Scam Letter(s) from Irina Smirnova to Steven (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my honey man Steven! Today very good day as I have found agency through which I will book tickets to you.

Today as this day was heavy as I am very tired, but I all the same have found agency. I have bypassed all city in search of agency, but I have found it.

My full data Smirnova Irina, the Russian Federation, the city of Cheboksary, Pushkin's 58 street the postal index 428032

I also did not know, that in my city it is so much travel companies. I was in many of them, but it was not pleasant to me of their relation to the clients, many were rude to me said, that they do not give the information, that their information is accessible, only for their clients. Such agencies was much, I any more did not know where to go, but I have asked my girlfriend and she has told to me to address and the ministry of tourism of republic.

I have come to the ministry of republic and have asked them the help in a travel agency choice. They have helped me with it. They have a list of travel companies which help to make documents for trips on the world.

I have found in this list excellent agency its name Odisej-Agency. This agency is engaged in official registration of papers and booking and permits in any country of the world. This agency is included into ten the best agencies of my city. They have an own site on the Internet I will give you the address of this site, that you could look at it To me have told, that this very good agency and that they take not many money for the services as they have an e-mail address you can to write there the letter and to ask contract conditions. I will conclude the contract with this agency.

I am very tired today also to it I will write the letter tomorrow. I love you my dear! I wait for a prompt reply.
Yours Irina.

Letter 2

Hi my love Steven. How are you?
I have bad mood.
We should cancel our meeting now.
I have no enough of money for a trip to you.
Necessary I can earn the sums for 4-5 months.
What do you think of it?
I will wait for your answer.
Your Irina.

Letter 3

Hello my man, my lovely Steven. For me was happiness again to read your letter. I so have become bored during a break between our letters. I feel, how strongly me attracts to you. My heart fades, when I start to read your letter, I feel, we become all is more close to each other!

I am so glad, that we with you all become closer! I represent now as we will be glad to see each other, to have laughter and pleasure from a meeting and the general walks in romantic places.
I dream, how I will make for you a breakfast in the morning. My darling, I think of you constantly, and I do not want, not to think of you!

In agency to me have in detail told, that how many costs. Have suggested to conclude the contract which will include cost of all necessary documents, visas, tickets. I will not have superfluous excitements in this occasion. They will send the questionnaire filled with me for the visa. I should not go once again to Moscow for this purpose, after all between Moscow and Kazan about 600 km. In general all contract for a trip in USA will be costs 1400 $. I have a little money, but it will be obviously insufficiently. If you could give 900 $ to me just would suffice for the contract. When you could send money? Probably tomorrow? After all the faster I will pay money, the documents will be faster ready, and that earlier we will meet! If to you something is not clear, you can set questions to agency on its e-mail address which is located on their site. As to me have explained in agency, you can send money for their bank account, I do not know as similar passes are done, but you can ask them about it, as through e-mail.

I very much would like you to see fast! I think of you constantly, I wish to feel taste of your lips, and warmly your embraces! I cannot think of what the friend. Be in the street coldly or hot, it is dry or it is wet, it is not important! The most important for me now is our future! And I am assured, that we will be happy together and this most important thing!

I wish to finish the letter … I have got hungry a little. I hope to receive your answer very soon! I miss your embraces!
Only your Irina.



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