Scam Letter(s) from Eleonora to Jean-Pierre (France)

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Letter 1

Are you a magician? I feel that you can make every woman's wish come true :) Do you know what is my wish for the moment? I want to find my love and to live happily till the end of my days. Don't you wish the same? I hope you do! So I am Ella from Lugansk, Ukraine. Do you know where it is? Look at the map and you will find it bordering with Russia. It is not big town but I used to live here and all my life - 27 years I have spend in Lugansk. By the way my full name is Eleonora.

Have you ever been married? Me not and I do not have kids but I like them very much and they feel my positive energy so it is very easy for me to communicate with them! Also I am easy-going that's why I have lots of friends. They say I am very kind, have good sense of humor, honest and cheerful lady, we go to cafes when we meet and have tea while talking about different topics. I like going out with friends.

My ideal man is the simple person without bad habits and optimistic attitude to life. I tried to find my second half in Lugansk but in vain so I decided to register in the dating site, hopefully to fulfill my dreams. I work as a fitness trainer in one of the gyms in our town.
I love my job because it allows me to be in strong health always and I just like to help other people so they always thank me and I enjoy it.

I know that it is not much of information but I am sure that you will get interest and if you wish to know more about me, we can keep on our acquaintance and send me your letter with recent photos. That would make me happy because I liked you and want to try our destiny!

Looking forward to your soonest reply,



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