Scam Letter(s) from Krisha Apple Mawadil to Servando (USA)

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Letter 1

hello amor!

i love you soo much..please get me here and let me come to you..sorry for all the mistakes i did..please amor let me be with you for i know the real love of mine is with you..i love you soo much my amor..please amor support me and help me to go to you..i love you soo much my amor.i want to go to you but i dont have money now amor..huhuhuhuhu!


Letter 2


i love you soo much..all i want is to be with you..please help me amor to go to you..he cannot lend me money..please make a way so that i can go to you..there will be no more i can run for only you my amor..please help me my amor..i want to be with you forever..please send me money amor for my ticket..please amor..i did not lie to you and i will not lie to you amor..


Letter 3

hello amor!

gpo to goole and search for my name.,.i know its you amor who made that..its okay with me if thats the case that makes you happy..i still understand amor..please do all the things you want to do so that it makes you more satisfied..i still appreciate that amor..i still love you with all my heart amor..if i dont know how to come to are wrong amor for i do all the things i can so that i can go to you..

be safe always and god bless you..


Letter 4


HOW ARE YOU?WELL,I AM HERE THINKING OF YOU..FOR YOU THAT I DO LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY know you are the only person whom makes me happy and let me feel the real are the only person let me dream and my dream come are the only person who si willing to embrace me with your heart and let me know the real you..i do love you of course and i have no reasons to forget you till the end of my life..for i cant forget you for all the blessings you do to me..

you are the only person who sents me money,you are the only person whom i chatted at are the only person whom i know how to chat with me..then i never thought my amor at last you will do this to put me in the goolge and say to the whole world that i am a scammer..i hurts me a lot..if i just have a money now for sure i will pay you all so that you will just remove me in the goolge..

i know i hurts you soo much and you just dont know i did my best but for always tell me i fool you for in fact i did you want me to come to you..yes of course i want for you are my life..but how?as what i told you always i dont have any money and i dont have any person whom i can barrow even my uncle..i am soo shy and afraid..its you only can help me..but you keep on insisting that i will come to you then i will barrow money for i already told you no one will barrow me..

i know we can still see each other in heaven thats the time we will prove that if who is real and who is hurt most..i do hope you can sleep well and makes you think peacefully what did you do to me..i do hope by putting my pics in tha google you can smile,breath and you already revenge at me..thank you for everything..

be safe always and god is with you..

krisha mawadil



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