Scam Letter(s) from Olga Pogudina to Jean-Pierre (France)

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Letter 1

Hi dear friend. By the way what is your name? I am glad to write you my first letter on your e-mail . How your affairs today? All is normal? First of all I thank you for the detailed letter on you, and I think that you the serious man in the intentions! I am glad to our acquaintance and from your permission I will a little tell about myself - I was born in city Kazan, Russia on March, 8th, 1982, me of 27 years. My work - the doctor-traumatologist in hospital, I work since 2005, right after the terminations of medical university. I never loved very noisy companies, but I very much like sincere, direct talks with people well familiar to me. I have no a lot of familiar, but I have some good girlfriends with whom we sometimes during week-end play tennis (me very much this sports game) is pleasant, or simply we sit in cafe. In the winter I sometimes skate. I very much love an active kind of sports, especially tennis. Sometimes during week-end we with the girlfriend play it. Still I love swimming, but I float much less often, than I play tennis.

I plan to find the man who on advantage will estimate my sincere, external and internal qualities which will love me in the future. To me 27 years and I think, that I already have completely ripened for family creation, but unfortunately my preferences to the man very serious and consequently I cannot while to find my Second half …

I like to cook food, and many in delight from my preparation. My firm dish, this meat in French. I prefer to use as vegetative, natural, and boiled food and meat, I not the vegetarian, but also not the cannibal. (Joke) Most of all I like to drink tea with a camomile, it is very tasty and it is absolutely harmless to health.

Till the recent moment I did not search for the love in the Internet.
Usually I tried to get relations in a real life, but my attempts were unsuccessful, the majority of men in Russia which surround me, do not want serious relations, but only flirtation and sex. Many men in Russia abuse alcohol and even drugs, it is a problem of all Russia. It does not suit me, therefore I have decided to search on the Internet, and I do not regret. Because has got acquainted with you and now I wish to learn about you more, it is possible you and there is the one who is necessary to me. I wish to ask you, what period your longest relations lasted? Whether there were you in any foreign countries? You appreciate what qualities more all in girls? When your birthday?

On it I while finish my letter, I with impatience will wait for your answer.

With the best regards, Ekaterina.

P.S. I send you some my photos. I hope that they like you!



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