Scam letter(s) from Marina Svinina to Michele (Italy)

Letter 1
My dear Michele, I think every day of our meeting!!! And I certainly understand as you have problems, but understand Michele I without your help I can not arrive to you!!! I and so would collect all savings what to meet with you!!! I have collected the big sum, from you 500 dollars only are required!!! If you certainly wish to meet me!!! Judging by your letter you do not trust me??? How I now can show you the passport, the visa and the more so the ticket??? While I will not pay money to agency they to me will not book tickets. After I will begin to cry it all sum they return tickets and a toga I buy to me I can inform you exact date of the arrival and send copies of my documents and tickets!!! Michele if you do not wish to help me with money that tell to me about it at once because the agency can take from me the penalty!!! And I do not wish to pay money simply because of trust to you!!! So road Michele to solve to you, whether you want our meeting or not!!! All depends on you!!! Your Marina!!!
Letter 2
Hi my lovely! How are you ? You wait for me? Be not absent, soon I shall embrace you, my fine! I went to the airport today what to buy my ticket and to learn about registration on my flight. I had today tears in my opinion. The favorite, is present difficulty with the airport and I have learned, that for travel to yours country, is present a rule. I did not know it earlier. Each tourist in Your country should to have with itself cash, it is not less than 30000 Roubles, it about 1000 dollars. They speaks, which was happen, when the girl from Russia has left in other country with small The quantity of money also became there the ********** and the ***** and after that at the airport have entered a new rule in him to speak that if I want holiday in other country, This rule from your government, it foreign tourists could cares of when arrive to you. , I should show this money, during the review aboard the plane. Dear, I have was not present such money, because spent in shops yesterday the majority of a part of cash. Please send to me, it sums up to my flight on which I could show it the review. When I should arrive to you, I shall return to you them back. My information to send it, you know. Here I can receive it in It is a lot of places, here it is continuous there - the Western Union. I hope it there will be no difficulty for you. I Love you! , I have moved to cheaper hotel, apartments here not such comfortable, but I am ready to suffer what to save money. I wait for yours messages. Yours Marina!!!
Letter 3
My dear Michele, I at all do not know from what to start to write, I have received money which you to me have translated, but at me bad to conduct they simply break my heart. When I left bank I have gone to the underground about for me two guys have gone, I have not given it value but when I have entered into the underground that they too have entered into the underground, but then I have lost track of them. To me it was very terrible, and I have sat down somewhat quicker on an electric train when I began to leave that have found out that my bag is opened, I began to check it and have found out that money which laid not in a purse has stolen!!! I long could not come to the senses and long did not realise that has occurred!!! I long cried and have gone to militia, have told it a situation which with me have occurred, but they ask as the person which looked has stolen money!!! And from where I know!!! I it did not see!!! There there were many people!!! And the militia has told that it hardly can help me!!! Michele I long thought as you to tell about it, probably you will think that I the full little fool, or I simply deceive you, but I now at all do not know that to me to do!!! I even am afraid to inform on it to the parents because at my mum weak and it of it will not transfer heart!!! Michele I very much love you, prompt that to me now to do??? How to me to be??? I cry till now, here I write you the letter and itself I cry!!! Road do not throw me!!! With love your Marina!!!
Letter 4

Hi my love! I wish to inform about bad to conduct. Yesterday, when washing studied to go by a motor vehicle it has had an accident. It has occurred on crossing of two roads. It has received some big bruises of edges and a head. At the wheel other car there was a man, it had crisis of 2 edges. But this not so heavy wound and doctors have told that he soon to recover. I have tested such shock, till now I can not get rid of it! And I did not sleep all night long. My mum will need to do operation, and operation very expensive, And now we in a family do not have money. There is no money even on residing and on meal, because of operation. Therefore my daddy and I - we can not help mum in any way. I cried all the day... I very much love you and I want only one that we were together with you for ever. I with impatience will wait for the letter from you my love. Help me, please
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