Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Zuzulina to Jean-Pierre (France)

Letter 1
hello Tristan! This is aleksandra! How are you? I'm very fine! You give me your e-mail on dating site which name! Are you remember me? To me 31 year! I live in Russia, in city Kazan! You maybe wish to ask me why I was registered on this site? Well, I will tell to you. I search for the man for serious relations which will give the priorities first of all to a family. I dream to create a healthy and strong family is my most treasured dream which I wish to embody in a reality in the future. I never was married and I have no children. I tried to find the man in the country, but the majority of them are not polite and are not brought up. Many abuse alcohol and change! I do not see in one of them the future husband! I cannot have serious relations with such men. Therefore I have decided to try to be registered on dating site and you have given me the e-mail.
I hope, that we can begin dialogue leaning on respect and honesty. It is interesting to me, why you have given me the e-mail? Also it is interesting to me to know, why you search for the ******* the Internet. I think, that you could find the girl in the country as it is much easier. Unless you so do not consider? There can be at you a similar case? To you do not arrange the girl in your country? What girls in your country? Well, I set too many questions and I think, that it is time to me to finish the letter. I wish to tell to you, that I will be very glad to begin with you dialogue. And you? In the following letter I will tell about myself much more! If I have interested you write to me and tell about myself! My e-mail is! aleksandra!
Letter 2
Hello Tristan!
I am glad to see your letter! You have written to me and it means, that you wish to continue dialogue. It is pleasant for realising! I am really interested by you and I would like to learn you better.
Thank you, that has told a little about itself.
You know about me a little, but I promise, that I will tell about myself more if we regularly exchange letters. I will tell at once, that I do not have possibility to communicate in on-line! I live in the old house and at me is very low-speed Internet. It is very convenient to me to exchange letters through e-mail as I can write to you when I will have a free time.
It really is very convenient for me.
I wish to thank you for so wonderful photos! You very nice man. If you have a desire you again to send me photos. I would be glad.
I wish to tell also to you about the work. I work as the teacher of biology (I teach in 7-9 classes). I very much like to communicate with children and it is work approaches for me. I have finished biologo-chemical university 10 years ago and have decided to become the teacher of biology. I like the nature and everything, that with her is connected! The world is fine and in it there are many surprising things.
To teach biology in middle classes for me makes great pleasure.
I really very much love children and I have a desired dream. I would like to have own children. Unfortunately in the past at me it has not turned out to create a family. My last relations have ended with failure, but I try not to recollect the past. I try to live the present and to think of the future. I do not like to long, I try to have fun always! Yes, I very positive person! I listen only to cheerful Russian music and I look basically a comedy. Practically always I smile (but not in a dream...
Smile). Even in photos you can see, that I always smile.
Well, my letter becomes long enough and consequently I should finish the letter.
I hope, that it will be interesting to you to read. If my letter is boring you can always tell about it. Ok?
I wait for your answer!
Friend from Russia, Aleksandra!
Letter 3
hello Tristan! How are you today? I have not received your letter. I understand, that you are probably occupied on work or do houses general cleaning or you have any urgent matters. I can understand all. Simply I think, that is not difficult to give 5 minutes on warning me about it. I would like to learn you better as it seems to me, that you very good person. It seems to me, that we can have a remarkable conversation. You agree with me? Write to me when you will have a free time. Ok? I with the big impatience will wait for your letter. Your friend from Russia, aleksandra!
Letter 4

Hello Tristan!
To see glad again your letter! It is pleasant to realise, that our conversation proceeds. Our dialogue is at the initial stage of development and we know about each other at present a little. But if we try to communicate as it is possible is more often I think, that after a while we can learn about each other enough considerable quantity of the information.
I wish to ask you, it is really interesting to you to communicate with me?
I hope, what yes.
I wish to tell to you, that I have mum whom I very much love. My mum lives in we wash a city. I live in the centre of Kazan in own one-room apartment, and my mum on city suburb. In city centre very intensive movement of cars, also is observed every morning the big stream of people, that not so it is pleasant to my mum. My mum already old and to her rest is necessary. She loves silence and consequently lives on city suburb. I practically visit her every day. Mum - my unique loved one at present. My daddy was lost in accident 9 years ago. It was a hard **** on heart of my mother. The pain in heart of my mum has not ceased till now, but she does not cease to rejoice lives as the life proceeds also she is fine.
Certainly except mum I still have relatives for me people. They are my friends who always support me a difficult minute. At me very good girlfriends. They very good people! I wish to send you photos of the girlfriends.
I think, that now I will finish the letter, but before it I would like to set to you some questions if you do not object. You hope for development of serious relations with me? If yes, whether that you are ready to show patience and not to hurry event? Also I would like to know your phone number. When I will be ready, I will call you and we can hear a voice each other. It seems to me, that it is very important. You not against if I know your phone number?
Well, it is too much questions you can tyre and consequently I will finish the letter.
I hope tomorrow to receive your answer.
Bye bye, your friend aleksandra!
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