Scam letter(s) from Natalia Koroleva to Humberto (Australia)

Letter 1
My name is Natalya!
I am 25 years old. I'm from a small provincial town in Russia.
I am lonely Russia girl who could not find the second half in their country.
I was disappointed in the Russian muzhchinah.Ya heard a lot that the Internet find their other half from other countries.
So I looking for their second half on this site.
I just watched your profile, and it intrigued me.
You are a man who looks like the ideal man I'm looking for.
If you wish to know more about me, write me at my e-mail
Or leave your e-mail, and I'll definitely write.
I am waiting for your letter.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend!
I am very glad that you are interested in me.
Thank you for the photo you are very beautiful.
I really try, so you will not disappointed me and know more about me.
But I just want to know you better.
I beg you to write about myself more.
And do not forget to send me their photos.
After all, "First Sight" allows you to see only what is obvious.
And when you learn people better, the estimates of character, outlook could change, and drastically.
You me kazhites very nice and pleasant person.
I hope that you are also very good man and we will soon get to know each other better.
Well I will tell a little about myself.
I usually Russia girl, nothing is not really different from others.
Likely to describe themselves, I would have been easier if I did it the first time.
I'm confused words and thoughts, because I am a little worried.
I did not expect that you will answer me.
And when I saw your letter to me like an electric shock to the heart.
And now I'm sitting at the computer and do not know what you write.
Excuse me if I'd done a lot of mistakes in the letter, I'm just very excited.
I do not quite know well the english language.
While studying this language at school and at university.
If you something is not clear, then you ask me again.
Well it's time to continue the story about himself.
My name is Natalya, and the name Koroleva.
I was born on 20 February 1984 in the city CHEBOKSARY
As I have said that my age 25 let.Moy height 165 cm, my weight 50 kg.
I think I am a normal configuration.
I try to follow his figuroy.I in my spare time I play sport.
My eye color blue, and hair color rusyy.Eto you can see on my photos.
I was born and all his 25 years living in the city CHEBOKSARY.
This is a very old and beautiful city, located 896 kilometers east of Moscow.
The population of my city of 460,000 people.
I have never been married and therefore, unfortunately, and I have no children.
I would like to have rebenka.I maybe even a few children.
I want to educate him and give all my experience of life to him.
I do not know how much I would like to have children, yet this is not defined.
I have no bad habits, I do not smoke or drink alcohol, except that only a small quantity on holidays.
Most of alcoholic drinks I like red wine.
Of the food I prefer Russian kuhnyu.I very good at cooking.
I graduated Cheboksarsiy State University majoring in economics.
But I found myself in this profession and now I'm working insurance agent.
By nature I am a cheerful person, try to enjoy every moment of my life and overcome with a smile all difficulties of my lonely life.
I want you to quickly replied.
Write me about yourself, what are you doing and what you love, I want to know about you.
I'll look forward to your letter.
Sincerely your friend from Russia Natalya!
PS Do not forget to send me their photos.
Letter 3
Hello my friend!
I am glad that you have not rejected my letter and I am very happy that once again writing to you.
Yes you are very handsome man, in my taste.
I with great interest I read your letters.
I really want to know about you as much as possible.
I also will try to write you as much as possible about yourself.
I wish you had studied me as best as possible and not mistaken in his choice.
I would really like you to be just the man whom I sought all his life.
I have always valued in men nobleness and skill to stand up for his lady.
I think if two people in all honest to each other and they have a mutual understanding.
That they achieved a bright future and long love.
I really want to know everything about you in detail.
How much you get up, how much time do you go to work? What do you like to eat?
How do you spend your spare time?
Now I want to write a little about myself as I pass an ordinary day.
I wake up at 6 am and go to the bathroom.
Then I'm going to lunch, for breakfast I eat sandwiches and drink coffee with milk.
At 7 o'clock I leave the house and go to ostanovku.Esli I go later, then I'll be late for work.
I go to work by public transport.
Sometimes at the bus stop is a lot of people and I'm going to work on foot.
Generally I like to walk up to my raboty.Ot home to my work 30 minutes to walk.
My working day lasts from 8 to 17 chasov.I I work 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday.
But sometimes have to work and on weekends that I do not really like.
After work I come very tired and just go to the bathroom.
After that, I feel restoration sil.Vot so is my typical day.
I'll tell you a little about his seme.V my family just two people: me and my mom.
Her father, I know very little, because he was killed in a car accident when I was a baby.
Mom does not like to remember the tragedy that happened with my father, so I know very little about my father.
It is very difficult to remember about this tragedy, because she was very fond of her father.
I grew up in a poor family, because it worked only my mother.
And my mother taught all over, and I am grateful to her for what she raised me
My mom always helps me in difficult moments, we are with her best friends.
I have 5 years as I live separately from their parents.
I inherited from my grandmother apartment and I moved there.
I am the only child in the family and so flat grandmother left me.
This is a small apartment with a small room and small kitchen.
Unfortunately I do not have his home phone.
But if you have a phone can send me your number and I'll call you if possible.
Do not be offended if I'll call you at once.
For me the problem will call you right away, because I do not have a telephone.
We can hear the voices of each other.
I would not mind a chat with you on the phone and hear your voice.
Now in my daily routine was added at the Internet cafe.
I'm very happy that I'm writing you this letter.
I want you to write how I spend my weekends and holidays.
In the summer my friends and I love to walk in pohod.My walk in the woods and the lake.
I like to sit around the campfire and listen to how someone is playing the guitar.
And when the winter we go skiing and skating.
I do not like winter because we have very cold.
But in winter we have a very nice, and I do not know what to compare this beauty.
I told you in this letter I send my picture in the winter.
On weekends, I'm with my girlfriend go to the gym to keep himself in top form.
As a child, my mum took me in the gym, where I worked for about 5 years.
Since then, I try in my spare time to play sports.
In the summer I like to ride a bicycle and on roller skates.
I hope you do not seem boring my letter you'll continue to write to me.
I hope that I write clearly enough and much about myself.
I will try to answer all your questions.
If I do not answer your question, so I could not understand him, not get mad at me and write it again.
I think that you understand that the main goal in my life - it can browse the.
My second part of me that I can overcome all the difficulties of life.
Together to meet pleasure, to experience difficulties, and just be together.
To meet the emergence of children, raise them, cared for,
To present to children a happy childhood, I dreamed about it!
I think you understand me and your life goals are similar to mine.
And in my heart I hope that someday our hearts will meet.
At this point I want to finish my letter and with impatience I shall wait for your answer.
Your letters to melt the ice in me and kindle a fire in my heart.
Your friend from Russia Natalya!
Letter 4

Hello my dear!
Thank you for your new letter.
I want to tell you that I have not tried other dishes, but I love trying. but if it is an occasion I will drink wine with you. I looked funny pictures.
Today after work I hurried to the Internet cafe to see your new letter.
I want to ask you.
My profile is only one sayte.A on more sites I can find your profile?
I hope you answer my question.
One day I decided to become an insurance agent.
And she found work in a small insurance kompanii.Proshla interview in this company.
Specialists of the company sent me on training for beginners, which lasted two weeks.
I immediately liked it all, and I am interested in this.
After a preparatory course, I passed the exam without any errors.
The next stage was the adaptation period, which lasted up to 3 months.
At this time, I actively helped in the work of more experienced staff.
Under their supervision I started to work - to look for clients, close deals, a percentage of which was my earnings.
Of course first I reinsured all of their friends and relatives, they benefit me a lot.
My work on the one hand interesting, but difficult and low-paid.
I think the insurance business is very promising.
Especially now, when the decree of the President introduced compulsory insurance for vehicles.
While I am only a beginner and can not boast of significant results, but I have yet to come.
In any case, the work I like.
For young and active person, like me, it's best work, which can only wish.
I have many plans that I'm sure eventually realized.
At the training courses I have received the necessary knowledge, now it is up to in order to realize them in practice.
Once I told my headmistress: It is possible that the case you do not immediately go to the mountain, but you should not despair.
Because you have their "chip" and you have only fascinating smile, and you can deal.
Main not give up and believe in ourselves.
After these words I can not imagine for himself another job.
At this point I want to finish my letter. I hope you were interested in reading it.
And you know a bit about To me I hope you never get tired of reading my letter.
I write long letters, because I want you to know me more.
Now I'm going to go to my mother and tell her about you.
Tomorrow I will, as it was to our acquaintance.
Waiting for a reply letter.
Letter 5
Hello my dear!
I can you, so I'll call?
I have long had not uttered those words to anyone.
I begin to be convinced that I have some application to you.
I look forward to your letters with impatience. Each your letter, it is for me great pleasure.
I do not like your letter and write to me very interesting. my birthday on February 20. I may be filled for 26 years. I am very glad that you write me so much.
Today I had a free day, I decided to spend it with the benefit of my body.
In the morning I and a friend, which is called Irina, we went to the gym.
This is - a very nice room that has a modern educational apparatus, and excellent coaches.
And our campaign in the gym, it was very good, I felt it benefited from the body.
I regret that I can not attend aerobics, more.
As sometimes is not easy at this free time, or no more than light forces on training.
Oh yes, I went yesterday to my mother, I'll let you know his reaction to our acquaintance.
She was very joyful when I said to her, who introduced you.
The fact that she submitted more about you, I unpacked the Internet center your letters.
It is in me does not know english language, and I had to translate for her.
If you say one word about his reaction to our acquaintance, she was very glad to do so.
We have a chance to be together always.
If we trust each other and talk to each other only the truth, then all of us it would be.
We must trust each other because without trust we can not live.
I was a young man before, and I loved it.
I have not talked to you about it. But now I have to tell you, though it is very difficult for me to do it.
I want to tell you about it.
I was so fascinated by a man, but he only modeled, which I loved.
In fact, he played my feelings.
There was such that he agreed to meet me, promised to come to me, I waited for this, but he did not appear.
I often cried because he did not come at night, and in our city, very restless night.
But I was waiting for me so, and cried for a long time.
But he, poor man, came a day or two before and said that he was busy, and it loves me. And I'm all forgave him because I loved it.
And then I learned from his friends that he deceived me, he had a good time with some girls.
He did not like to work, he took from me money, promised to return, but he never gave.
But I forgave him, because we love. I closed at all they are - eyes.
They spent some time, and I saw it for what is a girl. They embraced and kissed.
I could not forgive it any more. Since I have seen yourself.
I do not remember a time, I came home. All night long I cried.
I had a very long depression.
I started to work very much and started to forget about it.
Justification, which I have to tell you about it, it might not be interesting to you.
But I wish that you knew everything about me.
After the incident, I was disappointed in men.
I begin not to play never the feelings of others, and deception is not for me.
I do not trust Russia more than men.
Since Russia's men like to drink much, and they do not want to start a family.
I do not want what happened to me so when we arrived.
I just want to be happy and live like a normal person.
After that I decided to look for love online, and here I found you.
I feel that pull me to you.
And for this I am very happy. I want to be a happy man and spend all of this life.
This person must be more older than me, that he could examine me and my future children.
I'm waiting on the Rights of reciprocity, and is the final, much love and care for me and our future family.
I will make a happy man. But without her help, without her love it will work soon.
I want to check again the feeling of love.
I think you understand my words. I wish to explore your views on this.
It seems to me that with each letter between us something - more than friendship.
You agree with me that our relationship convey more than friendship, you agree with me?
I think that our souls come closer.
I wish to continue with your relationship, and I believe that all of us, it will be good.
I wish you good mood!
I will wait for your letter, and be absent from you!
Your friend Natalya.
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