Scam letter(s) from Larisa Furzikova to Daniel (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Darling, I miss you! Today is my weekend and the weather is fine! It is rather warm outside and I've been walking in the park! It's a pity I had no digital camera to take some pictures for you! You would like yo see them very much I believe!!! I hope your ankle is getting healthy and you feel good! Thank you for sending me your photo by mail! I think it'll take about two weeks to have it here. Our mail service is not perfect as you've mentioned. As for the plane tickets I found out everything yesterday. They told me that first of all I should get my international passport and my visa open to buy a ticket! Then the manager gave me a printed paper with the information about my flight and airfare if I decide to have a 15 days (for example) trip in June. It is round-trip ticket and these fares apply for economy class service. All in all with fees and taxes (if I buy it beforehand)it is as follows: MOSCOW (MOW) - BRATTLEBORO/KEENE (EEN) - MOSCOW (MOW) $1619
Your trip length options
Departing Wed, Jun 1
Returning Wed, Jun 15
1 Adult
19hrs 27min - 1 StopsChange planes in Charles de Gaulle, France (CDG) Plus the railway tickets to Moscow and a one day stop at a hotel in Moscow. I'll have to pay additional $150-170 for this! It seems to become about $1800 to cover all the expences. What do you think and say about the airfare? Can we make it? And when? I also understand that it is a rather big sum of money for you but for me the most valuable thing that matters is our first meeting in person!!! I believe you share my opinion! I miss you already!!! I think of you in the evening when I go to bed! You are in my mind!!! As for my favourite colour I have many! I like colors! I like green, red, blue, yellow, white! My favourite foods are different vegetables, froots, I like meet when it cooked tasty, juices, some fish, tea, water. I don't eat often and much. I don't like it! What do you like the most? Bye for now my darling Dan! Write me soon! Love Larisa.
Letter 2

Hi Darling Dan, Today I am happy too because our dream comes true! I've been working some extra time today because of the inventory making at the store. So it's pretty late now but I am here to find your letters!!! I really miss you! I will bye a gift for you with my pleasure and will think of some kind of surprise for you! I have not picked up the money you've sent yet. I will do it tomorrow but don't know when yet because they say there'll be no electricity in Yoshkar-Ola for severeal hours tomorrow. And I don't know why. Anyway I will pick it up soon and start my preparations for passport and visa! Sweetheart, thank you very much for the extra money you send! I appreciate it with all my heart!!! By the way should I know the sum you are sending to get it in Western Union? It's my first experience with Western Union as well. I think I will call you soon!!! By the way what is your phone number? Take care my sweet heart and write to me soon!!! I will write to you when I pick up the money right away! Have a wonderful day!!!
With Love Larisa!
Letter 3

Hi Honey!!!
I am back from Moscow! And I have good news! They will give me a tourist visa! But I can get it only in three days after the interview. When I came to Moscow I went to a cafe at the railway station to have breakfast and to wait for an hour as my interview was for 11:00 am. Then I went to your embassy. It was simple to find it as everybody knew where it was situated. All the personal in your embassy was very polite and smiling to me! I was surprised. The officer (or inspector) invited me to the window and asked me about 10 questions. First was about the purpose of my visit. I told them I was going to visit my relative, my uncle (I told that because of Inna's advice to tell nothing about a marriage. I hope you don't mind my calling you "uncle") and to have a good rest and enjoy your country. They also asked me where I would stay in the USA, I told them "in a hotel" and they asked me to inform them what hotel I was going to stay at when I know it exactly. So you should give me a hotel adress. Also he asked me about my job, family, about you and your age, about your family. The last question was about who was going to pay for my visit. I told them that was you and your family. In general I had a good impression from my interview. But I understood that all the questions had one main reason that was to find out if I was going to immigrate to the USA or not. The whole interview took about five-six minutes plus 20 minutes of my waiting. The officer also asked me several questions about myself in English and asked where I had studied the language. So, honey, I am very glad and I feel a little unusual! I think because it's my first trip abroad. I will have to go to Moscow one more time to get my visa. Today I want to talk to my manager to take a day off to be able to get the visa. By the way, I've just went to the Western Union and they told me that I can not pick up the money because "the sender" (you, my darling) didn't put in my Name. You filled in my surname and my middle name (Furzikova Arkadievna) and you should write "Furzikova Larisa". They told me they would call you from the Moscow office and asked me to get in touch with you to inform you about the mistake. You should correct it. After the interview I went for a walk to the Red Square. I like the Red Square very much! There's an internet cafe near it but all the seats were occupied. I went back to the railway station but there was no internet cafe nearby. So I went for a walk and enjoyed the city. The weather was very warm and pleasant as your letters are! I missed you and your letters badly as I was alone in Moscow. All the people there seemed to be in a hurry and didn't smile. So I felt lonely. As for your question about the birth control I think they could get the first information from my analises to decide if there was a need to make a test for a pregnance. Anyway there was no information about my birth status in the medical report. As I promissed I asked if there was an opportunity to buy a ticket for me on-line from abroad. The answer was "No". I should buy it myself. So, my darling Dan, how have you been doing all these days? I hope you are fine and smilng because I am going to get my visa in a few days!!! They told me in your embassy that I can come and get it in three days! So that is ok I didn't buy the tickets this time as I will go to Moscow again. The only thing I don't like is our trains. You have to look at all the people going by through the carriage and it is very hot and stuffy inside. Honey, what good news do you have for me?!!! I think you are asleep yet but that's all right. I think you are happy this morning while reading my letter!!! I will go to my work now. By the way your mail hasn't come and I don't know what to think. Can you call to your post office to find out the situation? I love you, my Honey!!! And I miss you hard! You are always in my loving heart! I will check my e-mail box in the afternoon to find your answer! Bye!
Yours Larisa, with Love.
Letter 4

Hello My Darling Dan, I have finished my work for today! I have been tired all day long as I hadn't slept well in the train last night. I will go home now and have some rest. If my mum lets me rest. I am sure she will ask me many questions about Moscow. And I am sure she will be glad about my getting the visa! So it seems like I will have an opportunity to relax afterwards only. I've just visited the Western Union service and they told me there was no opportunity for me to pick up the money you had sent. They adviced to cancel the transaction and send it again or from the office. You should contact the administration of the web site you used to send the money on-line. If you used the write a e-mail from the site to and ask them to do it or contact you by a phone. You can call "1-800-325-6000 to speak with a Customer Service Representative in English" yourself. Anyway you should cancel this transaction not to lose the money as I can not pick it up while they have "Arkadievna" inspite of "Larisa". I understand now the meaning of your question about the birth control. I am going to use some pills to prevent me from getting pregnant while I am not married. I think it's important to give a life to a child in the family! Honey, I think of you always!!! I am looking forward our first long kiss! My eyes are closing and it's getting difficult to concentrate on my thoughts so I'd better go home now! Miss you! Kiss you!!!
Forever yours Larisa.
Letter 5

Hi Darling Dan! I am here to write several line to you for you no to feel lonely! I am fine. And I hope when I log on to the server you'll be on-line! How was your day? Mine was good. When I told you I would like to feel your arms on my back I din't mind that was bare skin. Actually I would feel excited anyway! I don't know if I like chineese food but I like sea products. And we don't have american restaurants in Yoshkar-Ola. We have a large park in the center of our town and many people walk there. On hollidays you can find crowds passing through the park. Many go there with their kids and fimilies. Near the park there are two universities, a hotel, several bars and different stores. In general the center of Yoshkar-Ola is rather cosy and green with trees in summer. I live 15 minutes walk away from the central park. As for an occasional drink I prefer some red wine. Or a beern but I don't like it much. That is a good idea to ask a doctor to put you to sleep intill july 1st! I understand what you feel! ;-) My train ticket is for tuesday, tomorrow. I planned to pick up the money for my airfare and go to Moscow for my visa and tickets. By the way, have you been to a western union office today? Anyway I am going to stay at my girlfriend's today and will try to talk to you on-line!!! I am closing my letter now. Talk to you soon!!! Your honey Larisa.
Letter 6

Hi Honey! It's your Mrs. French!!! I like the feeling when you call me this way! I remember that you are 8 hours behind. Tonight I will go to my girlfriend to have an opportunity to communicate with you on-line!!! I also miss our chatting! When you get home from work log on to to let me know you are on-line. I'll be waiting for you. That would be nice to save $600 for the airfare but I thought I had told you there's no opportunity to buy a ticket on-line for me even from here, from Russia. I think you could buy it on-line for yourself (for example) if you were going to come to Russia. I have to buy a ticket myself, besides it's my first trip abroad and my first visa as I've been told at the US embassy. It seems like you can do it on-line for yourself (to buy a ticket) not for me as you are a USA citizen. I would like to become a USA citizen and Mrs. French one day! Your services are very comfortable! I've heard that you can even pay all your bills on-line in the USA. Is it true? By the way, do you want me to go back on July 10th? I saw the date of departure of the flight you had written about. I thought we would plan my departure for the end of July, am I right? Then I can find out available flights to Hartford, not Boston for some other dates. Before or after July the 1st. What do you say? Well, it seems I got used to write my letters in the morning before I go to my work. Honey, you are in my thoughts and my heart from early in the morning till late at night! I must be off now. Take care and see you in the evening! Kisses......
Your Love, Mrs. French.
Letter 7

Hello Sweetheart! How do you feel? I am fine! I didn't answer your questions because I hadn't got these e-mails before I have sent my letter to you. I've just red it. I think we can meat and chat on Monday after my work. Darling, why do you need Inna's e-mail adress?! Do you want to communicate with my friends (especially g/friends) or why? I don't think that was a good idea to ask me for her e-mail adress. Why don't you want to say "a few things" to me?! I can't understand, I hope you will tell me why. As for the yahoo messenger I have it on a desktop of the computer at the internet cafe. That's why I know how to use it. But I would prefer to chat with you at myforeignbride inspite of the fact that there are meny men trying to disturb me. I don't pay much attention to their attempts and block them without saying Hello. And I don't answer the letters from my mail-box at this website. I lo on there with only one intention - to chat with you. Besides, I like to send kisses to you there!!! So, let's keep chatting there! I think you shouldn't have written "Arkadievna" on the envelope as we use our middle names at the end of a name. Remember you have written "Arkadievna" instead of Larisa while making a transaction of the money? You'd better write just "Furzikova Larisa" next time if you send me any letter by mail. The reason why I picked you was from my heart. I don't know how I knew it I just felt very warm and safe while looking in your eyes on the photo. Tomorrow I am going to keep my house clean and tidy and to help my mother at school. They have many parties this time of the year. Honey, I thought that first time they had tickets to Keene, then they had only to Boston and Hartford. I worry about this. I think I should go there tomorrow and find out if they still have tickets to Boston available. Dan, I am smiling any time you think I talk on-line to other men, ;-) I think you have many other things to worry about not this one. I am a one-man woman and I don't need to communicate with others while trying to build a relationship with you! I hope my words have made you a little happier! I miss you, honey! And all my Love is for YOU!
From Lara's heart!
Letter 8

Hi Honey!
It's just has been few time I did't write to you and I miss you and writing to you badly! I have good news, yesterday I paid for the airfare. My flight is #3198 / 422, Lufthansa, arrival 1:05pm Boston July 1st! I will change planes in Frankfurt, Germany. Honey, you will need to send me $2500 more. Don't be upset or afraid! ;-) It's called the "show" money and is needed to go through the customs and cross the border. I don't have to pay for anything more! It's needed to show that I am able to pay for my expences in the USA. That I will have enough money for living. When I land at Boston I will have this money in my handbag, so the only expences left is for my train ticket to Moscow! Actually I am upset a little and yesterday I even have been wiping the tears off my face. First I couldn't understand WHY should I have this money to cross the border. Now I understand why it's so difficult to go to the USA for a visit. It is really very expensive. I would never have been able to save up the money for a visit myself. The sad thing is that western union will take $250 for a transaction. Darling, I am nervous about all this stuff. It's my first trip abroad and I think about it all the time. I am sure that you are a little bit nervous as well. May be I am more excited than nervous but sometimes I feel that I am trembling all over. My mum tells me everyday that there's nothing to worry about. I know she is right. Because I believe you, you are the first adult man I trust after my father. Well, too much emotions... I will be on-line tomorrow evening the same time and we will chat there and share our thoughts and feelings. I miss our chatting! And I like it! How is your weather? We have had rainy weather for two days. It's been pouring all day long. The only thing I can do is to hold tight my umbrella. They say it'll be raining all next week. The place I work is rather big, it has three levels (floors). There are several shops and a restaurant. The restaurant is called "Mona Lisa" and they say it's one of the best places in our town to eat and listen to live music. Many people who visit it consider themselves to be rich and try to show it to others. But I don't envy them because I see them smiling and happy with their eyes shining very seldom. I think that first of all a man should be happy not rich, but many people think other way as if money would bring happiness. Honey, when I go to bed I usually think about our first meeting and being together. You will always be my friend! But I expect more from our meeting! I would give you a hot tender kiss now to let you feel what I feel!!! Your arms at my back... Our eyes and lips meet... Wow, you ask when I usually go to bed at night, well, I go to bed at 11:00pm usually but not every day. Sometimes I can feel good for two days without any sleep at all!!! By the way, my departure is on July 29th Friday. This month will be the most wonderful and interesting in my whole life! Besides it gives me hope for my future life! I am lonely and I don't like to feel lonely. You are the one who gave me hope with your tender and loving attitude. Your words of Love and Friendship. It makes me feel like a spring flower!!! Kisses for you, my Doctor Dan! Have a wonderful day!!! Yours Larochka. P.S. Darling, Happy Birthday!!!!! I wish you all the happines in the world and an ocean of Love! I want you to be happy and young!!! And I wish you to be healthy and smiling, especially when we are together!!! Good luck in this year and let all your dreams come true!!! Kiss......
Letter 9

Hi Honey, I think you are still at work now. I am glad that our meeting is getting closer every day!!! I will let you feel strong, young and mature when I come to you! That's in my spirit to make a man feel like that and that's what I told you I would make you feel happy and at ease. I think it's the best attitude to a person with whom you want to plan your future life. You asked if I went to the swimming pool on Sanday, yes, I did! I like swimming very much. I like to dive deep and swim under the water for a while! How couldn't you have learned how to swim, I wonder! It is such a pleasure and relaxing after that. We can go to the beach together and I can take on a **** outfit for you if you promise to learn how to swim? My flight leaves Moscow at 7:05 am (moscow time). I will have to wait in Moscow almost a day as my train arrives at 9:15 am. My plane ticket was for $1868 US. I have been in an airplane once from Moscow to Kazan two years before with my unkle. I think we can chat tomorrow if you have time, I will visit Inna tomorrow evening and will log on to myforeignbride to look for you there! Write the time when you are at home tomorrow. I am glad you love my long hair! I want to let it grow longer a little more. I am your Keene girl and I am counting down the days till our vacation together!!! Take care and long tender kiss for you, my dear Doctor! Bye!
Yours, Larisa.
Letter 10

Hi my Darling Dan, I am fine! I returned home yesterday from the Volga rather late, so I didn't go to the cafe. Yesterday it was our "Independance Day", the Day of Russia or Russia Day. It is not actually concerned with dependance or independance, it's just a holiday of all the people from Russia. We had a beautiful weekend and went swimming all day long in spite of the fact the water of Volga is not very warm. But it was warm enough to swim, dive and have a lot of fun playing in the water!!! My vacation is half paid because it's our management who sets all the rules, not government. Our government still cannot regulate such cases and people have to agree with employers if they don't want to lose their job. And, you know, it's very difficult to find a good and well-paid job here. If you are fired noone will be able to help you and get your job back. I know this should be different but I can do nothing but try to do my best at work. Today I have bought a new bathing suit in pink and blue colours, I hope you will like it and will admire our swimming lessons! ;-) In the morning I went to the tickets sales office as I had promised. They told me the same thing as before. "YOU SHOULD HAVE $2500 US TO GO TO THE STATES. WE HAVE OUR DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS IN MARI EL REPUBLIC. MOSCOW US EMBASSY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR VISA PROCEDURES." I trust the information provided by your embassy in the e-mail and I don't know what to think now... I should better have bought the tickets in Moscow, I guess. Honey, I am curious what the other reason you want me to make cold is? May be you want me to feel like an ice-cream for you? The photo you have sent is the best, you look great! I like this one very much!!! Sweetheart, I will be on-line tonight for chatting with you. Each day seems to become shorter while counting down the days left till we finaly meet! I miss you, Doctor French... Bye!!!
Yours, Larochka.
Letter 11

Hi Honey!!! I have received your messages. I am fine and have picked up the money you had sent. Yesterday my mum and I went to my uncle's for strawberries. I like strawberries very much!!! I have no time to respond the letters I will do it in the evening. I miss you, sweetheart!!! Have a good day!!!
Your chick-a-dee, Larisa.
Letter 12

Hi Darling! I am here and smiling! Everithing is fine! How have you been today? I finished my work 1 hour ago. It's good that tomorrow will be the last day at my work!!! We have warm and shiny weather today! I picked up the money. Will I need something to cover my head from the sun? I don't know and ask for your advice. Honey, I am counting days! I have received an e-mail from Italy, from Natasha. She says it's very hot there, about +40C. They try to hide inside the houses and under the trees. I hope it's not that hot there in USA? I haven't eated almost all day from early in the morning. I am hungry!!! ;-) I will close now and say bye till tomorrow. I will come here tomorrow right after my work! Hope you are fine and smiling!!! Kiss you, honey Doctor Dan!!! I miss you hard!
Your chick-a-dee, Larisa.
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