Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Danilova to Jean-Pierre (France)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear friend! Many thanks for your interest to me, I am Taya from Russianeuro. You seem to be a nice and interesting person and I would like to go on in our communication. I guess, it's a little bit difficult to learn someone just through letters, but if this person appears to be your real soul mate there can't be any distance for your love. I would like to have your photo, could you send me one, please? And I will send you mine, because it will be much easier to communicate if we see at least pictures of each other. My name is Taya, I am a young lady of 29 years. I live in Lvov, this is a big Ukrainian city. My birthday is on the 9th of August. I graduated from the East Ukrainian State University, with the diploma of a manager. Today I work in one of the Lvov private firms, as a secretary. it is not the biggest and the most famous one, so my salary is also not the biggest one. So as business goes not very well, my boss pays me also not very well and not regularly. It is bad, but unfortunately I don`t have another choice. I live in rather small family, which consists only of three women: me, my Mom and my sister Oksana, just the three of us. My Dad left us many years ago. My sister and I were very little girls and hardly understood what has happened. We understood that Dad left us forever only when we asked Mom when would Dady come home.
She looked down and answered that never. From that time all our problems began. My Mom is a teacher, so I think that you understand that her salary wasn`t enough even to buy us all necessary clothes. We understood everything of course, but still it was very painful to see other children playing with their Dads and dresses beautiful modern clothes. And this made us more close to each other. Now I try to work hard in order to give my mother everything she needs, like she did before, though it`s not so easy, because, like I`ve already mentioned, the firm where I work is not able to pay me much and to find another job is a difficult thing. Yeah, sometimes I`m sorry that I can't go out to the cafe with my friends or to buy a new piece of clothes, because I have to buy food and medicines for Mom, but it doesn't matter. These are not the things I dream about. The only thing I long for is to find a real love, a man who would be my soul mate, who would always understand and take me just the way I am, who would care not about what I am wearing on, but who I am inside, and who would never betray me. I dream about stable life with a serious man, whom I could trust and share all hopes and dreams, and I would try to make his life bright and happy.
Because in me he would find not only a faithful lover, but also a friend and a companion, who is always ready to listen and to help. So, if you are interested , write me back soon, and I`ll be waiting.
Eagerly waiting for your answer,
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