Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Uhova to Tim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love!!! About, my beloved, I was so happy to receive your letter today!!! My dear, it is very difficult to me to describe my feelings to you!!! You - really person of my life, the person of my dream!!! Favourite, all it seems to me improbable, and I feel like the princess in a fairy tale!!! I feel so because I madly love you my the favourite! The darling I went today to agency to learn all about my trip to Paris, and it they to me have told. First of all I should receive the visa and the international certificate of the person/passport, and they make cost in 420 dollars. Then the ticket makes cost in 860 dollars, and I require approximately 120 dollars for airport taxes. To tell to you the truth, I have been very disappointed to learn all it because all sum together makes 1400 dollars. Today I am very sad. After all my salary makes only 300 dollars a month, and I still should support mum also. Certainly I have some savings which I saved very big term. But they make only 600 dollars. And I do not have not enough 800 dollars more that I could pay for my trip to you and to be with you together. I thought that I can pay for my trip, but unfortunately my money does not suffice. I in perplexity, and I do not know what to make. I love you, and I thought, that there is nothing, that can interfere with that we were together very much very soon. But this financial problem forces all to destroy!!!! Darling, I with pleasure would communicate to you with the help skype. But in that from which I write the Internet of cafe to you there is no web of chambers. As I at all do not know as to use skype. After all I have more recently started to use the Internet and e-mail. Better if we have somewhat quicker met in a reality. But it is very a pity to me that this financial problem forces to destroy all our plans. After all we planned to be together in Paris. Together we could spend very well time. We could be happy. But this news which I has learnt in travel agency has very strongly upset me. The favourite,l you really like me! I very much wish to be only with you, after all you my unique love. I was accustomed to you, and I do not wish to lose you. I have been assured, that you are a person whom I searched for all life. I have been assured, that we together could create a good family. But because of this financial problem I am very upset, and I rely only on you my dear. I know, that you love me and will never bring me. Well, I should go home now because I do not feel well because of all these news. I very much hope, that we will find a way out of this difficult situation. I love you, do not forget, favourite! With love, forever yours Svetlana
Letter 2
Hello respected
I answer you your questions... 1. The time tourist visa in the USA.
2. The international passport.
3. Medical insurance.
4. Luggage insurance.
5. Consular gathering.
6. Payment to agency for preparation of documents. All it costs 700$. As we take a payment with Sveta on purchase to it of the air ticket aboard the plane 1000$. All cost of preparation of trip Sveta in your country makes 1700$. The air ticket aboard the plane will buy agency when all documents will be ready. As soon as we will buy to it the air ticket, we will inform at once you number of flight and ticket number.
Our contact phone number: 775-100-0. But I inform you, that now we temporarily do not have person which can talk and we do not accept calls from foreign citizens.
Operating time of our agency: 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. Yours faithfully Vadim Bushkov
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