Letter(s) from Natalia Tyuhtiy to Jean-Pierre (France)

Letter 1

Hello Tristan!

It was nice to meet you on the site Russianeuro, thank's for giving me your e-mail address. I'd like to get to know you better, and will surely tell me about you. I'll tell you common things, like birthday, place of my living, etc.. I's just to start our talk. And when we know one another better, we'll find topics interesting for both of us and will discuss more personal things.
And feel free to ask me anything you want.
So, as you know, I'm Anastasia. I was born and brought up in ordinary Ukrainian family by my father and mother. They are very good people, though at the same time pretty difficult personalities. They love me a lot and want only the best for me, but something they forget that first of all this is my life, and I need to do what is good and interesting for me. Thus, I got married in very young age, right after school. He was my first love, and my parents hurried to marry me. I love him, but maybe I wouldn't get married so fast, if not parents' pressure. Our love story finished very quickly.., actually, in two weeks after the wedding. He appeared to be tyrant and despot. In addition to all this he drank heavily, and when he was drunk, he got crazy.. He beat me strongly several times. Finally, I gave away and left. He thought I would calm down and return back because my parents would persuade to do so, but I haven't done that. I only sent the paper for divorce. He signed. As a result, I am free woman who is seeking for her love. If to be honest, I was scared of any relations at first and was afraid to go out of the darkness, especially that my parents continued pressing at me for not being married, etc.. They do it only because they want me to be happy, but, as I said earlier, sometimes they forget about my own wishes :(
Three years ago I left my home town Lutugino where my parents still live and left for a bigger city Lugansk. I rent a room in the flat and entered the Culinary College. Right now I am writing my diploma work and will be graduated from the college in two months. I work as a cook in the local restaurant. I like my job. Cooking always was my hobby.
In general I am pretty satisfied with my life. I have many friends because I am sociable, kind and easy-going person. I work and finish my studying. My relations with parents are improving now, as I live not with them. I am independent and self-confident woman. The one thing that I miss in my life is big, clean and sincere love. I looked around at our Ukrainian men and realized that I will hardly find happiness here because here men don't understand that family is responsibility, that woman wants to be loved, respected, that woman wants tenderness and kindness from their side. Besides, 95% of our men drink heavily. A lot of my friends got divorced because of this. So, I decided to try my luck and to find a man from other country. I found out that there are special dating sites where men and women meet each other, and I placed my profile there. So, here we are. We met each other on the site, and I am really glad because of this. We don't know each other almost at all yet, but hope you will tell me about you.
I am simple woman, charming and charismatic one. I am kind, loyal and tender. I know how to make man happy, and, believe me, if we get along well and build relations, I will make you the happiest man in the whole world. I promise :-)
Well, the letter appeared ot be very long :) Hope you're not yawning yet :)
I will end it here. If I tell you everything now, what will I say tomorrow? :)))
I will wait for your letter.