Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana to Felipe (Sweden)

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Letter 1

Thank you so much for your letter, but I can't answer it unfortunately:((( Can you imagine that I came to the agency 5 minutes ago and my translator showed me the state of my translational account, I looked at it and realized that I will not be able to write you a long letter today because there is not money on the account to pay for it:((( When I started my search in Internet I put 50$ on the account (it was almost my half month salary) I wrote you three letters, received three letters from you, scanned several photos for you plus paid for Internet expenses and those money are over already as to translate one letter costs 5$. I prayed my translator to let me write you this letter in a credit (I will give her back when I will receive my salary in 10 days). And I will not be able to write you more in the nearest future because I can't pay for it:( I don't know what to do, honey. But my translator says that a lot of other girls at this agency were in the same situation because Ukrainian girls earn very little money but their future foreign husbands whom they found with the help of the agency helped them to pay for some letters and the problem was solved, so I thought may be you will help me with the translations too??? Just for some letters... It is very inconvenient for me to ask you about it but my desire to continue our correspondence is bigger!!
I don't want to lose our contact!!! And I truly hope that you don't want it too... I leave the agency with a very heavy heart, honey. I will come later to see your answer. If you have any questions please ask my translator Yulia in an e-mail and she will answer you.
Please don't forget me... Yours forever Tanusha.

Letter 2

Dear Sir,

unfortunately Tatyana is not able to write you a letter as hertranslational account is empty.

Faithfully yours
Valentina Buharik,
executive manager
Druzhba translational company



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