Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Titova to Carl (England)

Letter 1
Dear Carl. I visit the Internet cafe for some minutes. I want to tell you very important thing. I want to explain you my situation. Now I live in Moscow in airport Sheremetevo. I can't be here for a long time. About my situation. Today I went in cash department to buy tickets. I chosen flight and wanted to buy tickets to fly to you. But when I told that I want to buy tickets, me asked: " Do you visit customs house " I answered that I don't visit customs house. Cashier told me:" First you must visit customs house control ". Then he shown me where I should go to visit customs house. I come to customs house, I shown there my tourist visa, abroad passport, the medical insurance, the certificate from state registry. I told about the purpose of my trip in United Kingdom, I explained I go to my Carl. I told we got acquainted in the Internet and now we want to have a meeting. I explained that I as the tourist I want to carry out 90 days in United Kingdom with my Carl. And then the inspector asked me: " Do you have the declaration on cash money for visiting this country? " I asked what is it? The Inspector told that each tourist should have cash money for visit United Kingdom. He explained that each tourist should have a pocket money on every day carried out in this country. The total minimal sum for 90 days makes 1500 pounds. Sense of these money that when I shall arrive in your country, I should have cash money to buy food every day, and to have a roof above a head. I explained I shall live with my Carl and I do not need in food. Then the inspector answered that it's the rule of departure from Russia and the East Europe countries in any developed countrys of EU or the North American countries, it's law for any people which use tourist visa for travel in these countries. I decided to address to you for the helping because I made all that I can, I have only 1015 pounds. I need in other part, it is 485 pounds. You are my unique chance, because my mom send me only 1015 pounds. I shall be very glad if you can help me. I want to meet you very much. I want to see your country, I want to have a rest with you. I want to find out you better. I want to speak with you from face to face. But the most important thing also, if I shall have this money I shall not spend them. I shall bring this 485 pounds in United Kingdom, I shall give back you this money when I shall arrive to you. Dear, do not worry for this money. As I understood, I should only show that I have cash money in customs house and to declare them - thus I should receive the declaration on this money, and then I can buy tickets. I think you understand as far as this meeting is important for us, for me it is the most important step in my life and I want to do it with success, I think together we shall solve with this problem. What do you think about this? Please give me a fast reply because I cannot live very long time in the airport. I wait our meeting very much, I think you understood me. I love you and I dream about our happy rest and beautiful meeting. Yours Nastya...
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