Letter(s) from Julia Medvedeva to Luiz (England)
Letter 1
Hello Luiz! Right now I have a smile on his face when I read a line in your letter where you invite me to her. It's great that you gave me such hope for the continuation of our relationship. I will do everything possible to make you in this life. I'm so glad that you're ready for our meeting, what do you want from virtual relationships to make a serious relationship. I agree with you, I have the same desire to come to your city. This will be the most beautiful day in our life with you, when we'll meet each other. Do you agree with me? I've now not much worried, because I do not know how to tell you about my problem. Everything is cool, but as I come to you? That is the moment the question. Just such a trip in your country is very expensive, and I really can not even pay for the paperwork. Because I do not have enough money. I'm sorry, but I live in such a difficult situation and not something I can not even imagine. Luiz Me now so this is not nice to talk to you, and that is to ask you. But I really do not no any other choice but to ask for help to you. You're like my man, I want to ask you, can you send me money for my trip to you?? I hope that you do not feel any difficulties, not just if we want to implement it, then I think that you were ready for such events. Now the choice is yours. Tell me please, you're ready to help me with money for my trip to you? Forgive me, that so it turns out, but I can not what to do about it, so too has developed my fate. My life here in Russia develops very poorly and did not get to live as we would like. I now feel very bad and not neatly in front of you, because I do not where no one has asked the money. But now I have no choice but to seek help to you. You're someone I care about, and I hope that you will not leave me. We'll meet each other in order to make our lives real. I hope that we'll be able to make our meeting! Miss. Your Yuliya.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Luiz! As your business and your mood today? What is the weather you have and what are you doing today? I am very interested to know about it and I very much hope that you all well. That's what about me, I must tell you that I'm good. I have a wonderful mood. I am very happy now to come to an internet cafe and get from you your letter. I am very grateful to you for your attention to me. I was very affected and raises my spirits, that you are well treated me and write me your letters. so I just very pleased that we'll have a good relationship with each other and that we're getting closer to each other every day and every letter. My dear Luiz, you know, that's all I want to talk to you about our meeting with you. Here I would very much want you and I might soon occur in reality. But yesterday evening, when I went to bed I really thought a lot about you and about our relationship with you. My dear Luiz, so you are really very much to me! I very much think of you and I very much want to be with you. I really want us to be with you soon to be next to each other and that we're able to have a happy future together. So I think that now is the time flies very fast and I think that you and I already really need to think seriously about our meeting with you. So I really want to meet with you as soon as possible. So I decided that I really want to be close to you has soon as possible. I'm already thinking about how we will be meeting with you and how well we're going to spend time together. You think about this? Here's how it would be nice if we'll be able to be together alone. You and I could speak at length with each other on various topics. We'll be able to recognize each other in reality much faster than for simple email messages. And I think that the meeting in reality for us is very necessary. And so I ask you that you thought about my words! Already, I had to begin registration documents, purchase tickets. This must be done now, because you must be aware, the sooner I can start to register their documents more quickly we'll be able to meet. Do you understand me? Do you agree with me? It is very interesting and very important to know your opinion on this matter. My dear Luiz, so I already told you all that I need to do to ensure that we're able to meet. Here you have everything well know. and so I beg you, that you seriously thought about it and that you do not set aside time, okay? My dear Luiz, so I very much hope that you are well and properly understand me. and now I hope that thou wilt receive the right solution for our with you soon, okay? And I am very glad that you want to help me with my trip to you. So I already told you the information about the cost of processing the documents. And I want to tell you now about how you will be able to transfer money to me. My dear Luiz, you can make money through bank transfer western union. It is a reliable way to transfer money. And for this you need to go to the bank western union. There you will fill in the form of money transfer. Here in this form will need to fill my and your complete data. Here are my full details, which you will need to fill. I beg you, that you did it all carefully, okay? My full name correctly: Yuliya my full proper name: Medvedeva Country: Russia city where I can get money: Yoshkar-Ola My full address is: Petrova 12 / 65 My code: 424555 And in order that I could get money in the bank, I need to know exactly what your complete data. So I already know some of your data, but now I beg you that you could give me your full correct data, which you will fill in the form of money transfer, all right? That's all I will need to raise money in the bank: your full name: Your full name: Country: Region: city where you do the transfer of money: Your full address: Your code: amount of money that you send to me: secret number (number MTCN): Here is all the information that must be done to send and receive money in the bank. I hope you understand me, and I very much hope that you will soon be able to do it, okay? So I beg you, that you do not set aside the time and could soon make the necessary for our with you soon, okay? And at the end of my letter I would like you to ask you that you can write your phone number. Here I have a very strong desire to speak with you over the phone. Here on this until I finish the letter. I very much hope that very soon you will be able to read my letter and that you will soon be able to write me your letter. I wish you a wonderful mood and have a nice day. I very much look forward to from you your letter. Yours and only yours Yuliya.
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