopping.
We visit interesting places. Galleries of photos, zoos, museums.
I like to go skating in the winter! And in the summer on rollers :-)
I like to learn all new to myself! And as it is pleasant to me to divide these feelings and emotions with you, Matthew!
I hope that photos very much will like you!
You probably wish to learn what I like to listen to music?! I love dancing music which cheers up.
Also I like to look various films. Most of all it is pleasant to me historical and romantic films.
Sometimes I like to look full-length cartoon films :-)
I as very much like to read romantic books.
My most favourite books it is novels: Tristan and Isoice; Romeo and Juliette; the Cinderella; the Beauty and the Monster.
I dream of pure and big love as in my favourite novels. Tell to me what books you you like to read?
Not all that I wished to tell it about my interests at leisure.
But I think of it enough. I will tell about the daily routine Not much.
My usual working day begins with morning physical gymnastics that my figure and my body were always in the good form.
Then I go I make a breakfast. For a breakfast I prefer fruit and fresh vegetables.
After a breakfast, I as well as all usual people, go for work. All the day long I spend on work.
In the evening after work when I go home, I make walk in park, I breathe fresh and pure air, I reflect on the future.
Then I go to shop and I buy to myself a various foodstuff to make a supper.
After a supper I spend short time at the TV to look news because me very much interests that occurs in our world.
Before a dream I read the favourite novels. Here so there pass my week-days.
I hope, what you will tell to me than you are engaged and what do in the free time?
In our modern world one of the major qualities - mutual understanding!
I think, that in relations between people the most important qualities it is honesty, sincerity, truthfulness and the trust is final. You with me agree?
I hope that you liked my new photos?! In the following letter I will tell to you about my parents.
And about that as they have got acquainted. I will wait for your following letter!
Yours faithfully Olga
Letter 4

Hello Matthew! I am happy to see your letter! Today at me fine mood. I hope that you have not lost me!
In the last letter I wished to tell to you history about the parents.
And now with the great pleasure to you I will tell!
My parents already old and they on the former love each other. My parents have very unusually got acquainted.
According to parents they have got acquainted in Kazan. By the way my father call Sergey, and my mum call Elizabeth.
My parents at that time studied together at pedagogical university, my mum studied as the teacher of English language, therefore I well know English language, my mum has brought up in me love to books.
And my father studied as the teacher of physical culture, and now it in the good form and looks younger than in the years.
My mum at first did not notice my father, and then my father began to pay it attention.
My mum to me has told that in the opinion of the father was felt courage and calmness and they began to communicate, had together dinner in a student's dining room and helped each other with study.
Then the friendship has outgrown in the big love, after the termination of university they together have found work in one school constantly to be together. And shortly they have got married. And there was I!
Me brought up strictly, but with all love. I was the quiet and obedient girl. In the childhood I very much liked to read, sometimes I even late read books at night. My mum to me told when I was absolutely small, mum bathed me in a bathroom and I long liked to bathe and did not wish to leave from a bathroom! :-)
When to me 7 years my parents were executed have decided me to give on section to pool.
They wished to bring up since the childhood in me love to sports and they thought that water my elements.
I very much liked to float, me always was pleasant to feel water waves.
But I and did not manage the sportswoman to become, I and did not aspire to it.
At school I studied perfectly, my parents watched me. My father brought up to me love to sports, and mum brought up love to study because presently it is important to have good education.
In due course I had friends and girlfriends, with which I till now in remarkable relations!
We always each other helped and cheerfully spent time. I have left school with distinction, and to these I am grateful to the remarkable parents!
I had a happy childhood, I am glad that at me such remarkable parents, and I still had many good memoirs from my childhood!
I hope you have not tired with the letter and I think as at you is what to tell about the childhood?!
I am happy that I open to you. And with the big impatience I will wait for your letter! Yours Olga
Letter 5
Hello my dear Matthew! I am glad to receive from you the letter.
To me it is pleasant that all of us learn each other more.
And with each new letter we become is more close to each other.
I will call to you still necessarily. I wish to talk to you in the live.
I do not wish to communicate with an answering machine :-)
For me it is very important in a choice of the person with whom it is possible to continue dialogue which understands me.
For me it is important that you did not look at my appearance and that you have understood my thoughts, understood that I feel.
I want is opened to you all heart and soul. The main thing that between us was mutual understanding.
I think to tell about character the person it is necessary to listen to opinion of close people, that they think of this person, instead of that that you think of yourself.
My friends speak that I always can keep up the conversation on any theme, but at the same time I try to avoid the noisy companies, I do not like to enter conflicts to people, I try to be with all in friendly relations and it is good to all concerns.
Friends speak that in my character sincerity, kindness and friendliness is felt.
My secret dream there is that on light there is that man who waits as well as I when there will be that long-awaited love for all life.
For me there is it to the most important in my life, the Main thing between two people is love, and the rest will come in due course.
I dream that I will have a same love as at my remarkable parents.
My biggest fear that if I will grow fond of my future man all heart and he will throw me and its feelings will appear not sincere for me it will be the big tragedy!
And if the person has sincere intentions I will open to it the heart. Our hearts will incorporate together.
Understand for me very important ours with you dialogue as at me very serious intentions, I too most expect from you. I hope for your mutual understanding.
I wish successful day and I send together with this letter a part of my soul.
I wait with the big impatience your following letter!
Yours Olga!
Letter 6
Hello my darling Matthew! I am very happy to see your letter and with each your letter I understand that you divide with me my thoughts and feelings.
I am assured now that I can to you completely is opened in the deepest and secret thoughts.
Reading your letters it became more interesting to me to communicate with you.
I each time with impatience wait for the moment when I will read your following letter and to me it becomes pleasant on a shower.
I think that you remarkable and the sincere person. I never met such people as you Matthew!
In letters it is possible to tell what actually the person from within, after all in letters we can completely is opened each other and not hide feelings.
Sometimes when I peep to you the letter I constantly I think as you will concern that that I have written to you and consequently I too require from you an openness, honesty and sincerity.
Such emotions arise at me in all sincerity. Therefore I think that live conversation is necessary for us and I suggest to speak by with you to phone that we expressed is better further the relations and to feel interest in each other.
To my big regret I cannot give you the number of a mobile phone because my phone to be under repair.
With me there was not a pleasant history. After the work when I came back home and as usually rose on a ladder platform, my phone has rung out.
I in with a pawn have started to get it from a pocket and have casually dropped on a ladder.
I very strongly was upset therefore to an occasion :-( when will repair my phone I will necessarily send you the number ok?!
I wish to tell a little to you about my last relations. Earlier I had a man whom I loved all heart.
In the beginning we had all perfectly, but we did not hasten to create a family and to have children.
To begin with we wished to check up our feelings on durability and only then to get married.
I all efforts have put to carry out our desires and to make us in the happiest pair in the world, but it has arrived very severely under the relation to me. I very strongly loved it and trusted it in all.
In the middle of working week it has come home little bit drunk and we because of it have very strongly sworn also it has struck me on the person. After that, I have decided it to throw and we have left. Now I live one in own apartment and I dream to find the unique man who will love and respect me. I wish to begin the future life with a blank leaf and not to hark back. Tell to me please about the last relations.
I will look forward to hearing in your following letter. I wish you successful day.
With hope and belief of the happy future Olga!!!Hi, my Matthew! How your mood?
I hope that you have not lost me?
Today I will write you not the big letter!
As now I need to go for work.
Today I have not a rest and tomorrow too.
These are last days on work before holiday.
They very difficult. As I will receive holiday I at once to you I will write the big letter. Well?
I am very strongly tired! But remains at all much.
And then I can light completely myself to you and your letters.
That you me did not forget the most important thing.
I very much hope that you well understand me.
I will write to you as soon as at me will be more free time.
Strong I embrace also gently whole. Yours Olga!
Letter 7
Hi, my Matthew! I am very happy to write you the letter now. I have now enough time for this purpose.
After all I already in holiday!! And I will return for work only in 6 weeks. My mood super!!
Now at me it is a lot of free time. And first of all I have decided to share this pleasure with you!
I still don`t have any plans for these holidays. But I very much would like to meet with you.
And if you agree we can discuss the terms of our meeting!! Write to me necessarily what do you think about this?
And in what dates you can meet me? After all I will need to prepare documents.
It is necessary to address in travel agency! And if you completely divide my thoughts then I will be very happy.
But you should remember that I will be on vacation during 6 weeks.
Documents will be prepared in a week or two.
And I can spend a month with you. I think that for us the whole month would be enough to know each other more close.
After all we well understand each other. We can speak about everything. I think to us it will not be boring.
Now I understand that all this can be real. I will prepare all the most tasty dishes that I am able for you.
I very much would like to go to the cinema together, to go for a walk, to laugh together with you.
I very much want to meet you. And do you want it? Now there is a fine possibility that our meeting would take place.
It is very important step in my life. It is very important to me to know your opinion. I also embrace you strong.
I wait with the big impatience for your following letter. Olga!
Letter 8
Hi dear Matthew! Mood my fine! Certainly cold weather not much brings.
But from it the mood does not vary. Yesterday all the day long slept!
Has woken up early yesterday and has understood that is free.
For work it is not necessary :-) And in a head all thoughts on holiday.
Also has decided not to leave the house anywhere. Has decided to have a rest well.
And today I had many forces. First of all I have gone to parents.
We drank tea talked about all. I have hinted it that probably I will leave in holiday abroad. Has told to mum that there is very good person with which I for a long time already correspond. Also has told to you about you.
She has very much become interested and during too time has become agitated.
And today I have seen the letter from you. I am very happy that you agree!
Today I will tell to mum about it. I will be assured that it is glad.
But I do not want that she worried. Therefore write to my mum please not the big reference. ok?
My mum call Elizabeth! If you to it write about your intentions to me it it will be quiet.
Please make it for me! ok? Tomorrow morning I will go to agency and I learn all in detail about travel in United Kingdom!
What there weather now? How it will be better to me to put on? What with itself to take?
Where I will remain with you? Please write necessarily in the following letter.
That I have begun that To worry!!! :-) Therefore it is so much questions!
After all on by all it in a head now my thought on that as we will spend time.
I will present that I will see all that you see every day. Every day dialogue with you!!
Already I represent in what you will be delight from my first supper :-)
Tell at you there are good cinemas, theatres? We can descend there?!
Or we can not many on to travel on the beautiful To districts which you see every day?
I will stop on it :-) And that you with the questions I probably :-)
Have bothered is assured that you necessarily will think up the program for both of us!
With the big impatience I wait to run tomorrow in agency :-) My pleasure is not present a limit.
Soon we will meet! We will soon communicate eyes in eyes. Right now I will go to girlfriends and I will share with them. I represent their persons! :-) We are going to go today for dances!
It is not a lot of to spend time together. So to say not the big holiday with girlfriends :-)
Today I wish to have a rest thoughts! About it I will write to you in the following letter necessarily. Ok?
Already I am going to leave internet cafe! Do not miss! Wait tomorrow for my letter. I promise to write!
I will write to you now every day! Strong I embrace also gently whole.
Yours Olga!
Letter 9
Hello. How your mood? All is good? At me mood excellent.
Yesterday went to travel agency.
And in detail all has learnt that will be necessary for me for travel.
To me the adviser has told that the most important thing to me will need to be made the visa.
For this purpose it is necessary to fill all basic forms.
When documents are ready to me it will be necessary to go to Moscow in embassy.
Where after interview I will receive the visa. But for this purpose I still need to go to hospital and to pass full medical inspection.
It is necessary to come into the inquiry on a fortune of my health.
Without this inquiry me will not let out from the country.
Health at me is excellent and consequently to worry about it it is not necessary.
Well that the international passport at me is also it valid till 2010.
In general to run about it is necessary. Now here morning. After the letter I will go to hospital.
It will be well assured that all. And very soon we will meet.
At a meeting with girlfriends we have decided not to go on dances.
And have gathered at one girlfriend of the house.
Wines have drunk, listened to music, talked on different themes.
As have discussed also my travel to you. All have been surprised and have started to shower with councils :-)
I it answered that already adult and that has already definitively made the decision.
They have wished my of good luck and have told that I have necessarily returned.
Have asked to result gifts. Has told that I will necessarily bring.
On it I will finish the letter. I need to go to hospital.
I will necessarily write to you as there passes my preparation. Strong I embrace. Yours Olga!
Letter 10
Hi dear Matthew! How your mood? At me excellent. Already very soon I will see you in real.
I am very happy because of this. I wished to write yesterday to you, but everything was closed.
Yesterday there was a day off. Now I will go to agency and learn full cost of my travel to you and I will mourn. At the agency they asked me to give them your data to accelerate the process of preparing my papers. Please it is obligatory in the following letter write to me your data: the Name, the Surname, the Country, the City, the address, the postal index.
After I will receive a package of travel. Then it will be necessary for me to go to Moscow for interview at the embassy. Data of tickets and necessary papers will be given to me within two or three days. But for this purpose please do not forget to write to me your data in the following letter. Ok?
Mine Matthew this week will be difficult for me as in a weekend I already think to leave to Moscow.
In Moscow I will be not long. As I will receive the visa at once I will write to you. And already it is necessary to wait for day of start only. Therefore this weeks please be not lost and support me.
Your support is now necessary to me. Please write in the following letter what feelings you have to me?!
For me it is important to know, as soon we will be together. I with the big impatience will wait for your letter. I also embrace you strong . Yours Olga!

Letter 11
Hello my Matthew! I with the great pleasure read your letter. This week will be very difficult for me.
But I do not worry about it. After all you constantly support me. And it for me the main thing.
Soon we will see each other in live and it gives me many forces. Yesterday I went to agency and have learnt full cost of my travel. I have paid in agency of 14 400 roubles (these are 350 euro).
Visa cost, cost of air tickets, road to Moscow and for agency services here enters.
Essential influence on my budget :-) But I wish to have rest. And when I with you I can I will have a rest completely from all problems and difficulties. Now I need to wait only for full registration of my package of travel. In agency to me have told that in two days I can leave to Moscow in embassy.
And I need to reserve still tickets which I will receive at the airport after visa reception.
Data of a start I will necessarily write to you as soon as they will be known.
That you have sent many thanks to me your data. With these data I will not have problems in embassy.
And I can easy fill all necessary questionnaires. To me have told that in embassy to me questions will set.
I do not know what there will be questions and worry in this occasion not much. Now excitement at me very big as for a trip it is necessary to make much. And native it is constant for me worry. My mum has written you the letter on a leaflet. Also has told to read to you at a meeting. It now not on a step does not depart from me and constantly sets many questions :-) I understand as it worries!! I constantly calm her!!
I will finish the letter. Very strongly I embrace you. Please support me letters. Now it is very important for me.
Yours Olga!
Letter 12
Hello my love Matthew! To me painfully now to write you the letter. But I will try.
After all now it is very necessary for me that you have understood me.
I do not know as to explain you my problem. I did not wish you to involve in it, but I do not have exit and I have nobody to address. My father have put in hospital. Doctors speak that at it problems with heart. Also operation is necessary!!! When I have heard it from doctors to me it became very bad. Operation not expensive, but all the same does not suffice me money. In total it is necessary for me to pay 1300 euro. I tried to find this sum of money by own strength. I have called all acquaintances, friends and could find 780 euro.
At me remains only three days to find 520 euro. I went to bank and tried to receive the monetary credit, but to me have given up in the credit. I do not know
that to me to make in time to bring money for operation to my father. I really am very strongly upset and lost.
Tell to me please you you can help me with money??? If you do not have this sum of money please borrow at the friends ok?! I very strongly ask you and is ready to rise before you on knees to ask you about the help. If for three days I cannot bring money in hospital I do not know that happens with my father. I very much and very strongly am afraid! I count on your encouragement and the financial help. I will look forward your prompt reply.
With love yours for ever Olga!
Letter 13
Hi Matthew! I only could read your letter. Thanks that you can help me.
Certainly I will arrive to you. But it will already occupy not much more time.
As now I will be with the father and if all is good we necessarily we will meet.
Please excuse that there was such situation. It is difficult to me to write about it.
But support is now necessary to me. Please Matthew have patience.
I will be informed you that with my father. I will be well assured that all.
But I all the same very strongly worry. Mine Matthew thanks that you help me.
Already late and I can read your letter only tomorrow afternoon.
Also I hope that by this time you to me write. My full name: Olga Strokina, Russia.
I hope that you can necessarily help tomorrow me. I will wait for your letter.
I will try to call to you. Strong I embrace. Yours Olga
Letter 14
letter15Hello my Matthew! I did not receive from you the letter. When you to me write.
I very much worry and I worry both your support and the help is now very necessary.
Today Friday and will be tomorrow operation. Therefore I very much hope that today you can help me. Mine Matthew please write me shortly. I will necessarily call to you.
I hope that you necessarily will help me. I very much love you. Yours Olga.
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