Letter(s) from Ella Kolesnikova to Stephane (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello my lovely Stephane!!!!
I to receive your long-awaited letter. I am glad that you have written to me. I am glad that you to answer me today. I thought of you all time. And I very much to miss on you and on your embraces.
Stephane I am glad that that airport is not so far from your house and that you can meet me there. Stephane to me have told that I will need to pay 1250 dollars for this ticket. I need to do it as it is possible more soon. If you can help us soon that I can fly to you on this ticket. And we shall together with you very soon.
We shall be together with you for ever.
I hope that you can help to us. I very much wish to be with you and to be in your embraces for ever.
Yes we shall be happy with you. We shall be together for ever.
I love you and I very much would want that all was fast well. I would want that we to be together.
You can help us soon? If you to help us that I can pay this money in Travel agency and I shall go in Moscow. I to receive there the visa and to fly to you.
Stephane I to choose you because you the best the man on the ground.
You which that person I searched.
And all that I to want and about what I to dream to be it with you. To be in your embraces for ever.
I hope that you can help to us. And we shall be together.
I love you and I shall wait your answer with impatience.
Yours and only yours Svetlana