Scam letter(s) from Anna Tapkina to Jean-Pierre (France)

Letter 1
Cheers, Tristan! :-) It's me, Anna! :-) Glad that we can get in touch via our personal mails, in such case I feel much more comfortable. I don't know why, but I like privacy, and this gives me right this feeling of safety I'm longing for. Ok, shortly about me. It will be really shortly because it will be first impression of each other, and if you like, I'll tell you much more about me.
settled? :-) You know that I am Anna (full name), but for you and all the rest of my friends and close people I am simply Ann. Simply because by my nature I am rather simple person. I won't explain you everything now, but I bet that you'll see this while further communication, of course, if you decide to have any :-) Have you see my photo already? So, then you noticed that I've got grey eyes and brown hair. As you can't see my weight and height, I tell you that my height is 167cm, i.e. this is 66 inches and my weight is 48 kilos. I like active way of life, but at the same time I like having rest, just laying under the TV-set, watching some interesting movie, reading or just listening to music. My tastes are many-sides, so you may not ask me about what music I like :-) But I'd like to know about your interests and hobbies, and of course about your life, work, family, etc... And one more fact I'd like you to know is that this letter and the other mails that will come are translated by the interpreter of the translation company since I don't speak or write any English. But have a great wish to study, and some day will do this for sure. Well, it's not shortly already, so in order not to make you sleep, I close this letter for now and will be waiting for your mail about you.
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