Scam letter(s) from Elena Tkachenko to Arto (France)

Letter 1
Hello dear Arto!
Thank you for your sweet letter! I am very glad to get it from you and i hope that you will be happy to hear from you me, too. It is very interesting for me to learn more about you and it feels like you are a sincere and family-oriented man.
Thank you for your lovely pictures! I like them a lot and i must say that i find you very handsome!And your kids are very lovely, too! Will you send me
some more?:) I hope that i don't sound too demanding.:) If you wish i may tell you more about my life and my searches. As you know, i have the sweetest child in the world. My daughter is everything for me and i am ready to give her everything that i have.
I must say that i am looking not only for a loving husband but also for a caring father for my sweetie. I want her to be happy and i want her to grow up in a full family. I want to have a friendly and happy family and i don't want to experience divorce again. I have been hurt and i don't want to feel this pain again. If i get married, it will be forever. That is why i am looking for the right man and for my destiny here. As for my spare time, i spend it with my baby mostly. I play with her all the time, read books for her and watch cartoons together with her. I must say that i am fond of cartoons!:) I go somewhere with my friends pretty rarely. But if i still go somewhere, i like just to relax chatting about everything and mostly about my girl. By the way, i like cooking and watching movies very much!
As for my job, i work as a laboratory's assistant in a local college and i like my work. I deal with different student's documents and papers and i have to be very attentive and responsive. I think that is all for this time. Feel free to ask my anything and tell me about your life everything you want. I am waiting for your reply impatiently! Kisses, Lera.
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