Scam letter(s) from Shela Rae to Tim (USA)

Letter 1
I guess u can read this...LOL.
well will like to tell u more about me ...I am a 28 yr old, female. 5'7, 140lbs with model looks, average body build, no drama and a positive outlook on life.I am young at heart with fun dreams and a big easy to get along with as you'll find. I am a sister, an active listener and will always try to bring mindfulness and awareness to my existence Take a look at who I am and what I seek. If you like me, message me and i'll see if you connect with my look. I was born in the Detroit,Mi .but i left the There when i was 3 years with my dad and move to Germeny but now ,i just moved to Fuktondale Alabama, years ago, the tropics or ocean into my future again permanently. I do not frequent bars unless good live music is playing as I love to dance. I laugh when tickled and will tickle back; enjoy giving/receiving massages, and brushing your hair. I am professionally employed, affable, sensitive, dislike drama, a quiet confidence, musical(guitar, but lousy singer), artistic(pottery, but will keep my day job for now), ******-minded, athletic, lean, an awesome kisser(it is an art), long arms that can reach anywhere, supportive, dependable, industrious, goofy at times, creative, thoughtful, passionate, unprentious, pragmatic, unassuming, unpossesive and humorous on closer inspection. Me: I am a confident, articulate, educated, successful professional that is seeking the exceptional partner. Athletic, Adventurous, and Romantic individual that enjoys: working out, music, movies, laughter, dining out, clubbing (occasionally) and spontaneous travel. Or, join me in the Garden and have a glass of wine while I clean up and we'll share deep stimulating conversation. Further exploring the mental chemistry between us. A relationship that ends up where it's supposed to is what I seek. If that's a serious relationship, good friends or great lovers, I am prepared for the next encounter life has to offer me. Seeking a confident, expressive, attractive, truthful, independant, stable, health-conscious man who understands how precious it is to find his best friend, companion, lover and partner all in the same person. Some call this a "soulmate" A man who can be trusting, and is drama free..meaning I don't care much about the past, nor fret about the secure in who you should know about living in the present, it shouldn't be hard for you to describe like to be touched and are not afraid to ask. We are positive, supportive, secure, giving and outwardly affectionate toward each other. We are sincere and live in the present with intent toward passion, trust, laughter and are in it for the long haul. I am a giver looking for a giver. Looking for spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical connections with one man A friendship that is uninhibited and pure fun is what i'm about. Locations, settings and chemistry that will arouse all your senses and moments shared that cross your mind a week later while at the office. Putting a smile on your face while wondering when it's possible to feel like that again is the sensation I aim to leave you with. I want a man that I can trust without question and who can trust me the same. A man whose loves me for my heart and soul. We would be like two vases of water poured into one larger more beautiful vase, in which we would be one. Holding each other, breathing each other, tasting each other as we watch the sun rise and set in each others arms. Laughing, crying, singing, praying, playing, working together to make life fun and safe for each other. I have not found that yet, but I am eternally hopeful. Maybe I am just a helpless romantic, handsome man but hope is what gets us out of bed each morning to face the day. Been there, seen it and know better. I have no physical or mental baggage and strive everyday to be a better woman for myself. Karma, Kindness, Family, Loyalty and Honesty are important realities in my lifestyle. if we are meant to be, even geography couldn't keep us apart.Currently, I am in United Kingdom for my Job here...and would be going back to USA soon.
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