Scam letter(s) from Tiffany Anderson to Eric (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Eric, I am so pleased to read your Mail ,it has warm my heart and I am hoping to get to always hear from you. I hope this will take us to the next level and we could build a relationship that will last forever.
Distance between us does not bother me as I know we could meet,I liked your profile and all I read about it was awesome,it will be my pleasure to get to know more about you and I am putting this questions to you.....
Where do you live? I have lived at West Case, MD for 14 months Is there anything you like to do in your spare time?
I love spending time with kids. Amusement parks, trips to the Zoo, road trips, visiting historic landmarks, going to car shows, and seeing and doing things I've never experienced before. watching football. I love Ford Mustangs and working on cars, going to concerts, photography, fishing, hiking and being outdoors. And I love hugs!
favorite Vacation spot Kiawah Golf resort Island near Charleston, SC. USA
Are you my 2010 gift?
What do you do for a living?
What do you seek for in a relationship?
What are the basic qualities you seek for in a lady?
What sort of relationship you seek for?
What interests you?
What do you do for fun?
Do you like public intimacy?
How long have you been single?
What's being single like?
Why do you need a lady?
Can you love this lady?
What is love to you?
Would you hit your lady for any reasons?
I'll hopefully want to know what your consent is about these questions.
I want to get to know you and meet you. Tiffany Jessica
Letter 2
Hey ****, I ought to have got the flight confirmation from Northwest Airline but i have a little Problem.. In less than 8days i will be thru with my contract that is why i wanna book a flight reservation and email you the flight information so you can check into your schedule i want you to come to the Airport and pick me up.. I book a One way flight ticket to Nigeria with the hope of buying return flight ticket to the state when my Contract is over.. i thought coming here i can easily cash my Travelers'' check so i can book a Return Fly Ticket.. But getting to the Bank i was told i can''t due to the low level of banking operation..i was told i can only cash the travelers check in an Advanced Countries.. I have contacted my Travelers check Company Wachovia Bank. They ask me to send the Travelers'' check back to the state so they can help me convert it to a Personal or Business check..
**** i really need your Help.. can you help me with $350 to clear some of my hotel bills and send the Check via the Fastest Courier Service when i get in the state i will pay you back .. Await your Response..
So i can email you the info to wire the money to via western union money Transfer Tiffany Jessica
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