Scam Letter(s) from Anna Shumakova to John (Denmark)

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Letter 1

As your day was. In my family there was a misfortune, in mine mum have found out a cancer easy, operation in the near future is necessary for it. Cost of operation 4000 $, my daddy has sold the machine, but this money does not suffice to pay operation. Us does not suffice 2000 $, I still had one hope, it you. I understand that we are poorly familiar, but your support is necessary for me. I can not lose the mum, it for me all good that is in my life. I see that you very good person, and you can help me with this situation. I very much hope that you will help me, and in the future I can arrive to you and at us serious attitudes could be based. I think that you understand my position, it is very hurt me. I pay each day, at me bad mood. We should find money till July, 15. I think that you will be the sympathetic person, I think that you understand mine position. If you send me money, I can arrive to you August, 1 as you know I I have the visa to Denmark, I can arrive to you earlier if mine mum will be corrected. I think that you understand me, I finish the letter as I should go to mum in hospital. I learned that it is possible to send money through the Western union, I shall leave to you the the data I of remittance.
Mine name Anya Shumakova
My city Kazan, street Mira8-17.
When you to send me money I should know your control number MTCN. I wait for your answer. It is time to me to go to mother in hospital.
With love and hope yours Anya



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