Scam Letter(s) from Ludmila Schigoleva to Virginio (Italy)

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Letter 1

Hello, my dear Giulio!

I truly thank you so very much for writing me another one of your lovely letters. I must tell you that your wonderful e-mail letters have really brought so much joy and so much happiness into my life. And as I have mentioned before...I do love the way that you write and express yourself with total honesty and complete sincerity. I do thank you for sharing with me some more very interesting information about yourself.

Thanks for the complements! I was flattered!!!! You are very kind!

I want to express my point of view concerning our age difference. I'm looking for an elder man, because I want to start serious relationship. I'm not interested in young men, because they don't have intention to become a family. Once I was betrayed by younger man, but I will never repeat this mistake. The man, who is older than me, understands life better and can be for me not just lover and husband, but also a reliable friend and the father of my son. You can call yourself his grandfather, it doesn't matter. Age is only number and the most important thing is how old you are inside.

You thought, that I would like to move from Russia. First of all, I live in Ukraine, not in Russia. And secondly, why did you think, that to move from my country is my aim? It is doesn't matter for me, where to live. I can live in any place, just with a man, whom I love. I want to be beside my beloved man. Thank you for your invitation to visit your city. I accept it. Just let us do not hurry and learn more about each other before the meeting.

It's great, that you have your own business! Although, it is not going well, I am sure, that it will be better in future, because such man as you (smart and well-educated) leads this company.

I like to be outdoors, when it is not too cold and there are much snow. Last weekend we were in the park with Dima. We played snow balls and I taught Dima to skate. Although, he felt down for a few times, finally he could to skate. It was so fun! At the end of the evening we were tired, but very satisfied. How do you spend your free time? Do you like nature or do you prefer city sightseeings? I like nature most of all.

Do you travel a lot? What are the most amazing places in your country? My dream is to go to the world cruise and to visit all interesting sights.

Honey, I finish to write, but, as always, I continue thinking of you every minute. Please, think about all I said to you. I want you to know, that I am very interested in you and I'd like to know what you think about me.

I've already missed your letters.

Truly yours, Mila

Letter 2

Hello, dear Giulio!

You can't imagine how happy I am to receive your mail!!! I'm very glad that you are interested in my personality.

So, I'd like to tell you about me. I live with my little son Dima in Krasnyi Luch (Ukraine, Lugansk region). It is a small ordinary city. I want to be honest with you, I was married. We had good relations with my man, before I get pregnant. When he learnt that I would be a mother, he left me without any explanations. He betrayed me and for the long time I felt broken. Thanks to my mother, she helped me to recover.

My son, Dima is very polite and kind boy. He is the sense of my life. I try to give him everything he needs. I hope you also like children and that fact that I have a son will be not difficulty for our relationship.

Well, may be you are interested what I'm doing in my life. I am a social worker. I work in the kindergarten. My job is to organize leisure activities for children. I like my job very much. It is so interesting and funny to spend time with kids!!! I teach them dancing and music. And what do you like to do most of all? Do you like a sunrise? I adore time, when the sun comes up and begins a new day, everything wakes up.
It is so romantic to see the sunrise with beloved man!!!
What do you think?

I'd like to be honest with you and say all my secrets. I want you to know, I'm not strong in English. Actually, foreign languages are my weaknesses. But I wanted to meet foreign man, that's why I went to the translation bureau and asked them for help. I pay them for translations, typing and sending letters. Is it problem for you, that I don't know English?

Tell me more about you and your life, your hobbies, your interests, your work. And also I would be glad to receive some of your photos.

I am waiting for your response...

Kisses, Mila

Letter 3

Hello, my dearest Giulio!

I am sorry for delay in my answer. Because of the New Year holidays the translation bureau didn't work, that's why I couldn't send you a letter. I'm pleased to get letter from you! With every mail I like you more and more! I like the correspondence with you very much! It brings so much light into my life!

Happy New Year! I wish you all the best! May all your dreams will come true!

Thank you for thinking, that I could make a career on TV.
Since my childhood I wanted to be a model. But my dream hasn't come true. I like to be photographed, and I have a friend, who has a professional camera. She is very talented and make very nice pictures, isn't she?

It's great, that you have traveled a lot! It means, that you have very wide outlook! Also you are very interesting conversational partner! It sounds great, that you love Italy and that you didn't want to change it for USA. I also have heard, that Venice is wonderful place and I would gladly visit it one day. I don't think, that Ukraine will be a member of European Union, because it should achieve a lot in order to be a member. But it is beautiful country and you have to see it! When you come to Ukraine, I could be your personal guide!

Dear, I have studied English at school, but teaching was so bad, that I am willing to renew my studying. I will learn English and I wish to know Italian too! It is so sexy, when I hear, when man speaks Italian!

I'd like to ask you a personal question. Giulio, what do you think about sexual relations? Who should dominate, man or woman? Do you have crazy fantasies? May be you dream about something, but have never brought to life? Who knows, perhaps one day we can do this together.I dream to pour the full bath of water with aromatic soap, light the candles and take the glass of champagne and to spend this romantic time with you I feel myself very lonely and I want to meet you. I like you very much! And I want to continue our relations :)

Do you like rain, honey? I adore sitting near the window and looking at water drops flowing down. But most of all I like to walk in rainy summer day with my beloved man. It's so romantic to kiss each other in the rain!!!

Thank you very much for your wonderful photos! You are the type of man I like! Your house looks great. I like places with lot of greenery.

My dear Giulio! I want to continue our relations, you are very deep in my heart. But the reason why I am very sad now, this is the last letter that I can write you. As I told you before, I use the service of translation bureau and pay them for the translation, sending and typing letters to you. I think, that they fulfil their duties great, because they gave us the possibility to communicate, to know each other better and clearly understand. But at the moment I have no possibility to recharge my account. As you know, the salaries in Ukraine are not very high, specially who works for social establishments. I rise my son and pay my bills myself. But at this period of time I have no funds for translations. I don't like to ask for a help, I used to rely on myself. But now I don't know what to do. You became a great part of my life and I can't stop our relations. I would be gladly pay for the translation services, if I could. Firstly I think of us. You are the reason of my existence, don't let me go! I know, it is so many difficulties on our path, but we can overcome them together! Please, think, what can you do for us. I want you to know, I am very serious about you and can wait if it takes some time for you to help me. You are always on my mind.

Faithfully yours, Mila

Letter 4

Hello, dear Sir Giuliano!

Sorry for disturbing you. We are the translation bureau "Renaissance". We offer oral, written translations, telephone conversations, foreign correspondence etc. We aspire to satisfy the requirements even of the most exacting clients.

One of our clients is your correspondent, Mila Shigholeva.
We hasten to inform you that Miss Mila is insolvent much more. She is not able to pay our services. Your lady lovely asked to tell you that she has desire to continue correspondence between you. She is very interested in your personality and has serious intentions concerning you. If desired, you can help Miss Mila with translation fees.

Our services and prices are stated below:

One letter from you or from your lady - 5$ (any size) - translated, printed, delivery service.
One photo printed (from you) or scanned (from your lady) - 3$
Phone conversation - 7$ per 10 minutes

Unlimited correspondence is also offered. It includes unlimited number of sent and received letters and photos and 8 free, 10-minutes each, phone conversations with the help of translator per month:

- one month of unlimited correspondence 235$
- two months of unlimited correspondence 395$

You can use further ways of payment:

- Western Union,
- Unistream,
- Anelik,
- Bank Transfer (contact us to get information).

Here is necessary information for making payment:

- the name of receiver Mila Shigholeva,
- the city Krasnyi Luch
- the address Frunze street, 34/41
- zip code 94500
- country Ukraine

When you will make a payment, please send us following information:

- your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number.

The following payment methods are supported by "Renaissance":

Western Union (
MoneyGram (

You can contact us by this e-mail address if you have any questions. We work 9-18 every day, Sunday day off. Our operators will be glad to help you!

We will be glad to provide you our service.

Thank you for attention.

Truly yours, "Renaissance"



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