Letter(s) from Hope Toure James to Kusno (Indonesia)
Letter 1
Hello dearest,
Am very happy to read your mail now, and i have carefully read the bank email which contain requirement needed before this transfer can be made. I am very glad for the way things is going on now, believing by the special grace of God we will be finish this soon. So that i can come over immediately to your country, where i will start up a new life entered. Like i told you before, i have with me the Statement of account of my late father and the death certificate presently. But we are having a little problem which is the POWER OF ATTORNEY and AFFIDAVIT OF OATH, which the bank said it must to be prepared by a Senegalese lawyer. I don't know any lawyer here because i am living in the camp, and i don't have money to go and look for a resident lawyer that will help us to get the two documents. So i don't know if you can help me with some money, to enable me go to the town and look for a lawyer and also to scan the two documents that is already with me here. Because things is too difficult for me, and our rev father did not have a scanning machine in his office. So i need to go out side the camp and do the scanning, but i don't have any money even to eat is a big problem to me. Please i want you to help me with some money about 200 dollars, i will really appreciate any amount you can afford to send to me. Send it to me through western union money transfer, so that i will be able to pick it up today. Here is the information, that you will use to send the money.

Receiver name: Hope Toure James
Receiver address: Rue 125 Grand Yoff, Dakar Senegal. Please send it with this information, i will use my ID card to go and take the money from Western Union office. And please don't forget to send the information, you use to send the money to me so that i will go with it to take the money. My love, God will continue to guide you and me through our endeavors. I wish you a very pleasant happy day, I MISS YOU.
Take great care of yourself for me, as i hope to see your reply soon. My kisses, love and hugs is only for you my sweetie . Yours lovely sweetheart Hope,
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