Scam letter(s) from Elena to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello, my name is Elena. How are you?
I was born and I live in Russia. I hope, that you will read through this letter.
I'm lovely girl and I very much love life. But at the same time I very modest. I long thought, before have written to you this letter.
I very much wish to love and be favourite. I very much wish to get acquainted with you.
With impatience I will wait your letter! Elena
Letter 2
Hello my new friend Gavin!
Do you have a good day?
I hope you have some time to speak to me and it is better to get to know each other!
I am very glad, that you have answered me. I hope, that you want to get acquainted with me.
I have received yours e-mail in agency of acquaintances. I have paid 10 $ and to me have shown on a choice some men. You at once have liked me and consequently I have decided to write to you. It was possible any site of acquaintances, I do not know!
I have specified in a structure that I search more Advanced age because I think, that the person which has lived There is enough years, already has experience and has learned to appreciate women and to address With them. I shall be ready to give myself all without the rest to such person and I think, that the main advantage of the woman is fidelity and skill To make family happy, without quarrels and conflicts.
Thanks for your photos. You really nice the man! I shall be glad to receive new your photos! I live in Russia, city Perm'! I'll tell you a bit about myself:I am 26, my name is Elena. I sell flowers in a flower shop.
Having free time i like to swim to keep my physical form.
I also like a lot of other different things, but my work does not let me spend any time on them.
I have many friends,we like to play volleyball and visit discos together.
I send you a photo of mine-you will know how i look.
I like everything sweet: bakery, cakes, sweets. But i do not let myself eat a lot of sweet things not to become ***.
I like good clothes and i like light colors. Prefer blue, pink and beige.What is your favourite color?
Please,tell me about yourself: how do you like to have a rest? What do you appreciate in women? I will tell you more about myself in my next letter. I will wait your messages with impatience. I will wait your letter and answer you as soon as i get it. It will be pleasant for me to see your new photos and to learn something new about you. Write to me, i am waiting for it. Your friend, Elena PS Excuse for my English .... I write some phrases through the computer translator. Last week I have entered the name in school of English language. I hope, it will be a success.
Letter 3
hello dear Gavin!
Thanks for your letter! The city of Perm is located on coast of the river Kama. The city was stretched on 70 km along the river and on 40 km deep into dry. Feature of Perm is that within the limits of city the set of the small rivers which proceed mainly on numerous city ravines flows. In Perm lives about 1 million people. It is the big city. At us it is very beautiful in the summer. The majority of the population works at factories which are engaged in metals. My father works on one of factories. he works as the engineer.
It would be very interesting to me to receive photos of your children. I think, that you very clever, kind and skilled the man. I think what to bring up children without mother it very difficultly..
Thanks for your big story. It is very interesting to me to read it. Unfortunately, I very slowly type the text on a computer. And it is very difficult to me to write such big letters, as at you. Last relations with the man at me were in the past to year. I had a friend, but we have left him. We had different interests and did not love each other. I cannot find the suitable person for myself. All the Russian men do not like me. They drink much and they do not have caress. Possibly therefore, I have asked a moss of friends to place my questionnaire on a site of acquaintances.. Here I can Possibly find the person who will love and understand me. To me his financial situation and work by which he does is not important. I Have defined in structure, that I search more for advanced age because I think, that the person who lived enough many years, Already has experience and has learned to estimate women and to communicate with them. I shall be ready to give all myself to such person. I think, that the main advantage of the womanm Is fidelity and experience to make family happy, without quarrels and Conflicts. Still I know, that in Russia there is a swindle. Girls and men get acquainted with foreign men and entice at them money. But I do not wish to speak about this. It is a problem of our state. It dishonours our country.
I very much want that you trusted me, in fact in love the most important is a trust! Your Elena!
Letter 4

Hello DEar Gavin! Thanks for your new photos. I think, that at you very beautiful dog. Please, tell its breed. It very small still. I think, that when it will grow, it will be on much more, than now.
I think, that at you very amicable and strong family. You on a regular basis suit meetings. I think, that it is very good.
Unfortunately, we have disconnected our home telephone number 3 years ago. I had a mobile phone and we used it. But I have lost it several days ago. When I shall receive the salary, I shall buy a new mobile phone and we can speak with you. I shall necessarily inform you on this. I shall try to tell a little about my character. I do not know as to begin, I think, that I very romantic person. I like to communicate with people, it is pleasant to me. I very much estimate such qualities in people, as fidelity and honesty. I trust in love, and I think it very valuable thing which needs to be stored. I very jealous person. I adore, when to me pay compliments and is ready to listen to them very long. For me it Necessary, that around of me there was a cleanliness and the order, I Often I am engaged in cleaning. I think, that for the woman the main thing to have in a life was not present Career or other success, and strong family and the favourite person About that to care about him. Tell please, you dream to meet what woman In a life? Understand, that I ask that you have discussed such frank thing With the person whom you know some days. But it is interesting To me, that the nobility It about you.
I send you one more my photo together with mine the father.
I shall wait for yours e-mail. Yours Elena!
Letter 5
Hello my darling!!! I hope you are fine.It's pleasant for me read your message and thank you for your words. I'm sending you a new photo to those previous photos. Hope, you'll like this photo and it will make you mood better. Thanks for your letter. To me very much to like to receive your letters. I very much like to read them. I think, that you very good the man. I think, that you very clever person. It is always pleasant to me to hear kind and good words from you. Thanks you for your letters. I wish to tell to you much. But unfortunately, I very slowly print the text. I think, that I can sometime tell to you much alive.
Today I've finished my work a bit earlier, and I'm writing this letter to you.I cooked dinner for my family.
My mother feel bad today for cooking.By the way,dear,which products do you like most?
Bakery,sweet,meat,fish?Tell me this!!!
I am good on such questions.My mother learnt me that.You'll be able to convince in it sometime.
I usually can cook some thing,make salads,and fish, and meat dishes are especially tasty!
My father says that I can do it even better then my mother,and I just like fish,most of all, but i also like fruits:bananas,peach,pineapples.Today i prepared stewed chicken and vegetable salad. I guess do you like delicious dishes??? We have a proverb:"the way to man's heart lies through his stomach." I often prove it with my father.That is why I'll get your heart with the help of my cooking abilities!!!! It was joke!!! ;-D)))And now I have to go and lay the table-my father will come soon. I'm waiting your messages. Your ELena!
Letter 6
Hello my dear Gavin! I am glad to speak again with you! How are you? I hope, that at all of you it is good. Thanks for your letter. It is always very pleasant to me to receive them. Unfortunately, I do not dance professionally. When I was small I was engaged in ball dances, but it was only hobby. But I shall tell to you fairly, that I with pleasure would execute with you slow dance. In fact slow dance with the man is much more, than usual dance. I think, that in dance very well it is possible understand and find out the person.
Thanks for your photos. I think, that it is very good, that you the military person. In fact the military person - cannot be the bad person. I think, that all military very good people.
By the way, Yesterday I had rather good evening with my friends. Late at night my best girlfriend Sveta has called in on me and we have gone to club. We have achieved in one Club also there were there some hours. First we had a good supper And some glasses of a champagne, then played bowling Also danced. Impressions have remained good, only when I saw, how the some people mine Girlfriends danced and have kissed men - I had small envy to them. I Idea on you and presented for itself, that you nearby. It You also cover me and whisper to me on an ear to gentle words. And you, when see around of enamoured people of pairs, - which recollect me?
As it is frequent you with friends chieve in any bar or club? When you Are in these girls of places, often try to get acquainted with you?
Very often men come nearer to me also attempt to begin acquaintance, But I at once I help them to understand, that with me these things to To suffer failure., I often I think above your messages and me Understand, that it is you seriously touching me. I also do not look on Our dialogue as on entertainment, and I write to you the some people very much Personal words and things, concerning the close person. And I wish to tell To you, that I am glad which in me the person - as you is such! I wait for your messages, and I think of you. Mine to you gentle Kisses! Your Elena!
Letter 7
hello my sweet Gavin! Dear! Thanks for your e-mail..
Pelmeni is very tasty meal. And many count, that this dish is a Russian dish. But I read in the newspaper, that Pelmeni have come to the Russian kitchen from the east. And pel'menis can be with mushrooms. In Russia there is one more dish is Varenniki are same pel'menis, only they can be with a potato or with cottage cheese. I hope, that I can sometime treat you with this dish.
To regret for this it is far from you, In another way it was not necessary for us a lot of e-mail, to learn everyone Another. We could meet, speak, spend some time together, and it Rather good to learn each other. But for us it will be not fast Way. But I hope, that it will not be a problem for us if we shall solve To make it in the future. I have already made some travel to another The countries. I travelled, as the tourist, to the Europe. Therefore, You should not have excitements of this, there is a distance between Us. I such woman, that if I shall love the person for a meeting with Him, I shall reach even on the moon. Today not a problem to Make such travel. I not I worry about this, and even I have devoted Feelings, has acquainted with the person on the other hand. For Me it is very interesting feelings - to learn the person with another Culture, reflection, traditions. It is One of things - which involves me to You. Not the main thing, - But new and interesting. It is probable, if ours Relations will be strong, you can learn The mysterious Russian woman. I hope, that it is interesting to you to Learn and check up love to such woman? I think, road that you Female magic If happen so, that cannot resist to mine during long time We shall be the person to the person. On this I finish my message to You. I to send you other my photo. Ps Give me more your photos! your Elena!
Letter 8
hello, my dear Gavin! I am glad to communicate with you again! Thanks for your e-mail! Thanks for your new photos. I think at you very good family. I really very much wish to get acquainted with your family... I travelled to Helsinki is a capital of Finland. As I was in Turkey in Antalia. It is very good resort.
I should you admit, that I do not visit church. I am the Christian. But unfortunately, since the childhood I do not visit church. To tell fairly I not so trust in the god. I know, that it is bad. But I speak you the truth always. I am glad, that in our relations there is a reciprocity, and we became close people! I tell about you to parents and all friends. I hope, you not against! ;) They to hope, that will sometime get acquainted with you!!!! My parents are glad, that I have found the love. They very much love, when I am happy and when I'm fine! And do you told about me the friend? What do they think concerning me? Tell to me, it is very interesting to me. And have you any plans concerning our relations? I think, that for us it will be very good, if we can spend some time together! It should strengthen our relations and will help us to learn more about each other. During close time we can possibly meet in the Europe or in any other place. Understand me correctly, I cannot invite you to myself! I live with parents and I know about you insufficiently. Between us there were only messages. On the Internet it is impossible to learn the person well. So to us it will be better also we can learn about each other much. I dream to remain with you one, to look you in the face and to touch you. So we learn much about the friend-friend. Let's discuss it!!!! I hope, you will agree with me!!! I kiss you. Your Elena!
Letter 9
hello, My dear Gavin! Good to you of day! How do you feel, dear?
Oh, my dear. Excuse, that I could not receive your mail. On mine e-mail there is a lot of spam. And I e-mail has been overflown by a spam, therefore I could not receive the letter from you... The history which you have told to me has withdrawn me in a shock. It is very awful. Your wife did very badly. I understand, that alcoholic dependence is very bad illness. But she has actually exchanged alcohol for children. It is very sad. I very much understand you... In fact the basic trouble in Russia is a drunkenness. Many families collapse because of alcohol. It is very a pity to me. I think, that you have acted very correctly, that have left your wife. You have acted as true the man which loves children and wishs their of good luck. I think, that it is very awful, that children saw ***** mother. It is very a pity to me.... I am excellent! I worry a little, and yesterday could not fall asleep! I thought of our forthcoming meeting.
When I think of you me covers the sea of emotions! You mean in my life much, and I had a new dream and the purpose - to meet you! I think, my fine, that it is necessary to choose time to our meeting so that we did not have any difficulties and inconveniences in our affairs! I can agree on the work about small holiday, and your work should you allow it! Possibly you have the intensive schedule of work and you should be absent on your work. Then we can meet in closer place from you, or I could arrive to you at any time! For me there is no problem to make long travel! If such way more convenient for you and I shall not create to you problems, let's make the plan! It for me even will be better. You can show me as you live, to acquaint with the friends, to show your city. We shall visit your favourite places. You can visit work if it will be necessary! Inform me your opinion if it will be convenient for you I shall begin preparation for travel! My kisses and embraces! kiss you! Your Elena!
Letter 10
hello sweet Gavin! How are you today? Thanks for your letter and your photos. You speak, that you are glad to receive my letters. I to you shall tell, that I am more than you is glad to receive your letters ;) I send you 2 my photos. But in these photos I very young ;) Thanks that have asked a question to me about smoking. I shall tell to you. I do not smoke... When I was small, to me was then 15 years, we with girl-friends have bought a pack of cigarettes and have tried to smoke a cigarette. When I have made the first drink of a smoke at me the head has very much begun to spin. Since then, I do not carry a smell of a smoke. My father smoked all life, but 2 years ago he has thrown this bad habit. I understand your feeling.
I very much love you. I never thought, that I can fall in love with the person, having found out him on the Internet. I never thought, that I can grow fond of the person so it is fast. I have very strongly grown fond of you.
I want, that we have met more likely. I wish to see you. I wish to speak with you.
I dream, that we shall sit at restaurant both to drink white wine and to tell about our life. I think, that it happens very soon.
I think, that we find out us is better.
I dream, that when to me there will be 60 years, you will be a line with me. I think, that all remained life we shall be together.
My life was divided into two periods. I do not think of that part of a life that was before our acquaintance, I think that will be after. I hope, that at us all will be good! My dear. I hope, that you will understand me correctly. I hope, that you will not have insult on me and my parents. To tell fairly, I did not speak my parents about your age. I did not show your photos. I know, that my parents will be against our relations. But I really very strongly love you and I trust, that at us to turn out relations. For this reason, I do not wish to invite you To Russia. But I very much wish to see you and to arrive to you. I think, that when I shall return from you to Russia and I shall show my parents our photos! They will be very glad to my happiness.... They really will understand, that you - my destiny.
Russia very **** in the winter. At us it is very cold. I think, that you could fly to Russia in the summer to get acquainted with my parents and our country. Tomorrow I shall go to travel agency. Please, tell the most close airport to you!!!!!! Tomorrow I shall learn about cost of a trip and reception of the visa. the sea of kisses!!! your Elena!

Letter 11
Hello my honey Gavin! Oh, my sweet.. Excuse for the short letter. I am very tired today. Today I was in travel agency. They have told to me, that reception of the visa to Australia very difficult. It is valid so....
Thanks for your beautiful rose.
As today I spoke with my boss. he has told to me, that I can receive holiday only in the end February and the beginning of March. Later, our firm will expand the activity and we will have a lot of work. Thus, I should be on work.... My sweet Gavin, we should plan our meeting as soon as possible.. I know, that from Russia it is possible to receive easily the visa in Thailand. On how many I know, for entrance in Thailand the visa is necessary. And cost of tickets in Thailand very high. I cannot independently pay my flight. I know about the visa and about cost because the last summer we with my girlfriend wished to visit Thailand, but we did not have not enough money... In any case, tomorrow I shall come into travel agency and I receive all particulars about travel in Thailand... My sweet, I very much love you and I wish to meet you... Tomorrow I shall have more news to you... Now I shall go to a shower and after I shall lay down to sleep... I kiss you gently on the mouth... Yours Elena.
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