Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Kuledina to Jean-Pierre (France)

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Letter 1

Hi my stranger or my dear friend! And I wish to apologize, which so long did Do not write to you. I only began to study, is what is it good to Understand the Internet. I wish to inform fairly you, that me not so Hope to receive from you the answer. But now I am very happy to write To you. And as I already informed you, that I the very modest woman and Never saved in contact to the man from other country earlier. But I however have boldness to write to you, as I think, that communication With the man from other country, very unusual. You I at first to Whom write also me, very much I hope, that our correspondence will have (conformity) Good beginning. I have named you from the first words as the stranger Because I at all do not know you. I think, that you understand me. Certainly I very urgently would like to study concerning you more. I hope That our correspondence (conformity) will help to study well everyone Another. You have interested me, and I think, which I as have interested You. Now I wish to inform you concerning me directly. My growth - 170 cm and mine Weight - 50 kg, my Birthday - May 2, 1983. My eyes green, At hair are the brown. I Think that the photo Which I send you is it possibly from a deposit. Also I will send you other photos, but you send Also to me. I will wait Very new photos from you. I live in City Cheboksary. It - very beautiful city. I shall send necessarily You of a picture of native city. In this city I was was born and to have Has grown. I am sure, that the photos of my city will like necessarily you. I think, that you will be pleased to see my native city. I wish to inform To you, that I work as waiter. My restaurant - is close to city. I Also would like to inform, that I very urgently like children. I want, That I had also of children, I really dream of them. Now in me - no The existing boy - friend. My longest attitudes were the attitudes which 2 Last years. I do not wish to recollect, what is it, to me gets tired. I - very much Broken in the young people in our country. I can be available, therefore I have Resolute to find whom - that from other country. I was never married. I Wish to open to you. I wish to find in you interesting man to Whom I can trust. Also I would like to inform, that I live separately From the parents. They live in 100 kilometers from my city. They have There leaved other city. Certainly, when I me - some free days then I Necessarily holiday to the parents. I hope, that we very soon shall good The friends. You finds pleasant me? I shall speak you concerning my life In my ambassador of the letters.
But now I wait from you the answer. I So happy to your letter, and I again ask you a pardon, that is so long Did not write to you. I finish my letter here now. I hope, what is it My letter was pleasant to you!
I wait from you interesting The letter! With the best regards, your friend Olga. The best regards To you!

P.S. I shall be grateful to you. If you will send to me yours Photo. On it you can send me old photo in New absence. I shall send a photo in the following letter also



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