Scam letter(s) from Oksana Taran to Frederic (France)

Letter 1

Hi dear Frederic!
I am so glad that your letter appeared in my mail box.
Yesterday it was empty but from this day your letters will live there. Of corse my box is small but it is warm and cozy:) I have a lot of warmth in my soul and I will share it with you.
My name is Oksana, I am 26. I live in Ukraine, Luhansk.
My family is not big but friendly. These are my mother, younger sister, a dog, two cats and me.
The only man in my family is a cat Martyn that's why we respect him very much.
My mother was a teacher of music that's why I and my sister can sing good.
My mother brought up us herself because our father left us when we were small. She taught us everything that she knew: to sew, to cook, to love music. Now she is retired and I am helping her and my sister as I can. I work at the hospital as a children nurse. I like my job, communication with children makes me happy. Grown ups are lack of their honesty and sincerity.
I don't have my own children but I don't imagine my family without them.
So if you have children I will be glad to get acquainted with them. I had a boyfriend three years ago but we separated. I haven't found a good person for me for this period of time that's why I decided to try to search him in the Internet. I want to create a strong and happy family. I think that a woman can always rely on a good and reliable man.
The telephone can be broken at my job, I can have problems at job, my friends can sometimes forget about the meeting but home is that thing which is always with me. I will be supported here, warmed up, advised. I think every person needs his fortress such as home.
If you agree with me I would be glad to continue our correspondence.
Looking forward to your answer.
Kiss you.
Letter 2

Dear Frederic!
Thank you for the letter. How was your day?
I am so glad that you have a place for me and my letters in your life. It is so pleasant to hurry from work and to know that your letters are waiting for me in the Internet cafe as if I am flying to our meeting.:)
A person needs so little to have a good mood. But everyone has a bad mood too.
Even animals have a bad mood. They are sad and even have a depression sometimes.
If I am sad I try to talk to my family, listen to the music, watch a comedy or just go for a walk with my dog.
When a person is interested in something he/she has no time to be sad. We have a small dacha out of town and we go there on weekends. I like having a rest in the nature.
I like humor and people who can turn even the worse situation into a good joke.
My life credo is " Everything is to be tried in our life."
Maybe that's why I have a lot of interests, it is always interesting for me to cook a new dish, sew a new dress.
I listen to pop, classical music. It depends on a mood.
I try always to look very good. My beauty rule is to have a good dream at night, have a good and useful breakfast and good mood.
My most worse habit is to sleep too long on weekends for the whole week.
What are your bad habits?
My dream is to feel true love.
My favorite style of dressing is sportive but I try to look very beautiful for the holidays.
I like my house to be clean and cozy to have a good rest and work. I don't like envy and betrayal.
If I had a wonder stick I would wish health for my close people and me.
I would like my dreams to come true.
I like jogging and aqua aerobics.
Someone told: " A woman is a Diamond and the more facets it has the better it is. And the problem of a man is to look carefully these facets."
I don't think that I am a Diamond but I want our hearts to understand each other even if we speak different languages.
Love language doesn't need a translation. Sometimes we need just one look to say something.
Looking forward to your letter.
Kiss you.
With love.
Letter 3

Hello,my dear Frederic!
Thanks for your two wonderful photos, I liked them much!
You won't believe me, but yesterday when I tell my sister about our relations are continued, she told me: "Oksana, I have a feeling your life will change for better since that man came into your life. I want you to love and be loved". I even kissed my sister for these sweet wishes! Your letter for me is like a little miracle, I was waiting for for such a long time.
Today when I prepare breakfast for my Mom and sister, I dreamt to prepare it for you with pleasure. I guess, I'm ready for family life already. I want to take care of man giving him happiness and love. You know, before our meeting, I had relations with one boy during two years. It seemed to me he loved me, but now I know he lied to me. Half year ago he left for work to Moscow and married there. He told me I'm good only as housewife who can bake cakes and keep house clean. As I found he needs a woman with explosive character who can earn money, dance with him days and nights and have free **** relations. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't like such kind of life at all. Who knows, maybe some men like such kind of women... And what is the most important for you in women and relations between woman and man? I'm the way I am and I cannot change myself. I know, I can give everything I have to someone special who will fall in love with me. It'll take some time for us to know each other better, but I enjoy this wonderful feeling lives in my mind since I know you.
Waiting for your soon reply.
With tenderness, Oksana.
Letter 4

Hello,my dear Frederic!
Thanks for your two wonderful photos, I liked them much!
I worried so much waiting to hear your reply on my yesterday letter. I wanted to hear replies on all of my questions I asked. I was afraid what if you like the same women my ex-boyfriend liked. But now I finally feel calm knowing I found that right man who can understand me and like me the way I am. I write you this letter during my lunch break. My colleagues asked me to follow them to cafe, but I told them I have some more important things to do. I told them I have a meeting with a wonderful man...
Who knows, maybe our letters is a kind of meeting as well. I want you to accept me as your girl friend. I liked you very much and you are intrigue me. You are the first man in my life I have such a feeling with. You are the man I always dreamt about. I don't want us to lose each other. Hope you have the same wish.
Honey, I hate to say it, but there is no other way out.
I paid in the Internet Cafe for this one and previous letters. We only started our acquaintance. I want you to know, that I'm not sure, if I can pay 4,59$ for each letter. Life without Dad is very difficult, but I don't like to complain. I know, that I have to be strong all the time, though sometimes it's impossible. I live with my Mom and we have some money for food and cloths. But 98,99$ per month for our correspondence is really very expensive for me.
I didn't mean to push you or insist upon do it. I just want to continue our correspondence before our meeting. I don't want to lose such a wonderful person as you are. So, what can I do?
All of my family send you their best regards. I want us to continue our relations. I was waiting for you too long to lose you so quickly. I promise you to study English soon so that we won't have any language barrier in the future. Please don't delay with your answer. Your letters are the most important for me this moment.
I don't like disco and never go there. I prefer to stay at home.
Kissing you.
Letter 5

Hello,my dear Frederic!
First of all I want you to know, that I feel the words saying by real man when I read your letters. Most of my friends want to become strong women, to make carrier, but I want to be WOMAN above all. I want man will always feel himself as a leader by my side. I want someone who take care of me, some strong shoulder whom I can lean on any minute. I want to have serious relations. I want to have a person, who may count on me and whom I can trust in any situation.
I thought about the correspondence via usual mail and I understood it's not the way out. It's nearly impossible to wait for a letter from the person you need for 2-3 weeks. It's absurd, because I need you every minute. We can never get closer to each other if we continue this way. I don't need just a pen friend, but I need a person, with whom I can carry the living dialogue. I want to meet you and I want ou meeting to change our lives forever. All I want is woman's happiness. I don't want just to dream, but feel tenderness and love and give mine. I know, it's very difficult for you to understand your feelings to me, because we have never seen each other. That's why, I cannot push upon you to do something that you don't want to.
Here is my address:
Oksana Taran
Zarechniy block,13/36
Lugansk city
Ukraine, 91000.
If you want to help me to pay our correspondence, you can transfer 98,99 USD on my name via Western Union. This is the price for one month unlimited correspondence in the Internet Cafe.
I don't need long lasting correspondence too, but we need some time to know each other a little better, am I right? I don't want to lose a chance giving by fate.
Waiting for your letter.
Kissing you.
Yours Oksana.
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