Scam Letter(s) from Oksana Sokolova to Dante (Argentina)

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Letter 1

Hello my love prince Nicolas!!! How are you??? I am very glad to receive your new sweet letter. My love you are so beautiful as your words that you put in this letter. After reading this letter in my heart it was so warm and sweet. My Darling is a miracle, it's just a real miracle!
Nicolas You have no idea what you meant to me. You are everything to me in the world! Nicolas Now I can not live without your passionate love.
But this feeling will be weak, and my life is meaningless if people do not receive the revelation of love, if he did not meet with her, will not suffer it, do not learn it themselves, one way or another, if not betray her heart and soul. Nicolas I am very hard without you. You call me so much passion and sweetness. Passion is capable of much. It can arouse people's unheard superhuman energy. It may be his unremitting pressure to squeeze out even the most balanced soul Herculean strength! Sometimes I think I'm so weak! But when I get your new portion in the form of your beautiful and wonderful words, then I am under so much positive emotions, comes to me the tide of some fantastic powers! I can firmly tell you that all these forces come from only one feeling and the name of this feeling - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!
Nicolas I love you! I miss you! And my love is known only by your love Nicolas. With each of our letter to me, it only grows. Our tender letters to you - it is like loving arms, which we use, through which we express all my feelings now. In our love with you the rules do not exist. All addresses only the heart, small heart, which contains so much feeling and tenderness! Nicolas In my heart and in my heart now, as if was the strongest hurricane, a hurricane of love! He did not bring any trouble, he has brought into my heart just lots of love to you! After the hurricane, my heart seemed to start life again. There is no previous depression and loneliness, no troubles forgotten, it is only the most gentle and beautiful feelings for you my prince Nicolas!!!! I love you Nicolas!!! I am waiting for her beloved prince on a white horse, who bursts into my gentle and quiet life. I already found her prince charming and in my heart a lot of love, but in my life is missing just one, a beautiful moment. My love this beautiful moment - this is our meeting, that wonderful moment when we see each other's eyes and realize how much we love each other and can not live without each other !!!!!!! I am very much, I'm madly in love with you My Nicolas!!!!!!!!!!! The most gentle and sweet kisses only for my prince !!!!!!!!
Your lonely princess Oksana!!!!

Letter 2

Nicolas, My love,
I just came from the bank. But first, I was in a travel agency and asked how they could use your help. They told me that accept payments only in cash. My dear, I thought that you can immediately pay out to a travel agency. But they told that's impossible. This will be considered invalid payment. My love, First, I must have this amount and pay for all documents in travel agency. My dear, they told me that I went to the bank and learn how you can help me.
The bank first asked if I have a bill. But I do not have bank accounts.
Then they said that there are easier ways for your help. They I was told that in the world, there are companies such as "Western Union" and "Money Gramm", dealing with money transfers. My prince, I almost 30 minutes learned all the information and asked them many questions.
First of all, I asked about the company Western Union, so as the bank told me that it is very convenient and most reliable. My dear, the bank told me that I can receive money literally 10 minutes after you make the transfer.
My charm, now I tell you the most important information to you able to send financial aid. My dear, you need my following:
Country - Russia
Surname - Sokolova
Name - Oksana
My love Nicolas, you should know the data and then write correctly. My darling, my city, that is, the city did not specify the destination need. Necessarily in the form to indicate my city. It will be easier and better. You have to specify my country, my name and everything. Hopefully that you understand.
My love and I will need your following details:
- Your full name;
- Your address;
- CITY from which you send the money (which is Western Union);
- The exact amount of money;
- And most importantly a code translation.
Nicolas, As soon as you you will send financial aid, write me a letter with all the data transfer. I hope that soon we can solve our problem and we can meet.
Now I finish the letter and hope that you all understand. But if you have questions about this, then write them to me.
I love you very much and want to be with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your frank and happy love Oksana!

Letter 3

My love Nicolas just I have come from bank. First I have gone in
Travel agency also has asked as they can use yours
The help. But they to me have told, that they accept payments only cash
Money. My darling I thought, that you can pay at once therefrom in
Travel agency. But there have told, that so it is impossible to act. Mine
Love, all over again I should have this sum and pay in tourist
Agency. My darling, they have told to me that I have gone to bank and have learned as you
Can help me.
Whether in bank first of all have asked there is at me an account. But I do not have account.
Then they have told, that there are even more simple ways of your help. (and
You already know it) Nicolas, they to me have told, that in the world exist
Such companies as the Western Union which are engaged monetary
Translations. My prince, I long learned the information and the flaunter it
It is a lot of questions.
First of all I was interested concerning the company the Western Union, so
As in bank to me have told, that this company very convenient and the most reliable
Worldwide. My darling, in bank to me have told, that I can receive
Money already it is literally through 5 - 10 minutes after you make translation.
Native mine, now I inform you the most important information. My darling,
That you could send money to you my following data are necessary:
Name: Oksana
Surname: Sokolova
The country: Russia
City: Cheboksary
Street: Vinokyrova
Index: 428000
My love Nicolas, you should remember these data and then write
Correctly. My darling probably will seem to you strange, that here it is not necessary
To specify my city. My fluffy kitten, in bank to me have told, that you
Did not specify my city. If you will specify city I will have problems with
Reception of money. To me have explained, that in Russia there are some cities with
Such name. My fine prince Nicolas if you will specify city
Money can come absolutely to other city and I can receive them
Only there. My love Nicolas, also you will be necessary for me
Following data:
- Your full name;
- Your address;
- From which you will send CITY of money (in which there is a Western Union);
- The exact sum of money.
Nicolas as soon as you will send the monetary help write to me
The letter with all data of translation. I hope, that we can soon solve
Our problem and we can meet.
Now I finish the letter and I hope that all of you clearly. But if at you
There are questions in this occasion write to me them.
You know, that the visa to me will issue for 30 days for the beginning. And then already we with
You together we shall make the uniform decision.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Your eternal love Oksana!

Letter 4

Hello my love Nicolas!!! I am very pleased to read your letter. My favorite Nicolas today is Monday. Do you remember you told me that this week you still be able to help me with money to travel to you.
Remember this is my love Nicolas? I remember it all. You promised me.
And our joint plans with you, we should meet with you as soon as next week. My favorite Nicolas Do not let me well? I strongly believe in our meeting with you next week. I have already fully prepared to the trip. And I had all ready. Only it is necessary to pay the amount of 780 euro. You are well aware, my favorite Nicolas? My favorite Nicolas tell me when you still do my financial aid? I know the day of the week? My dear Nicolas will be very good even if you are still able to help me with money until Wednesday. Do you understand me, my prince Nicolas? I await your speedy reply to your look.
Your love Oksana!!!

Letter 5

Hello my dear Nicolas!!! My dear Nicolas, I did not receive from you for your letter today. My prince Nicolas where you disappeared? I do not understand. I was very bad without you. I very much miss you. You know how I feel bad when there are your letters. My favorite Nicolas what happened? Tomorrow is Thursday. You told me that all the same help me this week with the money and we will be with you as soon as next week, we should already be with you together. You promised me. My dear Nicolas write me okay? I am waiting for your letter with a quick look. Your love Oksana.

Letter 6

Hello my love Nicolas!!! I got your letter today. My favorite Nicolas I am so glad to read these lines about love, which you wrote. I love you very much. You understand that Nicolas? And I do not who will prevent this great love for you. My dear Nicolas you also told me, and we spoke about our meeting with you. Do you remember what you told me that help me with a trip to see you this week. And I have to come to you next week. You promised me that he be helped to the environment.
You wanted to help me until Wednesday this week. We're talking to you on this topic. But now you say again that we should wait. My prince Nicolas much can you expect? I understand that the problem is money.
But you must understand that I dogovr with a tourist company. And I have this week all the same pay that amount. You understand that? I already went to the tourist company and said that this week will repay the money. But now you're telling me what to expect. You also wrote me last week all the detail that this week you still be helped with money. You told me that I should not worry. And now you spoil my dear Nicolas. You're telling me wait again. And what do I do? How can we expect more? You must understand that I can not wait. Yet all the time. And if you said something you should do what you say. You promised and told me specifically. And I believe in you. And what are you going to sum up now enya my Drogo Nicolas??? I await your speedy reply with impatience. Your love Oksana!!!



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